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For the thievable chests that located throughout Dorgesh-Kaan, see Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan).
For the thievable chest located in Oldak's house, see Chest (Oldak).
For the thievable chests that contain gems, see Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan, gem).

Two Chests are present at the top floor of Zanik's house in Dorgesh-Kaan. The chest can be stolen with 52 Thieving, requiring a lockpick and yielding 200 experience for successfully looting. The chest's loot will respawn once every 210 seconds.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

There are multiple ways of accessing Dorgesh-Kaan.

  • Players may enter the crack in the eastern wall of the cellar of Lumbridge Castle, through which Kazgar waits to lead players through the Dorgesh-Kaan mine. The entrance to Dorgesh-Kaan is just to the southeast of where Kazgar leaves the player. To follow Kazgar through the mines, the player is required to bring a light source.
  • The city can be accessed from the Kalphite Hive through the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon to the south of the city, although a light source is required.
  • There is a fairy ring in the dungeon to the south with the code ajq. This may only be used if players have completed A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen up to the point where the fairy ring network is unlocked. A light source is needed in the dungeon.
  • The Dorgesh-Kaan–Keldagrim train system may be used to travel to Dorgesh-Kaan from Keldagrim by rail (after Another Slice of H.A.M.), and vice-versa. The tickets are free; a player need only wait less than a minute in the carriage for the departure. The train station in Keldagrim is located near the blast furnace in the south-east of the city, and the train station in Dorgesh-Kaan is on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] in the south-west corner of the city.
  • A player may use a dorgesh-kaan sphere, obtained from Oldak by giving him molten glass and 2 law runes, for a one-click teleport to the city.

Locations[edit | edit source]

2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US]

Loot[edit | edit source]

Main drop[edit | edit source]

Item Members Quantity Rarity GE price High Alch
Frog-leather chaps.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Frog-leather chaps with rarity 67/1728 in quantity 1Frog-leather chaps (m)P2P icon.png167/17282,487540
Frog-leather body.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Frog-leather body with rarity 87/1728 in quantity 1Frog-leather body (m)P2P icon.png187/17283,367600
H.A.M. hood.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops H.A.M. hood with rarity 62/1728 in quantity 1H.A.M. hood (m)P2P icon.png162/17286445
H.A.M. shirt.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops H.A.M. shirt with rarity 78/1728 in quantity 1H.A.M. shirt (m)P2P icon.png178/17283745
H.A.M. robe.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops H.A.M. robe with rarity 70/1728 in quantity 1H.A.M. robe (m)P2P icon.png170/17282545
H.A.M. gloves.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops H.A.M. gloves with rarity 63/1728 in quantity 1H.A.M. gloves (m)P2P icon.png163/17281645
H.A.M. boots.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops H.A.M. boots with rarity 71/1728 in quantity 1H.A.M. boots (m)P2P icon.png171/17281045
H.A.M. cloak.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops H.A.M. cloak with rarity 85/1728 in quantity 1H.A.M. cloak (m)P2P icon.png185/17283545
H.A.M. logo.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops H.A.M. logo with rarity 76/1728 in quantity 1H.A.M. logo (m)P2P icon.png176/172833045
Oil lantern (oil).png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Oil lantern (oil) with rarity 70/1728 in quantity 1Oil lantern (oil) (m)P2P icon.png170/17288,11575
Bullseye lantern (oil).png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Bullseye lantern (oil) with rarity 64/1728 in quantity 1Bullseye lantern (oil) (m)P2P icon.png164/1728559252
Cave goblin wire.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Cave goblin wire with rarity 87/1728 in quantity 1Cave goblin wire (m)P2P icon.png187/17286,16512
Dorgeshuun crossbow.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Dorgeshuun crossbow with rarity 77/1728 in quantity 1Dorgeshuun crossbow (m)P2P icon.png177/17283,4101,200
Bone bolts 5.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Bone bolts with rarity 68.84/1728 in quantity 21-48Bone bolts (m)P2P icon.png21–4868.84/17281,092-2,49642-96
Bone dagger.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Bone dagger with rarity 73/1728 in quantity 1Bone dagger (m)P2P icon.png173/17282,9531,200
Rope.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Rope with rarity 76/1728 in quantity 1RopeF2P icon.png176/172843110
Sealed clue scroll (easy).png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Sealed clue scroll (easy) with rarity 87/1728 in quantity 1Sealed clue scroll (easy) (m)P2P icon.png187/1728Not soldNot alchemisable
Spade.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Spade with rarity 87/1728 in quantity 1SpadeF2P icon.png187/17281,0591
Bucket.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Bucket with rarity 78/1728 in quantity 1BucketF2P icon.png178/17282811
Mining helmet.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Mining helmet with rarity 76/1728 in quantity 1Mining helmet (m)P2P icon.png176/17281,010540
Hammer.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Hammer with rarity 67/1728 in quantity 1HammerF2P icon.png167/17286297
Newcomer map.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Newcomer map with rarity 81/1728 in quantity 1Newcomer mapF2P icon.png181/17281980
Big bones.png: RS3 Chest (Zanik) drops Big bones with rarity 77/1728 in quantity 1Big bonesF2P icon.png177/17282400
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Charms[edit | edit source]

1Gold charm.png
1Green charm.png
1Crimson charm.png
1Blue charm.png
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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 13 December 2011 (Update):
    • Thieving from these chests in Dorgesh-Kaan now awards coins.
  • patch 10 January 2011 (Update):
    • It is now possible to unlock this chest with lockpicks by using them on the chest.

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