Transcript of The Chosen Commander

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Undak's Request[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Undak: Surface-dweller. Have a good day.
    • Player: Who are you?
    • Player: Can I help with anything?
      • Captain Undak: Actually, yes. Tell me, surface-dweller: do you know how we Dorgeshuun raise our children?
        • Player: Yes.
        • Player: No.
        • Player: What's this got to do with me?
          • Captain Undak: I am coming to that. Please indulge me. Children of the city are not raised by their natural parents. They are raised together in the city nursery. Every child has the same start in life. No one in Dorgesh-Kaan is rich or poor from birth. Their achievements in life are their own. I am captain of the guard not because of some family tradition, but because that is where my talent lay and that is what I chose.
            • Player: That's horrible!
              • Captain Undak: It is different from your way. I am not judging you; please do not judge us. I merely wished to impress onto you how important the nursery is. A whole future generation is raised together. If anything were to happen to them... I am sure you understand. Lately, some of the children have fallen ill. It could be nothing... but it could be another plot by the H.A.M. movement. I do not like asking for your help, surface-dweller, but this matter is more important than my pride. You have dealt with the H.A.M. movement before and may be able to help me. Will you accompany me to the nursery?
                • Player: Let's go.
                  • Captain Undak: The nursery is at the top of the nearby stairs.
                • Player: Not now.
            • Player: Okay. What's your point?

A Sinister Plot[edit | edit source]

Startling Sickness[edit | edit source]

Mernik[edit | edit source]

  • Mernik: Oh, hello, surface-dweller! Hello, Captain! Children, say hello to Captain Undak.
  • Caldi: Hello, Captain Undak!
  • Captain Undak: I do not have time to chat with the children today, Mernik.
  • Mernik: You never were one for small talk, were you, Undak? So, what can I do for you?
  • Captain Undak: Some of the children have fallen ill. I suspect it is not simply an illness, but that they may have been poisoned by the H.A.M. group.
  • Mernik: Oh... oh dear. We sent the sick children outside in case they were contagious. My assistant, Torzek, is looking after them. You should speak to her.

Torzek[edit | edit source]

  • Torzek: Oh hello, surface-dweller. H-hello, Captain. I'm afraid some of the children are a bit poorly.
  • Captain Undak: Torzek. We're here to investigate.
  • Torzek: Investigate? But... why would the city Guard be interested in sick children?
  • Captain Undak: We suspect that the children have been poisoned.
  • Torzek: P-poisoned?
  • Andil: Who's poisoned?
  • Captain Undak: Quiet, child.
  • Torzek: B-but who could have done this? Why? They're just children!
    • Player: Have they eaten anything unusual lately?
      • Torzek: I-I-I-I-I don't know! I can't think straight!
    • Player: Have you seen anyone suspicious?
      • Torzek: I-I don't remember! Maybe?
    • Player: Are they all sick?
      • Torzek: All of them? Are they? Oh no!
      • Player: Well, are they?
      • Torzek: Are they?
    • Player: Calm down. I'm here to help.
      • Torzek: I... alright. Deep breaths... deep breaths... Sorry. I got panicky. How can I help you?
        • Player: Have the children eaten anything unusual lately?
          • Torzek: Come to think of it, we did buy them all food from the market yesterday as a special treat. But they all ate it, not just the ones who got ill.
            • Player: What did they have?
              • Torzek: Each of them had two different things. Maybe you should ask them all what they had.
              • Captain Undak: Thank you, Torzek. That is what we were looking for. Surface-dweller, we should now question the children inside and outside the nursery. We need to find foods that were eaten by the sick children, but not by the healthy ones. I think we are looking for two foods in total.
            • (Other options)
        • Player: Have you seen anyone suspicious around here?
          • Torzek: No, I don't think so. Our food supply here hasn't been tampered with.
        • Player: Are all the children sick?
          • Torzek: Oh, no, just the ones out here. The others seem fine. We're keeping the sick children separate in case they're contagious.
        • Player: I'll talk to you later.
    • Player: I'll talk to you later.

Andil[edit | edit source]

  • Andil: Are you [Player]? Zanik's friend?
    • Player: Yes.
    • Player: No.
    • Player: What about Zanik?
      • Andil: I heard Zanik talking to me - I'm sure I did - but no one will believe me.
        • Player: What did she say?
          • Andil: I'm not sure. She was very faint, but I think she was shouting. I tried to shout back, but she couldn't hear me. No one else believes that I heard her. They thought I was making it up.
            • Player: I don't believe you either.
            • Player: I believe you.
              • Andil: I know I heard her. She's still out there somewhere... I hope she's alright.
        • Player: I don't believe you either.
          • Andil: *sniff* No one believes me.
    • Player: What food did you eat yesterday?
      • Andil: I had the green gloop soup and the *cough* frogspawn gumbo.

Delgon[edit | edit source]

  • Delgon: Ooooh...
    • Player: What food did you have yesterday?
      • Delgon: I had the frogburger and... oooh... the green gloop soup.
    • Player: Hang in there.

Gerdi[edit | edit source]

  • Gerdi: I think I'm going to be sick...
    • Player: What food did you eat yesterday?
      • Gerdi: I had the frogburger and the frogspawn gumbo.
    • Player: Hang in there.

The Poisoned Foods[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Undak: We need to work out which foods are poisoned.
    • Player: Where is the nursery?
      • Captain Undak: The nursery is the large building near to where we are standing.
    • Player: I don't understand what to do.
      • Captain Undak: We should talk to all of the children and ask them what they ate. We need to talk to the healthy children as well as the sick ones. I think we are looking for two different food types. We need to identify two food types that were eaten by the sick children, but not by the healthy ones.
    • Player: I've worked out which foods are poisoned.
      • Captain Undak: Good. I hope you are right about which ones. Now, we should question the vendors who sold those foods. The food vendors have been buying 'exotic' spices from human merchants recently, to add extra flavours to their foods. The poison must have been in one of these special ingredients. We should ask the vendors which merchants they bought ingredients from. If the vendors of the poisoned foods both bought ingredients from the same human merchant, then we will have found our H.A.M. agent.
    • Player: Tell me about yourself, Captain.
      • Captain Undak: This is no time for small talk, surface-dweller. We need to investigate the H.A.M. threat.
        • Player: Okay.
        • Player: Why don't you lighten up a bit?
          • Captain Undak: I am not Zanik, surface-dweller. I am not some carefree youth on an adventure. I am here to do my duty and protect my city, not to enjoy myself! I know I am not well-liked. I am captain of the City Guard, the only Dorgeshuun who carry weapons in the city. The people of the city do not like weapons. But the City Guard is necessary - I am necessary - and so I discharge my duty to protect the city, no matter what the people, or you, think of me. We have spent enough time talking; let's get back to work.
    • Player: I need to do something else.

Questioning the Merchants[edit | edit source]

Markog[edit | edit source]

  • Markog: Frogspawn gumbo! Lovely, chewy and wet. Only 10gp a bowl. Do you want some, surface-dweller?
    • Player: Which merchants have you bought ingredients from?
      • Markog: Yuir and Walton.
    • Player: Your food made the children sick!
    • Player: Yes, please.
    • Player: No, thanks.

Turgok[edit | edit source]

  • Turgok: Cave slime soup! Do you want to buy some soup? Only 10 coins a bowl.
    • Player: Which merchants have you bought ingredients from?
      • Turgok: Walton and Xenia.
    • Player: Your food made the children sick!
    • Player: Yes, please.
    • Player: No, thanks.

Agent Unmasked[edit | edit source]

  • Merchant Walton: What do you want?
    • Player: This is the one, Captain.
      • Captain Undak: Are you sure? If you accuse incorrectly, you will have to pay 5,000 coins as compensation.
        • Player: Yes, I'm sure.
          • Captain Undak: Very well. Merchant, you are under arrest for the suspected poisoning of the city's food supply.
          • H.A.M. agent Walton: Get your hands off me, goblin! I heard about you, [Player]. You're a traitor to Saradomin.
            • Player: How could you do this?
              • H.A.M. agent Walton: Because, unlike you, I have the courage to stand up for my species and my god! These goblins will poison our society with their godless ways!
            • Player: I never claimed to worship Saradomin.
              • H.A.M. agent Walton: Heathen! Humans like you are as bad as monsters! You should die down here along with your precious goblins!
            • Player: You think Saradomin wants you to poison children?
              • H.A.M. agent Walton: They're not children! They're goblins!
            • (Attack the merchant)
        • Player: No, I'm not sure.
    • Player: What are you doing here?
    • Player: Can I buy something?
    • Player: What do you know about the poisoned food?
    • Player: Goodbye.
Attack Walton
  • H.A.M. agent Walton: You cannot defeat me. See how Saradomin protects me from your heathen attacks?
    • Player: What's that behind you?
      • H.A.M. agent Walton: Do you think I'm completely stupid?
    • Player: My god is stronger than Saradomin!
    • Player: Only a coward hides behind protection prayers!
      • H.A.M. agent Walton: Only a fool denies the aid of Saradomin.
    • Player: There are ways to get around your prayers!
Continue attacking; Zanik appears
  • H.A.M. agent Walton: Where did you come from?
Defeat Walton

A Hero Returns[edit | edit source]

Zanik's Tale[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Undak: Stop! Don't kill him! He's under arrest. Thank you both for your help. I must take this prisoner to stand trial before the council. Zanik, you should follow me and tell the council what happened to you while you were gone. Zanik... it is good to see you.

Captain Undak escorts the H.A.M. agent away.

  • Zanik: I'm back! Did you miss me?
    • Player: I was so worried about you.
    • Player: I thought you were dead!
      • Zanik: You thought I was dead? But I was only gone for a few minutes!
    • Player: I knew you'd find your way back.
      • Zanik: Thanks, [Player]. Wait – how long was I gone for?
        • Player: You've been gone for months.
          • Zanik: Months! But... I must have been unconscious for all that time. I'd better tell you what happened.
            • Player: Yes! What happened?
              • Zanik: After I was pulled into that box on Yu'biusk, I lost consciousness. It only seemed like a few minutes, but I must have lost months. I woke up in this huge room. From the smell of the air I was still in Yu'biusk. It was cold and very still... I managed to climb onto the goblin statue and balance on its head. I found I could jump between the statues' heads! That proved to be the key to getting out of there... From the top of this statue I could see into the bowl. It was clearly magical – some sort of scrying bowl.
              • (Cutscene)
              • Zanik: That was my house! Why would the scrying pool be focused there? Woah... Hey! Can anyone hear me?
              • Andil: Who's that?
              • Zanik: You can hear me! Listen, I'm trapped in Yu'biusk, but I'm alive! Please tell the council, and get a message to [Player]...
              • Andil: Zanik? I can't make out what you're saying.
              • Torzek: Who are you talking to?
              • Andil: It's Zanik! But I don't know what she's saying.
              • Torzek: You must be imagining things. Zanik's gone.
              • Andil: I heard her! I'm sure I did.
              • (Cutscene ends)
              • Zanik: I found my crossbow! There were no enemies around, but I could use the crossbow with a grappling hook to get to places. I grappled on to the huge statue and swung across to the throne. The pendant was... powerful – I could feel it even before I touched it. It was the same feeling I had when I drank the Tears of Guthix for the first time, and when you brought me back to life, and when we opened the box... I was that same feeling, but even more intense. I put it on.
              • (Cutscene)
              • H.A.M. agent Walton:: I heard about you, [Player]. You're a traitor to Saradomin.
              • (Cutscene ends)
              • Zanik: ...and when I emerged from the portal I saw you fighting that H.A.M. agent, so naturally I joined in! I suppose we should go and talk to the council. They'll want to know what happened to me.
                • Player: Let's go.
                • Player: I need to do something else.
                • Player: You don't sound very enthusiastic.
                  • Zanik: Well, you know... It'll just be a long boring meeting where the politicians talk and talk and talk.
                    • Player: You don't support the council?
                      • Zanik: They normally make the right decision. It just takes them such a long time. Sometimes they'll disagree with one another and spend months arguing back and forth. Even when they do basically agree, they'll still spend months arguing over the tiny details.
                        • Player: Can you think of a better system?
                          • Zanik: I don't know. Maybe if it was like the surface, where you have dukes and kings. One person in charge by birthright...
                            • Player: Yes, feudalism is a better system.
                              • Zanik: I...I'm not sure. I don't really think anyone has a right to rule from birth. I don't know what came over me. Let's just get the council meeting over with. Come on, [Player].
                            • Player: No, democracy is a better system.
                              • Zanik: Yeah, you're right. Of course you are. I don't know what I was thinking. Let's just get this council meeting over with, [Player].
                        • Player: Yeah, politics is boring.
                    • Player: Yeah, politics is boring.
            • Player: Not right now.
            • Player: Shouldn't you tell the council?
              • Zanik: I will, but I want to tell you first.
        • Player: You've been gone for days.
        • Player: You've been gone for a few hours.
          • Player: Just a few hours.
          • Zanik: Oh! Okay then. I'd better tell you what happened.

Council Session[edit | edit source]

  • Ur-taal: Zanik!
  • Ur-taal: Zanik! It's good to see you! Captain Undak told us you were back.
  • Ur-pel: Are you alright? We thought you were dead!
  • Zanik: I'm fine. I'll tell you what happened later. Right now we should deal with the H.A.M. agent.
  • Ur-taal: He has admitted his guilt, so all that remains is to choose a suitable punishment.
  • H.A.M. agent Walton: You'll pay for this, goblins. You too, traitor.
  • Captain Undak: No one said you could talk!
  • Ur-taal: [Player], did you have a hand in apprehending this man?
    • Player: I captured him single-handedly.
    • Player: Zanik and I brought him down together.
      • Zanik: Just like old times, [Player].
    • Player: No, it was Zanik who captured him.
      • Zanik: Don't be so modest, [Player]. We did it together.
  • Ur-lun: Hmm, Since a surface-dweller was involved in his capture, the Lumbridge-Dorgeshuun treaty requires us to hand him over to the Misthalin authorities.
  • Ur-vass: Hand him over? How do we know the surface-dwellers won't just let him free?
  • Ur-taal: I have Duke Horacio's assurance that any H.A.M. agents caught attacking the city will be dealt with.
  • Zanik: You're not going to execute him?
  • Ur-taal: Execute him?
  • Ur-taal: Zanik, Dorgesh-kaan does not practice the death penalty. Even if we did not have to hand him over, we would have to imprison him here.
    • Player: What would happen to him after you handed him over?
      • Ur-zek: Since we do not practice the death penalty, we cannot hand him over to be executed. He will most likely be sent to the prison near Draynor Village, or the one in Port Sarim.
    • Player: You should hand him over.
      • Zanik: It's not right, [Player]! He needs to pay for what he did!
      • Ur-lun: He will pay, Zanik, but according to the law.
      • Zanik: This is pointless! This man tried to poison the children! He deserves to die!
      • Ur-zek: That girl is too hot-headed.
        • Player: She means well.
          • Ur-zek: Yes, I'm sure she does. She'll learn restraint in time.
          • Ur-taal: Captain Undak, escort the prisoner to the surface.
      • Player: I'll talk to her.
      • Player: You should have listened to her.
        • Ur-tag: Enough of that!
    • Player: Zanik is right. You should kill him.
    • Player: I'll kill him for you!
      • Captain Undak: Stay right there!
      • Ur-tag: No one is going to kill this man.

Tracking Down Zanik[edit | edit source]


  • Captain Undak: Zanik! Guards, after her!

(Cutscene ends)

Speak to Captain Undak
  • Captain Undak: [Player]. Zanik has got away from us. Will you help us find her?
    • Player: Where should I look?
      • Captain Undak: I have the guards searching the city, but Zanik may have escaped into the caves to the south. No one knows those caves better than she does.
    • Player: Why can't you find her?
      • Captain Undak: Zanik knows the city and the caves better than anyone. She could run rings around my guards, but you're an adventurer like her, so you stand a chance of finding her. Plus, she trusts you. I think you're the only person she really trusts. You could convince her to give herself up.
    • Player: What will you do if you catch her?
      • Captain Undak: She'll have to stand before the council. If it was me, I'd be lenient, but they'll have to do something.
    • Player: I won't betray her!
      • Captain Undak: I'm not asking you to betray her. She's not thinking straight, but that doesn't mean you can't. Where will she go? The north gate is small and guarded so she can't escape to the surface. She could hide in the city or in the south caves. Sooner or later we'll find her, but there would be a confrontation. It would be better for everyone if you could talk to her and convince her to come back.
        • Player: Zanik did the right thing.
          • Captain Undak: Zanik killed a prisoner who was in my custody. She went against the agreed, democratic decision of the council. You surface-dwellers may mete our vigilante justice, but that's not how we do things here.
  • (After any option)
    • (Previous options)
    • Player: I'll start looking now.
      • Captain Undak: Thank you. I think she is somewhere in the caves to the south of the city. No one wants either of you to be hurt, though, so please be careful.

Lending an Ear[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Are you alright?
    • Zanik does not answer
  • Player: You need to come back to the city.
    • Zanik does not answer
  • Player: Why did you do it?
    • Zanik does not answer
  • (Sit down next to Zanik.)
    • (Previous options)
    • (Say nothing.)
      • You sit with Zanik.
      • Zanik: What happened, [Player]?
        • Player: You killed the H.A.M. agent.
        • Player: Are you alright?
        • Player: You need to come back to the city.
        • (Say nothing.)
          • Zanik: I just... I don't know what came over me.
            • Player: You killed the H.A.M. agent.
            • Player: Are you alright?
            • Player: You need to come back to the city.
            • (Say nothing.)
              • Zanik: I was so angry. I mean, he was trying to kill the children! All I could think of was that he was trying to kill the children and he deserved to die, and the council wouldn't do it.
                • Player: Yes, but you should have respected the council.
                  • Zanik: You don't really think that, [Player]. In the meeting, you said that they should hand him over. Did he really deserve to die?
                • Player: No, the council did the right thing.
                  • Zanik: I should have listened to you in the meeting, [Player]. I... wish I hadn't done it.
                • Player: Yes, and you did the right thing.
                  • Zanik: I...I know you tried to kill him too...but I'm not sure. I don't know whether it was the right thing to do. I...I wish I hadn't done it.
              • (Any option)
                • Player: You've killed H.A.M. agents before.
                  • Zanik: That was on the battlefield. It was them or me. This time, he had already been captured. He was helpless. It's totally different. I wish I hadn't done it.
                • Player: You wish he was still alive?
                  • Zanik: No. I'm glad he's dead.
                • Player: You wish the council had executed him?
                  • Zanik: No. The council isn't like that. I wouldn't want...they shouldn't have to do something like that. It isn't right.
                • Player: You wish I had killed him?
                  • Zanik: No. I know you've helped us before, but I don't want you to do all our dirty work for us.
              • (Any option)
                • (Previous options)
                • Player: What did you wish had happened?
                  • Zanik: I don't know. I wish... I wish none of this had happened. I wish there weren't any people who wanted to kill us. I wish we lived in a world where everyone could be happy and not fight one another.
                    • Player: Someday, we'll build that world.
                      • Zanik: Yeah, maybe. It's just hard to stay positive sometimes. *sigh* Alright, [Player]. I'm ready. Let's go back to the council.
                    • Player: That world will never exist.
                    • Player: That world would be boring!
                      • Zanik: There wouldn't be a place for you and me without conflict, huh? *sigh* Alright, [Player]. I'm ready. Let's go back to the council.

Banished[edit | edit source]

Sentence[edit | edit source]

  • Ur-taal: Zanik. The council has discussed your crime. If you have anything to say in your defence, you may say it now.
  • Zanik: I don't know what happened. I was overtaken by emotion. I know that's not an excuse. I'll accept whatever sentence you decide on.
  • Ur-taal: [Player], do you have anything to say?
    • Player: Zanik is a hero of the city.
      • Ur-taal: We shall bear in mind Zanik's services to the city. Whatever happens, she will always be a hero, but that does not put her above the law.
      • (Returns to previous set of options)
    • Player: Zanik is a good person.
      • Ur-taal: Zanik's character has been taken into account. We believe she had good intentions. Nevertheless, we must take action.
      • (Returns to previous set of options)
    • Player: Zanik did the right thing! Why don't you see that?
      • Zanik: Please don't, [Player].
      • Ur-taal: However much you disagree with our laws, Zanik had broken them, and there must be consequences.
      • (Returns to previous set of options)
    • Player: I have nothing to say.
      • Ur-taal: Very well. Zanik, your achievements have already earned you a place in this city's history books. You have been our first explorer, our protector, and the favourite daughter of Dorgesh-Kaan. You have, however, broken our laws and risked a diplomatic incident with the surface people. The council is not above the law; justice must be done. It is the decision of this council that you be banished from the city, not to return until the council sees fit. Oldak will supply you with a moving-over-distance sphere. We will give you a few minutes to say your goodbyes.

Saying Goodbye[edit | edit source]

  • Zanik: So... I suppose this is goodbye, [Player].
    • Player: I could come with you...
      • Zanik: No, [Player]. I think I need to be on my own for a while... get things sorted in my head... think about my destiny. I'm sure I'll see you again... someday.
    • Player: Where will you go?
      • Zanik: I'm not sure. I might go to live with the surface goblins or I might just wander around looking for adventures.
    • Player: Will you be alright?
      • Zanik: Oh, I'll be fine. I've visited the surface on my own a few times since I went there with you. I can take care of myself.
    • Player: Goodbye, Zanik.

Even More H.A.M.[edit | edit source]

New Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Undak: [Player]. Thank you for your help in bringing Zanik in. I have another task for you if you're interested.
    • Player: What is this task?
      • Captain Undak: In all the excitement surrounding Zanik, people seem to have forgotten that someone tried to poison us. WE need to know whether he was working alone or whether he was part of an organised plot. I would like you to infiltrate the H.A.M. base near Lumbridge and find out what Sigmund is planning now.
        • Player: I'll do it.
          • Captain Undak: Thank you. You will need to talk to people in the H.A.M. base until you get to the bottom of their plans. Here is a set of H.A.M. robes we have acquired. You may find them useful.
        • Player: I won't help you any more.
    • Player: Can't you do anything for yourself?
      • Captain Undak: This task specifically requires a surface-dweller. Are you interested?
    • Player: I won't help you any more.

Separatist Movement[edit | edit source]

  • Johanhus Ulsbrecht: Welcome, [brother/sister], to our organisation. Ours is a fight for humanity in all its shapes and forms... and to rid mankind of the monsters that exist in our world. We have no quarrel with a fellow [brother/sister].
    • Player: What kind of organisation is this?
      • Johanhus Ulsbrecht:: Something something cessation.
    • Player: Who are you and what do you do here?
      • Johanhus Ulsbrecht:: My name is Johanhus and
    • Player: What are you planning to do about the cave goblins?
      • Johanhus Ulsbrecht:: I am doing nothing... only lobbying the Duke to break off contact with their city. It is Sigmund who is planning attacks.
        • Player: Where is Sigmund?
          • Johanhus Ulsbrecht:: Sigmund took a group of his followers and established his own base in Kandarin.
        • Player: What is Sigmund planning?
          • Johanhus Ulsbrecht:: I don't know what he's planning! The last I heard was that his men had captured a goblin spy who was poking around in human lands. He took it to his new base... for interrogation.
        • Player: Isn't Sigmund working with you any more?
          • Johanhus Ulsbrecht:: Sigmund and I have the same aims, bit our methods have diverged. Most of our members aren't comfortable with Sigmund's... hard-line approach. We want the Duke to deal with the monster problem, not deal with it ourselves. Sigmund took the more... active members of our group and established his own base.
            • Player: Who was this goblin?
              • Johanhus Ulsbrecht:: I don't know! It was a goblin – what more is there to know?
            • Player: How can I find Sigmund's base?
              • Johanhus Ulsbrecht:: You wish to join Sigmund's group? Very well. Go to the windmill north of Ardougne and speak to Milton the Miller. The password is 'Arrav'.
                • Player: I'll go there now.
                • Player: Why Arrav?
                  • Johanhus Ulsbrecht: You must know the story of Arrav. He was a human hero who stopped the goblin attacks on Varrock.
                    • Player: Didn't Arrav make peace with the goblins?
                    • Johanhus Ulsbrecht: You have your history mixed up. A human hero would never make peace with goblins.
                • Player: What is Sigmund planning?
                • Player: Isn't Sigmund working with you any more?
    • Player: Okay, thanks.

Infiltration[edit | edit source]

If you are wearing at least 1 piece of the H.A.M. gear:

  • Milton the Miller: You shouldn't wear your H.A.M. gear when you come in to the mill! Do you want to bring the guards down on us? Put them on when you're in the base.
    • Player: There's a H.A.M. base here?
      • Milton the Miller: You don't already know about it? Then no, there isn't. Go away.
    • Player: How do I get into the H.A.M. base?
      • Milton the Miller: You tell me the password, then I let you in. So, what's the password?
        • Player: Arrav.
          • Milton the Miller: Alright, I'll move the crate so you can go down.
          • Milton moves a crate, revealing a trapdoor.
        • Player: I don't know the password.
          • Milton the Miller: Then you don't get in.
        • Player: The password is *mumblemumble*.
          • Milton the Miller: Nice try.
    • Player: Goodbye.

If you are not wearing any H.A.M. gear:

  • Milton the Miller: Oh, hello. What do you want?
    • Player: I want to get in to Sigmund's base.
      • Milton the Miller: What's the password?
        • Player: Arrav.
          • Milton the Miller: Alright, I'll move the crate so you can go down.
          • Milton moves a crate, revealing a trapdoor.
        • Player: I don't know the password.
          • Milton the Miller: Then you don't get in.
        • Player: The password is *mumblemumble*.
          • Milton the Miller: Nice try.
    • All other options take you to his standard character transcript.

Guard Duty[edit | edit source]

  • H.A.M. guard: Yes?
    • Player: I need to see the prisoner.
      • H.A.M. guard: Can I see your letter of recommendation, please?
      • Player: Letter?
        • H.A.M. guard: We can't just let anyone to interrogate the prisoner, now, can we? We have to do things by a proper procedure. Otherwise, it'll be anarchy, and we'd be no better than the monsters! So, I've set up a system: everyone has to have a letter, signed by Sigmund, saying they're qualified to interrogate prisoners. I've drawn up a rota assigning a different interrogator to each day of the week, using the old Saradominist calendar. You can only come in if you show me the letter corresponding to that day of the week.
          • Player: So, you'd let anyone in if they had the right letter?
            • H.A.M. guard: Of course I would. That's the system, and that's what I'll do.
          • Player: Who is the interrogator for today?
            • H.A.M. guard: I can't just tell you! You have to go through the proper procedure. The interrogation rota is on the noticeboard on the wall outside the prison.
          • Player: What day is it today?
            • H.A.M. guard: Oh, honestly. Don't you understand the old Saradominist calendar? Today is [answer depends on actual day of week].
    • Player: You should let the prisoner go.
      • H.A.M. guard: What? No, no. I could only let the prisoner go if Sigmund authorised it in writing. That's the system.
    • Player: Why do you hate monsters so much?
      • H.A.M. guard: Because they're disorganised! They don't follow proper systems! I visited Goblin Village once, and even their generals don't have any proper procedures in place. They don't even have a system for resolving disputes! They disagree all the time, and then they just shout and fight. If they would just put in some systems, some procedures, and then followed them, they'd be able to sort everything out without any trouble. But they just won't follow proper rules and procedures. They won't be neat or organised. So, we have to put a process in place to wipe them all out. It's the only way.
    • Player: Never mind.

Search and Rescue[edit | edit source]

If you try to enter the door without speaking to the guard:

  • H.A.M. guard: Hey! You can't go in there without a letter from Sigmund!

If talk to the guard while holding more than one letter:

  • Player: I have my letter here.
  • H.A.M. guard: Why are you carrying more than one letter? Who do you think you are?

If talk to the guard while holding the wrong letter:

  • Player: I have my letter here.
  • H.A.M. guard: Sorry, [name on letter], it's not your turn today; check the rota on the wall.

If talk to the guard while holding the correct letter:

  • Player: I have my letter here.
  • H.A.M. guard: Ah, yes, [name on letter], you're the interrogator for today. Go on through.
Speak to Grubfoot
  • Grubfoot: No, no, no, no, no! I told you, I not know things! [Player]? It you?
    • Player: I'm here to rescue you!
      • Grubfoot: Please get me out of here, [Player]! Get me out of base, then I go to Dorgesh-city. I be safe there.
        • Player: Let's go.
          • Grubfoot: How you going to get me out?
          • Player: Wait there.
            • Grubfoot: Please not be long!
          • Player: Follow me.
            • Grubfoot: Okay
          • Player: I'll distract the guard, then you make a break for it.
            • Grubfoot: I hope you know what you're doing.
        • Player: Aren't you going back to Goblin Village?
          • Grubfoot: No, no, no! Not safe there. Generals might sell me back to H.A.M.! I no want to live there anymore. I want to live in Dorgesh-city!
    • Player: What have they done to you?
      • Grubfoot: They ask me questions. They say, 'What attacks you goblins planning against human places?' I say, 'We not planning anything.' Because we not! But they say I lying and hurt me. So then I tell them things... I tell them about Chosen Commander and about Yu'biusk and I even... I even tell them about secret temple. But they not care! They say... they say goblin religion stupid and not true! And they hurt me some more. So then I just agree with what they say. Anything they say. I say yes, that true, even though it not. Then they believe me and maybe not hurt me for a bit.
    • Player: How did they capture you?
      • Grubfoot: I going to Dorgesh-city again, but when I near Lumbridge, pink-robe people grab me and hit me and put bag on head. I shout for guard to help, but he just laugh and say 'stupid goblin'.
    • Player: Wait there. I'll come back for you.
      • Grubfoot: Please not be long!
When the guard hears the noise in the storage room
  • H.A.M. guard: What was that? Was it you?
    • Player: Yes, it was me.
      • H.A.M. guard: What are you doing in here?
        • Player: The washing-up.
          • H.A.M. guard: About time someone did it. Carry on.
        • Player: Making myself a ham sandwich.
          • H.A.M. guard: Carry on, but be more careful in the future.
    • Player: No.
When Grubfoot and the Player are nearly free
  • Grubfoot: We nearly there! We need to get through crates then out big door!
    • Player: Follow me.
      • Grubfoot: Okay.
    • Player: Wait here.
Almost there...
  • Grubfoot: Oh, no! They found us!
  • H.A.M. guard: Goblin! Why are you out of your cell?
  • Grubfoot: Oh no, no, no, no, no... Quick, [Player]! Let's get out of here!
    • Player: Let's get out of here.
    • Player: What did you just do?
      • Grubfoot: I cast magic spell; I make guard man not move.
        • Player: Where did you learn to do that?
          • Grubfoot: I not know. It something some goblins can just do. Power come from Big High War God, but only priests allowed to use magic, so I hide it and not use.
        • Player: Why didn't you do that before?
          • Grubfoot: It forbidden! Only priests allowed to use magic! Big High War God strike me down! But we so close to getting out...I not want to go back. So I use forbidden magic. I a bad goblin.

The Chosen Commander[edit | edit source]

Attack of the Goblins[edit | edit source]

  • Grubfoot: What happening here? Chosen Commander!
  • Zanik: Goblins, attack! Kill all humans! [Player]? Quick, [Player]! Sigmund's getting away! Stop him!

Sigmund's Last Stand[edit | edit source]

  • Sigmund: [Player]! I knew you were behind this. You've meddled with my plans for the last time.
    • Player: I had nothing to do with this!
      • Sigmund: Do you take me for a fool? Goblins couldn't organize this attack without help.
    • Player: Give up, Sigmund. You've lost.
      • Sigmund: Never! You may have foiled my plans, but I can still kill you now.
    • Player: Time for you to die!
      • Sigmund: No! Time for YOU to die!
Defeat Sigmund
  • Sigmund: Curse you, [Player]! You win this time, but we will meet aga- Argh! My hand!
  • Zanik: Not this time, Sigmund. No ring of life. No last minute escape. No more treating this like it's a game!
  • Sigmund: No! Don't kill me! Please!
  • Zanik: Begging didn't get me anywhere when I was in your power. Remember? I'm going to enjoy returning the favour.
    • Player: Zanik! Don't kill him!
      • Zanik: Shut up, [Player]! You're next!
      • Sigmund: Just kill me, then. I'd rather die than live in a world overrun by goblins.
    • Player: Just get it over with, Zanik.
      • Zanik: Shut up, [Player]! You're next!
      • Sigmund: Just kill me, then. I'd rather die than live in a world overrun by goblins.
    • Player: Do it, Zanik! Make him suffer!
      • Zanik: Shut up, [Player]! You're next!
      • Sigmund: Just kill me, then. I'd rather die than live in a world overrun by goblins.

Duel with Destiny[edit | edit source]

  • Zanik: You're stronger than I thought, human.
    • [Note they are both correct answers]
    • Player: I won't kill you, Zanik.
      • Zanik: No one can kill me! I am the Chosen Commander of the Big High War God. His power protects me.
    • Player: I'll kill you!
      • Zanik: No one can kill me! I am the Chosen Commander of the Big High War God. His power protects me.
Defeat Zanik again
  • Zanik: Give up, human. No one can interfere with my destiny.
    • Player: I surrender!
      • Zanik: Never let it be said that the Big High War God is not merciful. I will make your death swift.
      • [You must try again for saying the wrong thing]
    • Player: You can't regenerate forever.
      • Zanik: Actually, I can!
      • [You must try again for saying the wrong thing]
    • Player: Zanik! What's happened to you?
      • Zanik: This is what my whole life has led up to. I am the Chosen Commander of Bandos!
Defeat Zanik yet again
  • Zanik: I have seen the light of the Big High War God. His power flows through me.
    • Player: My god is more powerful.
      • Zanik: We shall see.
      • [You must try again for saying the wrong thing]
    • Player: You used to hate the gods.
      • Zanik: But now I see my destiny. I am the Chosen Commander!
      • [You must try again for saying the wrong thing]
    • Player: Does our friendship mean nothing to you?
      • Zanik: Our friendship? You are an enemy of the Big High War God!
        • Player: But am I *your* enemy?
          • Zanik: You... you were always a good friend, [Player]. I don't want to hurt you. B-but I must! The Big High War God commands it!
        • Player: So were you, once.
          • Zanik: Before I saw the light. Before I went to Yu'biusk. Now, I see my destiny. I am the Chosen Commander!
          • [You must try again for saying the wrong thing]
        • Player: I should never have trusted you.
          • Zanik: Your trust was useful, but now it will be your downfall.
          • [You must try again for saying the wrong thing]
  • Zanik: Why won't you just die, human?
    • Player: I'm stronger than you.
      • Zanik: No one is stronger than me. I cannot be defeated!
      • [You must try again for saying the wrong thing]
    • Player: Zanik, you're being controlled. Fight it!
      • Zanik: The Big High War God commands... [Player], I...I'm trying to fight, but it's too strong! I don't want to hurt you. I'm sorry! She is mine, human! She can never break free of my power!
    • Player: Please don't do this, Zanik.
      • Zanik: Your cowardly pleas do not move me, human. All the world will plead and I will show no mercy.
      • [You must try again for saying the wrong thing]
And again
  • Zanik: Zanik is mine, human. I branded my symbol into her forehead. I raised her from the dead. I guided her to Yu'biusk and gave her my pendant of leadership. She belongs to ME!
    • Player: Who are you?
      • Zanik: I am War! I am Power! I am Bandos, the rightful god of all goblins, and through this puppet commander, I shall become god of all RunScape!
    • Player: Release her!
      • Zanik: You dare command me? I am Bandos, the Big High War God! You are as an insect to me. Soon all will worship me or be destroyed.
      • [You must try again for saying the wrong thing]
    • Player: Zanik, it's the pendant. Take it off!
      • Zanik: I... I can't, [Player]. It's too strong!
        • Player: Zanik, I believe in you.
          • Zanik: [Player], I... I'll try. If you think I can do it...
        • Player: You've got to do it, otherwise it will win!
          • Zanik: I... I can't let that happen. You're right, [Player]! I've got to...
        • Player: You control your destiny.
          • Zanik: You... you're right! I've been a... a puppet, all this time, but I won't go on like that. I can do it!
Zanik takes off the pendant and throws it away
  • High Priest: What this? Pendant of Big High War God?
  • Bandos avatar: You will regret this, cave goblin, but you have already fulfilled your purpose! Now that my pendant is in this world, I no longer need you. Your tribe has hidden from me for too long. I will show you all how I deal with those who defy me!
  • Zanik: The cave's collapsing! Quickly, [Player], take my hand!

Bandos' Ultimatum[edit | edit source]

A Left Turn...[edit | edit source]

  • Zanik: Where are we? We should be in Dorgesh-Kaan, but it's dark.
  • [If you don't have a lit lamp] Zanik: Here take this lamp. [gives you an oil lamp]
  • Zanik: Two people using the same sphere must have made it malfunction. I'm sure we're somewhere close to the city, though...
Try to move
  • Zanik: Earthquake!

The fallen rocks have separated you from Zanik.

Call to Zanik
  • Player: Zanik? Can you hear me?
  • Zanik: [Player]! You're alright!
    • Player: Are you alright?
      • Zanik: I'm not hurt, but I'm trapped on the edge of a chasm! I can't move!
    • Player: What happened?
      • Zanik: It felt like an earthquake, but I'm not sure. It can't be a coincidence that it happened just then.
    • Player: Hang on, I'll try to reach you.
Clear a path

You manage to clear a path through the rocks.

Call to Zanik again
  • Zanik: [Player]! Thank goodness you're alright! I'm trapped. I can't see any way across.
    • Player: Wait there while I get help.
      • Zanik: [Player]! Don't leave! The cave is unstable!
    • Player: Don't you have another teleport sphere?
      • Zanik: No. I used my last one.
    • Player: Try jumping and grabbing on to the wall.
      • Zanik: Are you mad? Do you think I can stick to walls like a molanisk? I'd fall to my death!
    • Player: Try grappling across with your crossbow.
      • Zanik: I can't see any place where the grapple would catch.
        • Player: I can see somewhere it could catch.
          • Zanik: Okay. I'll try, but you'll have to direct me.
          • Player: Left a bit.
          • Player: Right a bit.
            • (Repeat)
              • Player: You overshot. Go left.
                • Zanik: I'm sorry, [Player].
                  • Player: It's alright, Zanik. You can do it.
                    • Zanik: All right, [Player]. I'll try.
                      • Player: Just a bit further left.
                        • Zanik: I... I can't do it, [Player]. You should leave me here.
                          • Player: I'm not leaving you, Zanik.
                            • Zanik: Alright. One more try...
                          • Player: Just a bit further left.
                          • Player: Right a bit.
                          • Player: Try that spot again.
                      • Player: Right a bit.
                      • Player: Try that spot again.
                  • Player: Left a bit.
                  • Player: Right a bit.
                  • Player: Try that spot again.
              • Player: Right a bit.
              • Player: Try that spot again.
          • Player: Try that spot again.
        • Player: We need to talk.
          • Zanik: Talk about what?
            • Player: You tried to kill me...
              • Zanik: [Player], I'm sorry. I was... I was under the control of the pendant. I feel terrible. Please don't make this any harder than it is.
              • Player: Don't feel bad; it wasn't your fault.
                • Zanik: Thank you [Player]. That... that means a lot to me.
              • Player: How do you know you're not still under control?
                • Zanik: As soon as I took the pendant off I could feel the presence gone. I'm sure it was the pendant, and now that it's gone, I'm free.
              • Player: I'm not sure I can trust you now.
                • Zanik: I...I don't know what I can say. I hope I can prove myself to you again.
            • Player: What was being controlled like?
              • Zanik: It's hard to describe. It was so subtle at first. My opinions started changing, but they still felt like they were my opinions. When I was fighting you... you made me think about what I was doing. You made me realise that I wasn't myself. Then it was like another presence was in my body and I was fighting to control it. It was horrible.
                • Player: What was this presence?
                  • Zanik: It was the Big High War God, Bandos...or at least, that's what it claimed to be. I could feel its mind. It was so...callous. It just doesn't care about us: not goblins, not humans, not anyone. It doesn't see us as people, just things to own and control.
                • Player: Are you alright now?
                  • Zanik: I'm shaken, but I think I'll be alright. I won't let that happen to me again.
            • Player: How did you assemble that goblin army?
              • Zanik: After I left Dorgesh-Kaan, I went to the goblin temple at the Plain of Mud. They welcomed me! maybe they'd forgotten what I said last time I was there, when they locked me up. They were talking about some H.A.M. people who'd attacked goblins nearby, and about a base they'd heard had been set up nearby. I started saying that maybe they should organise themselves and fight back...and then the next thing I knew, I was on the preacher's podium telling them all to form an army to destroy the H.A.M. base! I think that's when the pendant started to really take over. I was saying things I didn't really think, that all humans must die. Horrible things...but they seemed so right at the time. I suppose all those goblins are dead now, killed in the fight or when the cave collapsed...and it's my fault. They were all so brave, prepared to fight to the death, whatever happened. Misguided, maybe, but very brave.
            • Player: Never mind that now.
After Zanik makes it off the ledge
  • Zanik: Thanks, [Player]. I had nearly given up... but I'm feeling better now. We'd better not try to teleport again. Dorgesh-Kaan should be within walking distance. Now let's go! We need to get to Dorgesh-Kaan to deal with the High Priest!

Juna's Warning[edit | edit source]

  • Juna: Zanik. I must speak with you.
  • Zanik: Juna! It's so good to see you! I was trapped in Yu'biusk, but now I'm back, an-
  • Juna: This is no time for trivial conversation. Zanik, your situation is grave. Your actions have put the fate of your people in the balance. Only you can save them now.
  • Zanik: I know! We've got to stop that High Priest!
  • Juna: Still, you misunderstand. You have strayed from your destiny. You can still take up the mantle of the Chosen Commander and return to your proper path.
  • Zanik: Return? Bandos is evil! He just wants us to serve him and fight in his wars!
  • Juna: It is your destiny.
  • Zanik: Just because it's my destiny it doesn't mean I have to do it!
  • Juna: *sigh* Very well, but I must warn you, the powers that raised you from the dead before will not do so again if you do not do their bidding.

Zanik: I'll take my chances. Let's go, [Player].

Return to Dorgesh-Kaan[edit | edit source]

  • Kazgar: Zanik?
  • Zanik: What's the matter? What's happening in the city?
  • Kazgar: They said there was an intruder - a giant creature with glowing armour - and then the whole city shook!
  • Zanik: Kazgar, you've got to let us in. Maybe we can help.
  • Kazgar: B-but you're banished! I'm not meant to let you in! I'm sorry.
    • Player: Things have changed, the city needs Zanik.
    • Player: The council would want Zanik back now.
      • Kazgar: I suppose you're right. If anyone can save us, it's you and Zanik. Follow me.
        • Zanik: Thanks, [Player]. Now, let's see what's happening in the city.
    • Player: Stand aside!
      • Kazgar: Please don't hurt me! Follow me!

Special Delivery[edit | edit source]

  • Guard: Zanik! [Player]! Thank the city you're back! Captain Undak wants to talk to you. He's in the middle of the city, north of the market.
Speak to Captain Undak
  • Captain Undak: Zanik, [Player]. Thank you for coming back. The situation here is grave.
  • Zanik: What happened?
  • Captain Undak: The portal that you returned through has appeared again. Someone else came through wearing a huge suit of glowing armour.
  • Zanik: Someone else? You mean the goblin High Priest?
  • Captain Undak: There was a goblin inside, but it seemed like the armour was moving him rather than the other way around. It paced up and down the city. Some of the guards tried to stop it, but it just swatted them aside with a huge rock it was carrying. It planted the rock here, then went back to its portal and disappeared.
    • Player: Was anyone hurt?
      • Captain Undak: Three guards were killed; five more have broken bones and are being seen to. The guards couldn't even slow it down. It could have killed everyone in the city if it had wanted to. I don't know how we can defend ourselves if it comes back.
    • Player: What does the writing say?
      • Captain Undak: I don't know. The scribe has been translating it. I think he's nearly ready now; the council is assembling to discuss it.
    • Player: What are you going to do?
      • Captain Undak: For now, all I can do is keep order. The council is discussing the emergency, but I don't know what they will decide. I don't envy them.
    • Player: What can I do?
      • Captain Undak: The council is assembling. You and Zanik should go to the council chamber. They will want to hear anything you know about this.
    • Player: Goodbye.
      • Captain Undak: You should go to the council chamber.

But We Can Fight[edit | edit source]

  • Ur-vass: There they are!
  • Ur-taal:: Zanik, [Player], thank you for coming. I trust you have seen the obelisk?
  • Zanik: We have.
  • Ur-taal:: Our scribe has just finished translating the inscriptions. It makes for chilling reading.
  • Goblin scribe: Yes. It says: 'To the goblins of the Dorgeshuun tribe. I, Bandos, the Big High War God, your god, give you this final warning...'
    • Bandos's Ultimatum
    • To the goblins of the Dorgeshuun tribe. I, Bandos, the Big High War God, your god, give you this final warning.
    • For too long you have defied me. You disobeyed my battle orders and built a city where you did not worship me. You have broken every one of my commandments and felt no remorse.
    • You have even dared to choose your own commanders, and when I sent my Chosen Commander, you did not recognise her, and banished her. Now, even she has fallen from my path.
    • Your rebellion has provoked my righteous anger. I should smash every Dorgeshuun goblin beneath my holy mace. I should make your caves collapse and wipe all memory of you from the face of the world.
    • But I am a merciful god. If you repent of your rebellion, I will forgive you. Then you may rejoin my army, and fight and die for my glory, as is your purpose.
  • Ur-taal:: That is the situation. Our worst fears have been realised. Unless you can help us, it seems that our city is doomed.
    • Player: I'll do my best.
      • Ur-meg: What can [he/she] do?
    • Player: But what can we do?
      • Ur-meg: You're supposed to be the mighty adventurer! You think of something!
    • Player: Why should we help you? You banished Zanik!
      • Zanik: [Player], please! This is more important.
      • Ur-tag: In light of our current emergency, we have officially rescinded Zanik's banishment. She is free to return to the city.
      • Ur-meg: Not that there will be a city for much longer.
  • Ur-zek: This is all Zanik's fault! She poked around in the goblin temple and that box in Yu'biusk. She brought the gods down on us!
  • Ur-taal: Zanik saved us from the H.A.M. people!
  • Ur-zek: If it hadn't been for Zanik, we would still be cut off from the surface! We should have cut off all contact, blocked up every passageway!
  • Ur-taal: Order! There is no point in discussing what might have been.
  • Ur-lun: We have to run... go deeper into the caves... build a new city.
  • Ur-meg: What, you think there's a city-sized cavern down here we've just happened not to have noticed? There's nowhere to run to.
  • Ur-zek: Then what can we do? We can't fight it; we couldn't possibly win!
  • Ur-vass: We have to surrender. At least then some of us will survive.
  • Zanik: We can fight.
  • Ur-taal: What?
  • Zanik: We can fight! I've had that... thing inside my head. It's not merciful. It doesn't see us as people. It only wants to dominate, to control. Our ancestors defied it. They escaped its clutches, they broke all of its hateful commandments, they built a new city – a new world – where we could be free. We haven't gotten rid of conflict or suffering entirely – maybe we could have, given more time and effort – though we have done pretty well. Our whole history since then, every one of us who has lived and loved and built and dreamed, has been one glorious act of defiance. If we surrender, that rebellion will be undone. Bandos won't just make us suffer, he won't just reduce us to barbarism – he'll turn us into an instrument of evil. But if we fight it now, then even if we die, that will be the crowning of our defiance. I thought I couldn't fight, but [Player] told me that... that [he/she] believed in me. That's what we need now; to believe in one another. You say that we can't win, that we can't fight. Well, perhaps you're half right; perhaps we can't win. But we can fight.
  • Ur-taal: Then we fight. Captain Undak, Zanik, you will prepare our defences. [Player], I know that this is not your fight, and I would not blame you for leaving us now, but if you wish to stay, you should ask around the city for anything you can do.

Preparing for Action[edit | edit source]

Helping Hand[edit | edit source]

  • Zanik: So, [Player], I suppose this is it. This is the end. I'm... I'm glad you're here. I should go and get ready now. The scribe seemed very worried... I mean, even more than you'd expect. Maybe you should go back into the council chamber and see if you can help him. I'll be near the portal if you want to talk to me.

Time Capsule[edit | edit source]

Goblin Scribe[edit | edit source]

  • Goblin scribe: What? I'm busy. No, wait... Maybe you can help me.
    • Player: What do you want me to do?
      • Goblin scribe: I'm making a time capsule. I want to preserve my notes and some artefacts from the city, so that even if we all die there will be some record of us.
        • Player: You're worried about your book at a time like this?
          • Goblin scribe: It's not just my book! It's a definitive history of the city - a compilation of all the previous histories. I want to preserve it. Will you help me?
        • Player: I'll help you.
          • Goblin scribe: Go to Tegdak the archaeologist. He should have some Dorgeshuun artefacts he would want preserved. When you have them, bring them back to me. I should have finished assembling my notes by then.
            • Player: I'll go now.
            • Player: Where can I find Tegdak?
              • Goblin scribe: His house is in the north-east of the city, on the ground floor.
    • Player: Can you tell me what the obelisk says?
      • Goblin scribe: Yes. It's a disturbing ultimatum.
      • [Shows you the ultimatum again]
    • Player: Not right now.

Artefacts[edit | edit source]

  • Tegdak: I can't believe it – all this will be gone soon. Maybe in another thousand years, someone will dig up our remains... but it won't be a Dorgeshuun doing the digging.
    • Player: Don't worry. We have a chance.
      • Tegdak: It doesn't look so likely to me. You can't fight a god. Oh, well, all things come to an end, I suppose.
    • Player: The scribe sent me to get a box of artefacts.
      • Tegdak: A box of artefacts? You mean for the time capsule! That's a good idea; maybe the box will survive. At least we can make sure those future archaeologists see our side of the story. Here, I think this is a good selection. Take it back to the scribe.
    • Player: Goodbye.

Returning to the Scribe[edit | edit source]

  • Goblin scribe: Have you got the box of artefacts from Tegdak yet?
    • Player: Here it is.
      • Goblin scribe: Thank you. There, I've added my notes and sealed the box. You should take it to Mistag. He can find a place to bury it where it will be safe.
        • Player: I'll go now.
        • Player: Where can I find Mistag?
          • Goblin scribe: He is in the mines to the north of the city. Just head out of the north door and you should see him.
    • Player: Not yet.
      • Goblin scribe: Bring it to me when you have it. I should have my notes in order by then.

Burying the Capsule[edit | edit source]

  • Mistag: Thank you for your help in the past, surface-dweller, but all is now lost. We are doomed.
    • Player: Could you bury this time capsule?
      • Mistag: Oh, yes. The scribe mentioned his idea. I suppose it's good that some record of us might survive. I'll have this buried in the deepest part of the mine. Even if all the caves collapse, it should survive... and maybe someday it'll be dug up. Thank you. I think that's all you can do here. Have you spoken to Oldak? If anyone has an idea for how we could survive this, it's him.
    • Player: Don't worry. We have a chance.
      • Mistag: We shouldn't lie to ourselves. This is the end of Dorgesh-Kaan.
    • [The other options are his normal dialogue]

Oldak's Idea[edit | edit source]

Differing Opinions[edit | edit source]

  • Oldak: I'm telling you, it's just a natural effect! It's nothing to do with your god!
  • Grubfoot: It's holy magic of Big High War God! He give gift of magic for goblin high priests to use!
    • Player: What are you arguing about?
      • Grubfoot: I show Oldak holy magic of Big High War God. But he say it just like human magic. He say I can do it without Big High War God. He not understand.
      • Oldak: Yes! And you don't understand that that's a good thing! It's you who does that magic, Grubfoot, not any god.
        • Player: Oldak is right.
          • Grubfoot: It not true! Big High War God give gift of magic!
          • Oldak: But don't you see, Grubfoot? If it's a natural effect we can control, then maybe we can use it to survive the crisis. [Player], I have an idea. I have an idea. It's a long-shot, but it's better than nothing. Will you help me?
        • Player: Grubfoot is right.
          • Oldak: [Player]! I thought you knew better than to buy into such superstitious nonsense.
          • Grubfoot: Big High War God not nonsense!
          • Oldak: Never mind that now! We can still use it against him! [Player], I have an idea. I have an idea. It's a long-shot, but it's better than nothing. Will you help me?
        • Player: Does it really matter?
          • Oldak: I suppose it doesn't at this stage. What's important is whether we can use it to survive this crisis. [Player], I have an idea. It's a long-shot, but it's better than nothing. Will you help me?
          • Player: What do you want me to do?
            • Oldak: I think Grubfoot may be half right. The magic he uses is a natural effect, but I think the War God uses a similar natural effect to regenerate. If we combine Grubfoot's magic with our technology, I think we can disrupt his ability to regenerate. I need some components from the power station: a pair of energy projectors and a focusing chamber. Turgall should have some spares if you ask him – bring them to me near the portal to the throne room.
              • Player: I'll go now.
              • Player: Where can I find the power station?
                • Oldak: Head out of the south gate of the city and then head east. You won't need ot go down to the cavern floor or cross the cavern. Speak to Turgall in the power station. Once you get the parts, meet me by the portal.
          • Player: Not right now.
    • Player: I want to buy a teleport sphere.
      • [Normal character dialogue]

Spare Parts[edit | edit source]

  • Turgall: They'll never take the power station.
    • Player: What do you mean?
      • Turgall: I've removed some key components. It'll keep working for now, but unless I replace them everything will grind to a halt. This enemy might capture the city, but they'll have no power!
        • Player: Good idea!
          • Turgall: My power station will never fall into enemy hands. Never!
        • Player: I don't think Bandos would need a power station.
          • Turgall: Then there's nothing we can do. All is lost.
    • Player: Oldak needs a pair of energy projectors and a focusing chamber.
      • Turgall: Got some plan, has he? It probably won't work, but I suppose it's worth a shot. Here you go.
    • Player: Do you need any parts from the old power station?
      • [Normal character dialogue]

Creating the Crossbow[edit | edit source]

  • Grubfoot: I like it in Dorgesh-city. Even if Oldak not believe me.
    • Player: Aren't you worried about the attack?
      • Grubfoot: I not worried. Zanik is Chosen Commander. She save Dorgesh-city because Big High War God help her.
      • Player: But the Big High War God is the one attacking the city!
        • Grubfoot: This thing that attack, it say it Big High War God, but it want to destroy goblins. That not Big High War God I believe in. Real Big High War God want what best for goblins, so he send Chosen Commander to defend us from false god. Then she lead all goblins to new age.
        • Player: That's what I believe too.
          • Grubfoot: Thank you, [Player]. You true goblin in heart.
        • Player: Zanik doesn't want to be the Chosen Commander.
          • Grubfoot: But she trying to save goblin city from false god, so she still Chosen Commander whatever she think. Big High War God work through many people even if they not know him.
        • Player: You're deluding yourself.
          • Grubfoot: You not goblin, so you not understand.
    • Player: What were you and Oldak arguing about?
      • Grubfoot: He not understand holy goblin magic. He say it natural effect that I do on my own, but I just little goblin. I not do magic, that silly. It holy power of Big High War God.
    • Player: Why are you hanging around with Oldak?
      • Grubfoot: Oldak want to know more about holy goblin magic. At first I think it wrong for me to do magic, but then I think, maybe Big High War God want me to show magic to Dorgesh-goblins and that why he let me do it.
    • Player: Goodbye.
      • Grubfoot: Goodbye, [Player].
  • Oldak: Look, Grubfoot. Look at the swirl pattern on the edge of the portal. I'm sure it's similar to the pattern when the fairy rings activate.
  • Grubfoot: It not fairy magic, it Big High War God magic!
  • Oldak: Yes, yes, but they must be based on the same principles. Look at the way they... Oh, hello [Player]. Have you got the parts from the power station?
    • Player: I have the parts here.
      • Oldak: Ah, excellent. Now, I'll attach them to Zanik's crossbow... There. I've given the crossbow a new special attack – when the Bandos avatar starts to regenerate, Zanik should use it. I think that will interfere with the avatar's regeneration. I won't lie to you: this is an untested theory. It might not work at all, but it's worth a shot. Zanik is by the portal, you should give her the crossbow.
    • Player: Can you explain your plan?
      • Oldak: What? Oh, yes. First, I'm assuming that this Bandos avatar is powered by magic. Secondly, I'm assuming it's the same kind of magic that Grubfoot uses. That means I know how to disrupt it. I'm also assuming that the avatar will be vulnerable for a short time, just before it regenerates. If you can disrupt its magic at that point, its grip on the possessed body could be broken.
      • Player: That's a lot of assumptions.
        • Oldak: Yes, you're right. Under normal circumstances I'd never try an idea I was this unsure of, but I don't have time to do proper research now, so I have to go by my best guess.
      • Player: Sounds like it'll work!
        • Oldak: It's worth a short, but I can't say I share your optimism.
    • Player: What's this about the swirl pattern?
      • Oldak: That? Oh, that's... not important. I'm not going to learn anything just from looking at the portal, and, one way or another, it'll be gone before I can study it in detail. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

Delivery[edit | edit source]

  • Zanik: Hello, [Player].
  • Player: Oldak has modified your crossbow.
    • Zanik: Oldak told me about his idea. I'm not that hopeful, though.
    • Player: Oldak said it was certain to work.
      • Zanik: Thanks for trying, [Player], but I know that's not true. I know Oldak; he's never absolutely certain about anything. Thanks, [Player], I don't think we're quite ready to go yet. Perhaps you could go and check up on Mernik in the nursery. I'm worried about how the children are taking all this.
    • Player: It's untested, but it's worth a shot.
      • Zanik: I suppose you're right. Oldak's gadgets normally work... but this isn't a normal situation. Thanks, [Player]. I don't think we're quite ready to go yet. Perhaps you could go and check up on Mernik in the nursery. I'm worried about how the children are taking all this.
  • Player: What are you doing?
    • Zanik: I'm just...I just want to take a moment to get ready. I guess I'm saying goodbye to the city.
    • Player: Saying goodbye to the city?
      • Zanik: I was born here - I grew up here - but I've never really... It's always seemed too small for me. You know, just a few years ago, I thought the city was the whole world, that there was just solid rock outside, going on forever. As soon as I found out that the surface existed, I wanted to see it. And thanks to you, I did see it. The time when I first saw the sky... it was so beautiful. It made the city seem smaller than ever. But now... It's like what you said about a perfect world. Your people and mine could have built something wonderful together, but that's just a hopeless dream now.
    • Player: You'll see the city again.
      • Zanik: No, [Player]. We can't beat this enemy. We can't run and we can't surrender. The only thing we can do is go down fighting... and that's what I intend to do. You might get away - Bandos won't try to chase you - but this is the end for Dorgesh-Kaan, and for me.
  • Player: That was a good speech.
    • Zanik: Thank you. I meant it. And I think... I think every cave goblin, deep down, thinks the same thing. It was what the H.A.M. agent said, wasn't it, that he'd rather die than submit? Sigmund, too, just before... It would be better to die than submit to such an evil power. We can run and hide or we can fight, but even if there's no hope, we can't surrender. Better to die.
  • Player: I'll talk to you later.
    • Zanik: Thanks, [Player].

Mernik's Favour[edit | edit source]

A Desperate Plea[edit | edit source]

  • Mernik: [Player]? Could you do me a favour?
  • Player: What can I do?
    • Mernik: Talk to Ambassador Alvijar for me – he won't talk to me. I want to ask him if Keldagrim would take the children in as refugees. I know we can't all leave the city, but at least the children could be saved.
    • Player: I'll talk to him.
      • Mernik: Thank you. Let me know what he says.
    • Player: Where can I find the ambassador?
      • Mernik: His house is just north of here.
  • Player: Not right now.
  • Player: How are the children holding up?
    • Mernik: I haven't told them what's happening. They can sense there's something wrong, but what can I say to them? The children don't even know the gods are real. We don't normally tell them until they're grown up. So what can I say? Please, you've got to help me.

Ambassador Alvijar[edit | edit source]

  • Ambassador Alvijar: What do you want? I'm busy!
  • Player: Busy doing what?
    • Ambassador Alvijar: Getting ready to leave, of course! And if you have any sense you'll do the same. I'm not sticking around in the city when some goblin god destroys it!
    • Player: You coward!
      • Ambassador Alvijar: Sticks and stones, [laddie/lassie]. As long as I'm alive tomorrow, I don't care what you think of me.
  • Player: I want to talk about the children.
    • Ambassador Alvijar: That childminder sent you, did she? I'll tell you the same thing I told her: no! We don't know how far that god of theirs will go. I won't take the risk of it finding cave goblins in Keldagrim and destroying our city too. Go and tell the childminder that we cannot accept a single refugee.
    • Player: You coward!
      • Ambassador Alvijar: Sticks and stones, [laddie/lassie]. As long as I'm alive tomorrow, I don't care what you think of me.
  • Player: Sorry, I'll leave you alone.

It's No Use[edit | edit source]

  • Mernik: Please talk to Ambassador Alvijar for me. The children could be saved if Keldagrim would take them in.
  • Player: I talked to him... He said no.
    • Mernik: Oh. I thought he would, but it was worth a try.
    • Caldi: Why are you so sad? What are you talking about with the surface-dweller?
    • Player: Nothing. Everything is fine.
      • Caldi: Hooray! I'm going to go and draw a picture of a frog.
      • Mernik: Thank you. I hear that Zanik is ready to go through the portal now. You should go and speak to her.
    • Player: Quiet. The grown-ups are talking.
      • Caldi: Be like that, then.
      • Mernik: Thank you. I hear that Zanik is ready to go through the portal now. You should go and speak to her.
    • Player: You're all going to die.
      • Caldi: What? No...
      • Mernik: Thank you for your help. I hear that Zanik is ready to go through the portal now. You should go and speak to her.
  • Player: Not right now.
  • Player: How are the children holding up?
    • Mernik: I haven't told them what's happening. They can sense there's something wrong, but what can I say to them? The children don't even know the gods are real. We don't normally tell them until they're grown up. So what can I say? Please, you've got to help me.

Ready[edit | edit source]

  • Zanik: Well, I'm ready. You should prepare for the fight.
  • Player: I'll go and get ready. [Ends dialogue]
  • Player: I'm ready now.
    • Zanik: Alright, [Player]. Let's go.
  • [See previous section for other dialogue options]

Bandos' Bane[edit | edit source]

Godslayer[edit | edit source]

  • Bandos Avatar: So the little goblin hero comes to deliver her tribe's surrender. Perhaps you are worthy to be my Chosen Commander after all.
  • Zanik: No surrender.
  • Bandos Avatar: I am your god! I created you! YOU – WILL – WORSHIP – ME!
Attack the avatar
  • Bandos Avatar: You cannot defeat me! I am Bandos, Big High War God!
    • Player: You're not so tough. Call yourself a god?
      • Bandos Avatar: I am immortal! You may defeat this form, but my pendant will restore it. No mere human or goblin can defeat me.
    • Player: Why can't you just leave the goblins alone?
      • Bandos Avatar: The goblins are my creations. My PROPERTY! Their only purpose is to serve me! YOU HEAR ME, GOBLIN. I AM YOUR GOD!
      • Zanik: We have no gods! We don't need you any more! And if you still need us, then I guess that makes us stronger than you!
      • Bandos Avatar: You will pay for that!
    • Player: What were you trying to do?
      • Bandos Avatar: Before I crush you, I shall explain my plan so that you can marvel at my brilliance. At the end of the Great War, the evil Guthix banished me from RuneScape and I could no longer command my armies. No mortal could have done this to me, only a god. But I was determined to thwart him. The goblins and orks and ogres of this world are rightfully mine and I would not give them up! Without me to lead them, the goblins nearly wiped themselves out, so I sent a vision to stop them, and I told them to wait for my Chosen Commander. Later, when the Dorgeshuun tribe broke back through to the surface, I saw my chance. I used the Tears of Guthix to make Zanik my Chosen Commander. I even raised her from the dead! Her life belongs to me! I led you along with visions and hints about your destiny until you opened a portal to my realm. Then I brought Zanik to my throne room where she could take my pendant of command. Any goblin that wears the pendant comes under my control. I was going to use Zanik to command all my armies, but this priest will do just as well. Once again I will be in direct command of the goblins and all my other races! I will set them against the other races and turn the whole of RuneScape into a monument to my glory!
      • Zanik: All that just to get people to worship you? You're pathetic!
    • Player: We'll see about that. Zanik – now!
      • Zanik: My crossbow! [Player], quick, pick up the pieces!
Pick up the crossbow pieces
  • Bandos Avatar: See how easily I destroy my Chosen Commander! Give up now and I will make your death as swift.
    • Player: You monster! You killed Zanik!
      • Bandos Avatar: I AM HER GOD! Her life was mine to do with as I pleased! She had no right to live when I decreed she should die!
    • [For other options see previous dialogue except Zanik doesn't talk]
Continue attacking the Avatar
  • Bandos Avatar: Pitiful human fool! You have seen me destroy my own Chosen Commander. Do you really think you can defeat me?
    • (Use Zanik's crossbow's special attack.)
    • [For other options see previous dialogue except Zanik doesn't talk]

It's Over[edit | edit source]

  • Player: We won, Zanik!
    • Zanik does not answer.
  • Player: Are you alright?
    • Zanik does not answer.
  • Player: Wake up, lazybones.
    • Zanik does not answer.
  • (Sit down next to Zanik.)
    • (Say nothing.)
      • You sit with Zanik.
        • Player: Zanik! I thought you were dead!
          • Zanik: So did I. I really thought I'd die here, but it looks like I was wrong about that. Is it over [Player]? Did we beat him?
        • Player: How badly are you hurt?
          • Zanik: I... *cough*... I think I'll live. Is it over, [Player]? Did we beat him?
            • Player: It's over, Zanik. We won.
              • Zanik: I didn't think we could do it. It looks like Bandos wasn't as powerful as we thought. Hand me the pendant; it's time to end this.
                • Player: I'm not letting you touch that thing again!
                  • Zanik: Please, [Player]. I'm not going to wear it; I'm going to destroy it.
                • Player: How are you feeling?
                  • Zanik: I'm bruised all over and I think I've got some broken ribs...but I've never felt better.
                • Player: The mark on your forehead is gone.
                  • Zanik: It is? That's good. That means... that means I'm not under his power any more. I'm not under anyone's power. I have no destiny... I'm free!
                • Player: Here it is.
                  • Zanik: There, it's over. Let's go, [Player].
            • Player: We won. Oldak's crossbow worked.
              • Zanik: You know, I didn't think it would. It looks like Bandos wasn't as powerful as we thought. Hand me the pendant; it's time to end this.
            • Player: I killed him by myself, no thanks to you!
              • Zanik: Haha! I knew you could...*cough*...cope, so I had a little nap. Hand me the pendant; it's time to end this.
            • Player: It looks like he's gone. I don't know if he's really dead.
              • Zanik: There's a way we can make sure. Hand me the pendant; it's time to end this.
        • Player: About time you woke up!
          • Zanik: I hope I didn't...*cough*...miss anything. Is it over, [Player]? Did we beat him?

A New Era[edit | edit source]

Peace At Last[edit | edit source]

Some time later...

  • Zanik: No, really, I'm fine! I still ache a bit but I'll heal up.
  • Oldak: While you were recovering, I did a few experiments with the crossbow. I think it could be useful against other enemies, not just the War God. You should keep hold of it, Zanik.
  • Zanik: No, I... [Player], I want you to have it. You fired the shot that finished off the Bandos avatar. It should be yours.
    • Player: You don't need to give me anything.
      • Zanik: No, I insist. I can get a new one for myself.
      • Oldak: Listen, [Player], there's something else... The portal to the throne room in Yu'biusk is closed, but I think there may be a way to teleport there, that is if you...
      • Captain Undak: There you are! I've looked all over the city. Zanik. [Player]. It is good to see you well. Everyone is waiting for you. Ur-tag wants to make a speech.
      • Zanik: A speech?
      • Oldak: It's the price you pay for being heroes! [Player], talk to me later if you're interested in the throne room.
    • Player: Thank you, Zanik.
      • Oldak: Listen, [Player], there's something else...
    • Player: About time I got a reward!
      • Zanik: Is that why... Well, anyway, it's yours.
      • Oldak: Listen, [Player], there's something else... The portal to the throne room in Yu'biusk is closed, but I think there may be a way to teleport there, that is if you...
      • Captain Undak: There you are! I've looked all over the city. Zanik. [Player]. It is good to see you well. Everyone is waiting for you. Ur-tag wants to make a speech.
      • Zanik: A speech?
      • Oldak: It's the price you pay for being heroes! [Player], talk to me later if you're interested in the throne room.

Afraid no Longer[edit | edit source]

  • Zanik: Look, [Player]! They made a statue of us!
  • Ur-tag: People of Dorgesh-Kaan, this is the start of a new era.
  • Ur-tag: This city was founded in fear. The gods were destroying the surface world with their wars, and our ancestors survived by hiding and cutting themselves off.
  • Ur-tag: Since then, fear has been our guiding principle. The movements of the earth have opened passages to the surface, but we have always closed them, not even looking out to see whether the surface was safe.
  • Ur-tag: But we could not hide forever. One surface-dweller, [Player], displayed a trait we had forgotten: curiosity.
  • Ur-tag: [He/She] made [his/her] way through our tunnels and found us. [He/She] showed us that not all surface-dwellers are servants of evil gods.
  • Ur-tag: [Player] acted as a guide when we sent our first explorer to the surface. Zanik was young and impetuous, a controversial choice as our ambassador, but she has proved to be the right one.
  • Ur-tag: Zanik learned that, although the God Wars were over, there were still some on the surface who wished us harm, but Zanik and [Player] foiled each and every one of H.A.M. group's plans.
  • Ur-tag: Then we faced a greater threat, when our ancestors' worst fears were realised. The figure that invaded our city was none other than the War God, but, against all odds, Zanik and [Player] defeated him.
  • Ur-tag: It is hard to believe, but it is true. The War God's power is broken; he is no longer a threat to us. That is why this is the start of a new era, one marked not by caution, but by hope and curiosity.
  • Ur-tag: We have been tested... and we have prevailed. Now, we can stand beneath the open sky without fear, and for that, we have Zanik and [Player] to thank.