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Jennica Bonde was a wife, mother, and farmowner who lived on a small farm in what is now the central Wilderness. Jennica lived on the farm with her husband, Erik Bonde, and daughter, Summer Bonde, some hundred years ago. She died due to spider poisoning, and is mentioned only in the Spirit of Summer series, and afterwards by the Strange Old Man who seems to have known her somehow.

Jennica owned a farm in the Wilderness about 400 years ago, after the fall of Zaros' kingdom and the end of the God Wars. Jennica owned the farm alongside her husband, Erik. They hired three farmhands, Jallek Lenkin, Meranek Thanatos and Gargon.

Jennica gave birth to a daughter, Summer. Six years later, she died from spider poisoning. About a year after her death, a group of men came to the farm, slaughtering all the farmers there except Gargon, who was away on an errand during the raid. It is unknown what happened to him after the events mentioned in the Summer's End quest.

Jennica's ring can be obtained as a reward from the Spirit of Summer quest, used to access the portals to the Spirit Realm scattered throughout the wilderness. A gravestone with the inscription "in loving memory of mother Jennica Bonde" can be found in the cave in which the Spirit Beast is fought during the quest.

Her ring

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