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Gargon was a farmhand to Erik Bonde, the owner of a small farm in the Wilderness some 400 years ago. Gargon came with the Bonde family as one of three farmhands, the other two being Jallek Lenkin and Meranek Thanatos.

Gargon served the family for roughly 10 years. Erik's wife, Jennica, died of a spider bite some 5 years after hiring Gargon. Six years later, the entire family and its farmhands were massacred by a rogue band of men, seemingly for no reason. Gargon was not present during the slaughter, as he was running an errand nearby. That made him the sole surviving inhabitant of the farm, also saving him from the Spirit beast.

When he returned from his task, he found the entire family slain. He buried their remains in a large cave north of the farm, where Jennica had been buried six years prior.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Erik Bonde, "Summer's End", RuneScape.
    • Erik Bonde: Yes, my beloved Jennica died from spider poisoning about a year before the attack. What happened to her soul, we do not know. We can only hope she did not become a victim of the Beast's. Then the rest of us, except for Gargon, were murdered.
    • Player: Who is Gargon?
    • Erik Bonde: He worked alongside Meranek and Jallek, but was away on an errand at the time of the attack. I can only assume he is long since dead by now.