The Void

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The Void as seen during Summer's End.

The Void is all of existence outside of the Abyss. As its name suggests, it is completely empty, the Elder Gods having not created anything there.

The void pests use The Void to reach Gielinor by directing portals through it. A large portal that serves as a permanent weakness between Gielinor and the Void is found inside an an ancient underground temple, created by Guthix cutting too deep with the elder sword. Smaller portals created by Melville Grayzag can be found on the Pest Control Islands in the Unquiet Ocean.

The Spirit Beast, clawing its way through the Abyss during its attempt to reach Gielinor, left a complete absence of anything in the parts of the Abyss he destroyed, thus creating small pockets of the Void within the Abyss. During Summer's End, players briefly visit it and speak to Erik Bonde, Jallek Lenkin and Meranek Thanatos there.