Transcript of Spirit of Summer journal entry

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  • I found the spirit of a small girl next to the Wilderness wall. I followed her into a building on a farm. There was a bright flash and suddenly there were a bunch of ghosts around me.
  • One of the ghosts on the farm performed a series of strange gestures and then put up some kind of ward around the spirit of the little girl.
  • I managed to communicate with one of the ghosts and he removed the ward from around the little girl so that I could talk to her.
  • The spirit of the little girl wanted me to go see her in a village, so I allowed her to take me there and I talked to her. She was really difficult to understand, but I managed to figure out that she wanted me to fill a barrel with water. Somehow, when I took the water out of the barrel in the real world, it appeared in the barrel in the realm with the ghosts in it, and the little girl could wash her face with it.
  • The little girl was hungry so I had to get her something to eat. I picked some button mushrooms I found in the real world, and somehow they appeared on the same log in the parallel realm. The girl then picked them herself and ate them.
  • When I repaired the broken wardrobe in the real world, the one in the other realm broke and the little girl could take out the clothes that were sealed away inside.
  • I planted a limpwurt plant in the real world, and when it was fully grown, the overgrown plant in the other realm disappeared. The spirit of the little girl could then easily get her doll back.
  • She talked! I went up to ask her what to do next, and she could actually talk! Her name is Summer and she told me she wanted to see me back at the farm.
  • Summer took me back to the farm, and she explained that they were all murdered several hundred years ago. Their spirits seem to have been trapped by the * Beast in a different realm. The Beast is apparently feeding on their souls and now they want my help.
  • I decided that I would try to help Summer and her family escape the torment that the Beast brings them. She told me I had to wake some mysterious discs north of the farm and use their powers against the Beast.
  • There was a strange altar in the basement of the farm. When I put some bones and a skull into it, it somehow activated a big disc above ground. I didn't expect to be able to do anything to it, but apparently Summer has some kind of powers and has allowed me to physically interact with their realm now.
  • A big stone disc rose from the ground north of the farm when I filled the altar with bones. I then lured the Beast onto the disc together with a spirit wolf before dismissing the familiar. This sent a surge of energy through the Beast and seemed to harm it.
  • A second stone disc rose from the ground and I repeated the same process that I followed with the first one. This time, however, I dismissed a desert wyrm to activate it and harm the Beast.
  • A third stone disc appeared after I dismissed the desert wyrm. This one was a lot smaller, but I managed to lure the Beast onto it and dismiss a spirit scorpion to activate it. This seemed to be the final blow to the Beast; the three spirit elders appeared around it and trapped it in some sort of barrier.
  • Once the Beast had been trapped, the spirits could talk again. They told me that by entering the realm, my soul has fed the Beast and allowed it to grow even more powerful. It appears I have only made the situation worse.
  • Summer strongly disagreed with the elders and, even though I made the Beast more powerful, she thinks I will one day be able to save them from their torment.