Transcript of Summer's End journal entry

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  • I found Summer again by the Wilderness wall. She looked scared and insisted that I come back to the Beast's realm with her.
  • Summer brought me to the portal at the farm and we ended up in a horribly bright place where the three elders were waiting for us. They explained that the Spirit Beast has broken free from the prison they set up last time I went there and it is now stronger than ever. Over the centuries, it has been attempting to break through into Gielinor and, with its new powers, it is now closer than ever to achieving this, so they asked me if I could help defeating it.
  • The elders wanted me to lure the Beast into the cave north of the farm, but the entrance had collapsed. I used my Mining skills to collapse the cave in the real world, which opened it up in the Beast's realm. I then used a familiar to lure the Beast in there.
  • Once inside the cave, I cut logs from the cursed will roots growing from the walls. I used the logs to create big pyres which burned with a supernatural intensity and fooled the Beast into thinking they were souls. When it came up to devour the souls, it recoiled in surprise and Meranek got a chance to strike at its chest. After a few blows, he managed to break through the shield protecting its chest and the Beast fled into the next chamber.
  • I followed the Beast into the second chamber and Jallek explained to me that all the soul fragments the Beast devours and draws energy from has formed into a separate creature within the Beast's chest. It was now free to escape and I used my Hunter skills to trap it in holes I had dug in the soft soil. When the Beast tried to get it back out, Jallek cast a weakening spell at its head. After a couple of hits, the Beast fled into the last chamber of the cave.
  • The last chamber of the cave held Summer's, Jennica's, and the three elders' graves. The three elders projected themselves into the graves and I blessed them with holy power to cause a backlash of energy at the Beast when it was charging its own powers. After each of the three spirits had damaged the Beast, it was finally destroyed!
  • I talked to the elders and they asked me to come outside and talk to them there. They had some something they wanted to give me.
  • I talked to the elders and Summer outside of the cave and they were very thankful for everything I d done for them - they are finally free from the Beast’s torment! They sealed off the cave entrance. Summer gave a proper blessing to Jennica’s ring, and Meranek gave me his shield. Then they were finally allowed to die as they should've done a long time ago.