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A curly root is an item obtained from chopping curly jade roots (level 83 Woodcutting required) within the Jadinko Lair and then collecting the roots (2 distinct actions). It can be used on dry patches within the lair to create a firepit or burned on an existing firepit (level 83 Firemaking required).

Chopping and collecting roots[edit | edit source]

Cutting a curly jade vine and collecting a curly root from a vine that has been cut.

To get curly roots, players need to cut curled jade roots rather than straight roots in the Jadinko Lair. However, the roots can change while they are being cut.

Chopping the roots requires two distinct actions. The first cuts the root (80.8 Woodcutting experience) and the second collects the root (80.8 woodcutting experience) for a total of 161.6 experience. Collecting the roots yields four curly roots. If a player has less than four slots open in their inventory, the additional roots will fall to the floor.

Players should be careful when clicking on jade roots. Although the monsters in the Jadinko Lair are not aggressive, they can be attacked by left clicking. To avoid this, players should disable left clicking to attack NPCs or use an augmented tool that has been switched to non-combat.

Jade roots are not instanced; it is recommended to find an area or world in which nobody else is chopping jade roots to avoid competition for faster experience.

Burning roots[edit | edit source]

Burning curly roots at a firepit.

Dry patches are available at the south side of all three areas with attackable jadinkos. These are the only locations where curly roots can be burned. To start the fire, you will need to place the jade root in a dry patch by left clicking the patch, and then light the firepit on fire, by left clicking the firepit, using a tinderbox or a hardened straight root.

Players can burn additional curly roots by left-clicking the firepit. This will make the player's character automatically keep adding roots until they run out. Each root burned in the firepit increases the duration of the fire by 24 seconds. The first root lasts 30 seconds.

Burning a curly root yields 378.7 Firemaking experience. A full inventory results in 10,603.6 experience.

Each curly root burned awards 24.7 item xp for an augmented crystal tinderbox or Pyro-matic. 692 item xp is awarded for a full inventory of 28. If using Superheat Form 12 item xp is gained per root, resulting in 48 item xp per action.

Boosts and bonuses[edit | edit source]

For lighting a firepit, you receive 3 favour points. For each curly root you add to a burning firepit, you will receive 2 favour points. See the page for Jadinko Lair Rewards for more information.

You can receive strange rocks while chopping and burning curly roots.

Flame gloves and the ring of fire both award their bonuses while burning curly roots. The result of using both increases the Firemaking experience to 397.6 exp per curly root. Added to this, while having a Pyrelord summoned, each root will give 407.5 exp, giving an extra 2.5% boost. If you use an avatar buff on top of this, you can get 419.725 exp per root.

The inferno adze can incinerate up to all four curly roots at once for an instant 1514.8 (1590.4 with gloves/ring) Firemaking experience. On average, you burn about 8 curly roots in 7 cuts which is about 1.14 roots per cut. Roots burned by the inferno adze do not provide any favour points.

The Nature's sentinel outfit's incinerate option can light all four curly roots for instant experience.

Experience rate[edit | edit source]

At the minimum required levels with a ring of fire and flame gloves players can expect to receive approximately 225,000 Firemaking experience per hour as well as approximately 22,500 Woodcutting experience. At higher levels with lumberjack clothing, flame gloves, a ring of fire, Legendary Lumberjack aura, and a Crystal hatchet equipped, players can expect to receive up to 700,000 Firemaking experience per hour as well as ~55,000 Woodcutting experience using Superheat Form or Always Adze relic power to burn the roots as they are cut. This method however will not yield any favour points. Alternatively players may choose to use the Inferno adze for 340,000 Firemaking experience per hour as well as approximately 1250 Favour points.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 26 September 2016 (Update):
    • Prevented curly roots from being incinerated by Superheat Form without the required Firemaking level.
  • patch 26 September 2012 (Update):
    • Using curly roots on a fire now gives a more relevant message.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A glitch occurs with the "lumberjack woodcutting" animation from the Solomon's General Store; chopping curly roots with the inferno adze while the animation is active prevents the adze's burning effect from happening. Deactivating the animation will fix this.
  • Contrary to the geology of this type of cave, the game guide calls the dry patches non-permeable bedrock.
  • Before the update, when a player attempted to chop a curly root a second time with a full inventory, the chatbox message says that the player's inventory is too full to hold any more logs, even though they are roots and not technically logs. Also, when the inferno adze incinerates curly roots the message in chatbox is: "You chop some logs. The heat of the inferno adze incinerates them.".
  • The incineration effect of the inferno adze does not reward 2 favour points for each root burnt.
  • Burning curly vines does not always succeed, and therefore the Lava Titan's invisible Firemaking boost actually helps here.
  • If a jade vine grows above a curly root that is on the ground, the curly root is picked up, as if off a table.