Superheat Form

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Superheat Form is a Seren Prayer unlocked upon completion of The Light Within. Superheat Form requires 91 Prayer to use. It will automatically burn logs while Woodcutting and smelting ores is 1 Game tick faster and smithing a low or medium heat item acts as a medium or high heat item. Logs withdrawn or picked up will not be burned and will not yield any experience.

Superheat Form works with ring of fire, flame gloves and the Reborn phoenix familiar.

The use of Prayer renewal with any Prayer bonus item will completely counteract the drain from this curse.

With a grace of the elves equipped, Superheat Form's prayer drain is halved to 50 points per minute.

Smithing rates with Superheat Form
Heat Progress Multiplier Progress Made Per Strike Progress Multiplier
(with Superheat Form.png)
Progress Made Per Strike
(with Superheat Form.png)
High 67%-100% 20 20 No change
Medium 34%-66% 15 20 Equivalent of high heat smithing
Low 1%-33% 10 15 Equivalent of medium heat smithing
Zero 0% 5 5 No change

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 7 January 2019 (Update):
    • Superheat form no longer automatically smelts ore when mining. Instead, it reduces the time taken to smelt bars, and increases the amount by which heat speeds up smithing.