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Not to be confused with cursed magic logs.
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Corrupted magic logs are logs that may be gathered by defeating the corrupted creatures in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.

Corrupted magic logs can be fletched at level 80 Fletching for 96 experience (between that of a magic shieldbow (u) and magic stock). When fletched, the logs do not yield any product, similar to protean logs. As of an update released 13 January 2020, the logs can be conventionally fletched on a portable fletcher.

They can be burned at level 75 Firemaking for 319 experience (compared with 303.8 XP from burning normal magic logs). When burned, they leave behind ashes.

When used on a bonfire, they give a 30-minute health boost, which is half the time granted by regular magic logs. When used on a portable brazier, any log will grant a 66-minute health boost.

While burning corrupted magic logs grants a chance at receiving a Strange rock (Firemaking) for the Shattered Heart (Distractions and Diversions), fletching them does not grant a chance of receiving the Strange rock (Fletching).

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