The Branches of Darkmeyer - Quick guide

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Starting out[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Veliaf Hurtz in the Burgh de Rott pub's basement. (Chat 111)
  • South of the Burgh de Rott bank, enter the cave entrance.
  • Take the letter on the floor.
  • Search the coffin for a mysterious medallion (deals small amount of damage). (Chat 1)
  • Climb the rope to leave the cave and return to Veliaf Hurtz. (Chat 11)

An unexpected help[edit | edit source]

  • Once teleported, head to the northernmost room. The medallion can also teleport you to the Meiyerditch Laboratories.
  • Talk to Safalaan. (Chat 221111)

Traversing Meiyerditch[edit | edit source]

Vertida Sefalatis location

  • Exit the base, go through the wall to the north and climb up the stairs.
  • Jump the floorboards to the west and go down the ladder. Open the door, exit and go west a bit, then south at the barricade.
  • Enter the building and open the door there in the room with the portrait. Climb up the ladder.
  • Now jump over the wall to the building to the west and climb down the ladder.
  • Open the door, exit and close the door.
  • Now go north and west around the next building. Enter it and go east, where Vertida will be standing and talk to him.
  • Climb the wall and speak to Mekritus A'hara.
  • Stand on the lookout point for a cutscene.
  • Drop-down the floorboards to the east.
  • Talk to Nessie who is in the courtyard south of the building. (Chat 11)

Entering Darkmeyer[edit | edit source]

  • Attack Vanescula Drakan - she will knock you back. (If she does not knock you back taking off all armour and attacking again may fix it.)
  • Talk to her and exhaust all options, eventually learning about the tree. (Chat 1132313131)
  • Teleport to Meiyerditch with the medallion (Chat 2) and take the envelope to Safalaan.
  • Talk to Vertida Sefalatis. (Chat 1)
  • Head south-west to crates. Search them for 30 smoke bombs.
  • With your medallion, teleport to the Meiyerditch Laboratories. (Chat 3)
  • Go up the stairs, open the door, and go through the slashed tapestry and out of the building.
  • Run north and squeeze-through the grate on the north wall.
  • Talk to Vanescula on the other side of the grate. (Chat 1112) In Darkmeyer, the vyrewatch will attack you when you pass them as opposed to in Meiyerditch.
  • Use the smoke bombs to avoid being caught by vampyre juvinates. Do not go near vyrewatch.
  • Search chests inside buildings to find clothing (four pieces in total). You can use another smoke bomb before the previous one dissipates. Enter a building before your smoke shroud vanishes. Once in a building, immediately close the door.
  • Fix all four pieces and wear them. You no longer need to hide in smoke.
  • Return to Vanescula. (Chat 11)

Gaining Status[edit | edit source]

  • Walk up the ramp to the north-east to enter the ground floor level of the city.
  • Talk to Sentinel Mortshade, telling him your vampyre name. (Chat ~~)
  • Completing vampyric tasks below increases your rating. After completing enough tasks in the middle tier of the city, your rating bar will be half full, allowing progression into the next tier of the city.
  • Talk to the Vyrewatch guard in the north-eastern jail.

Middle tier[edit | edit source]

  • Complete any of the following tasks until you reach a half-full rating bar and access to the upper tier (proceed to next section).
    • Terrorising Maria Gadderanks (Chat 11), (Chat 11), (Chat 11)
    • Use the Angry or Laugh emotes several times next to Maria Gadderanks
    • Talk to Maria while wielding the Gadderhammer
    • Talk to Valentina Kaust (Chat 1), drink the vial of blood she gives you (if you are prepared to be damaged for half of your health) (Chat 1), and then use either chat option.
    • Vandalise the four posters (after getting the task by speaking with Sanguinus Varnis) and then report back to Sanguinus Varnis again.
    • Recapture six bloodveld younglings (after talking to Grigan Kaninus (Chat 1)). These vanish for long periods of time, so they can appear in places you've already checked. They are displayed as yellow dots on the minimap.
    • Talking to Sentinel Draemus about the threats to Darkmeyer while constantly insulting the Myreque, the humans, and Drakan (three conversations).
    • Talking to Sentinel Gorthaur about citizens in Meiyerditch, the Myreque, and Burgh de Rott (three conversations).

Upper tier[edit | edit source]

  • Entertaining Misdrievus Vakan (Chat 1) then approach the nearby blood tither (Chat 1). Talk to Misdrievus Vakan again and then enter the building to the west for a cutscene. (Chat 21)
  • Speaking to Vanescula Drakan to pledge allegiance to the Drakan family. (Chat 111)
  • Killing Captured Meiyerditch citizens for the Vyrewatch guards. Start task by talking to a Vyrewatch guard in south-western jail. (Chat 11)
  • Talking to any upper tier sentinel and discuss your opinion of Vanstrom Klause. (Chat 3)
  • Talking to any upper tier sentinel and discuss your opinion of Lord Drakan. (Chat 1)

The Arboretum[edit | edit source]

  • After gaining enough status in the upper tier, talk to Vanescula about entering the Arboretum. (Chat 1)
  • Enter the Arboretum (Ranis will stop you). (Chat 11)
  • Proceed to enter the Arboretum.
  • Solve the four puzzles:
    • Check the health of the tree for the orb pattern.
    • Pull the lever (along the eastern edge) to start the first puzzle.
    • Rotating the orbs by clicking the left-bottom orb of a group of four orbs.
    • Match the orbs to the puzzle solution.
    • When the puzzle is complete, pull the lever.
  • Check the health of the tree again. Repeat the process for all four puzzles.
Puzzle 1 solution
Puzzle 2 solution
Puzzle 3 solution
Puzzle 4 solution
  • Chop the tree for three blisterwood logs and a cutscene will play.
  • In the entrance room left, talk to Vanescula to be teleported to out of Darkmeyer. (Chat 1)

Preparing for the fight[edit | edit source]

  • Use the medallion to go to Meiyerditch. (Chat 3)
  • Talk to Vertida Sefalatis. (Chat 111)
  • Talk to Vertida again for a bottle of holy water.
  • Talk to Kael Forshaw for two silver sickles. (Chat 12)
  • Use the medallion to teleport back to Darkmeyer. (Chat 4). This will complete the achievement On Wings Of Bling.
  • Craft each of the logs into a staff, a polearm, and a set of stakes. Remember to set the quantity to 1 in the Build-X interface or you will lose the logs permanently. Fletching the blisterwood polearm leads to the achievement Raising The Stakes.
  • Bank at the Darkmeyer Treasury. The bottle of holy water is required for the fights with Vanstrom Klause and Harold.
  • Enter the house with Harold in it (just north-east of the captured citizens) and kill him with any weapon. You must throw the bottle of holy water over him to be able to kill him.
  • Go back to the bank and prepare for the final fight with Vanstrom Klause who is east of Harold.

The battle with Vanstrom[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Equip full Darkmeyer disguise, Vertida's bottle of holy water, and a blisterwood weapon of choice
Items recommended: Combat armour, prayer potions, stat-boosting potions, and legacy combat mode
  • How to kill Vanstrom:
    • Only blisterwood weaponry can deal damage.
    • If you're attacking at a distance use magic protection prayers; otherwise, Deflect/Protect from Melee.
    • If he shouts "Stare into the darkness!" run to the edge of the arena and rotate your camera away from him. Maximum 4000 damage.
    • If he shouts "Let the blood consume you!" run away from the blood splodge on the floor. Maximum 6000 damage.
    • If he shouts "Come, fiends, and aid your master!" kill the two easy minions that he spawns.
    • If he throws blood bombs towards you, keep running around the room to avoid them. Maximum 4000 damage per bomb.
    • Once he is very low health he turns into a cloud. Keep using holy water near him until he loses all health. Unequip your ring of life if you're wearing one!
      • If you are saved by a ring of life after a group of Bloodveld guardians spawn, heal up and return without a ring of life. You will be damaged, but in a safe way. You will NOT have to redo the fight.

Finishing up in Darkmeyer[edit | edit source]

  • Take control of Vanescula and kill the Bloodveld guardians. It is recommended to use the Shriek attack repeatedly as soon as it recharges.
  • When you awaken, speak with Vertida (Chat 11), and watch a short cutscene.
  • Teleport to Burgh de Rott and talk to Veliaf Hurtz. (Chat 1)
  • Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Branches of Darkmeyer reward.png
Music unlocked

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

The Branches of Darkmeyer is directly required for the following quests/miniquests: