Maria Gadderanks

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Maria Gadderanks is encountered during The Branches of Darkmeyer, and is the widowed wife of Gadderanks, a former tither for the vampyres whom the player kills in the quest In Aid of the Myreque. Like other inhabitants of the region, she is scarred and very slim.

During The Branches of Darkmeyer, players must terrorise her to gain status inside the Sanguinesti city of Darkmeyer, where she is held prisoner by the vampyres. Once they have access to the upper tier, they can break the lock on her cell and free her. However, if they terrorised her too much, they will not be able to release her as she'd just want it to end. "No, just leave me. I'm sure it will all be over soon." - is said when you attempt to break open the lock. When freeing her, it is possible to lie about her husband's fate or admit that he has been killed by the player's hand. Either way, Maria will disappear if released.

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