Misdrievus Vakan

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Misdrievus Vakan is a vyrewatch citizen found in the upper tier of Darkmeyer, just west of the bank. He plays a small part in The Branches of Darkmeyer quest.

He will say he wants entertainment, and request that the player abuse the nearby blood tither for enjoyment. The player can either choose to actually punch the tither or convince him to fall and pretend to punch him. Doing either will reward the player with a number of status points.

After this has been done, talking to Misdrievus again will reveal that the tither will likely get in trouble with his Tithe master for accidentally breaking a sample of blood during the punching. He suggests you go to the tithe master, in the building to the west, to see this occur. Doing this will again give some status points.

After these two incidents, Misdrievus will say he has been entertained enough, and no further dialogue can occur.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Misdreavus is a Ghost-type Pokémon that loves to make mischief; Misdrievus is possibly a reference to this.