Quick guide for The Darkness of Hallowvale

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Starting out[edit | edit source]

The location of Old Man Ral.

As you will need Telekinetic Grab further into the quest, it is recommended to have the Normal Spellbook active.

  • Talk to Veliaf Hurtz in the Burgh de Rott pub basement. (Chat 412345)
    • Search the chest to the north for garlic if you do not have one.
  • Run south-east of the pub until you find a boathouse.
  • Search the boat, then use a plank on it to fix it.
  • South of the boat, use plank on the boat chute to fix it.
  • Push the boat down the chute, then go down to the docks and board the boat. If a Vyrewatch stops you at any point, just activate Freedom and walk away.
    • Keybind may not work, recommended to click the ability on your action bar or in the Defence abilities tab.
  • Exit the boat, and continue north-west a short distance.
  • Just before the shore, kick down the floor, and climb down.
  • Climb the wall rubble to the north and talk to a Meiyerditch citizen. (Chat 444)
  • North of the wall rubble, talk to Old Man Ral (Achievement icon on the map). (Chat 44)
    • (Optional) If you want to reduce detection chance by the Vyrewatch, you can buy a set of Vyrewatch clothing from Trader Sven just south of Old Man Ral before continuing.
  • Climb the ladder south-west of Old Man Ral.

Navigating Meiyerditch[edit | edit source]

If you get snared by a vyre you can still get away for free by using Freedom.

Below are the steps to navigating Meiyerditch from the ladder south-west of Old Man Ral. You can click each step to highlight it to keep track of completed steps.

The final destination of this section of the quest. A room marked by a greenish-blue carped and wall-mounted sickle. This room is found against the mid-eastern wall of the city.
Location of the hideout, the final destination for this section of the quest.
  • Jump south to the floorboards.
  • Jump east to the floorboards.
  • Go to the north-east corner of the room, push the wall and walk across the gap.
  • Crawl under the wall to the north.
  • Go north to the second room, look on the west side, push the wall and go across.
  • Go down the ladder.
  • Search the table next to the wall, open the trapdoor, and go underneath it.
  • Climb up the shelf.
  • Crawl under the wall to the east side.
  • Jump to the floorboards to the east.
  • Go down the ladder.
  • Search the pots near the eastern door to get a key and use it to open the door.
  • Go up the ladder in the room to the east.
  • Jump south to the floorboards.
  • Go east, south, west and climb up the shelves.
  • Go west and up the ladder.
  • Jump south again to the floorboards.
  • Walk a little to the south-west and down the ladder.
  • Go east through the rooms and across the washing line.
  • Climb down the ladder.
  • Push the wall to the north and walk across the floor.
  • Climb up the shelf to the north.
  • Climb down the shelf that is north-east, below the room.
  • Jump to the floorboards to the north.
  • Jump to the floorboards to the north, again.
  • Go north-west and then east (around a gap in the floor) and jump to floorboards.
  • Climb up ladder.
  • Search the wall (to the west) to get the topmost part of a ladder.
  • Climb down the same ladder, repair the broken ladder going down with the ladder top and go down.
  • (Now in sector 3.) Open the door and go north and slightly west to a house with a chimney/UNLIT fireplace in it.
  • Go west through the door into the next room, then north out of the house until you see barricades.
  • Go east past the sickle logo and the house to the south should have a ladder in it - go up this one (if there's a knife spawn here you are in the wrong house). (It is touching the house with 2 respawns inside it).
  • Jump to the floorboards to the east.
  • Climb down the stairs.
  • Go south along the eastern side of the stairs. Push the wall. Use the knife from your tool belt (or a silver sickle) on the wall, and push the wall.
  • Push the decorated wall from the southern side.
  • Open the lumpy rug.
  • Climb down trapdoor to enter the hideout.
  • Run north and talk to Vertida. (Chat 34)
  • Take the message back to Veliaf Hurtz who is in the basement of the pub in Burgh de Rott. (Chat 134)

Ambush at Paterdomus[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Drezel in the Mausoleum under the Paterdomus temple west of Canifis. Use CKS or the invitation box to teleport nearby. (Chat 25)
  • Take the west exit, past the monuments.
  • Search the small bush slightly south of the western church steps.
  • Return and talk to Drezel in the Mausoleum. He will give you runes to teleport to Varrock.
    • Depending on other running quests, you might need to talk to him. (Chat 2)
  • Teleport to Varrock and talk to King Roald in the palace. (Chat 141)
House with bucket of water
  • Talk to Drezel about what to do next. (Chat 23)
  • Talk to Veliaf Hurtz back in the basement of the pub in Burgh de Rott. (Chat 1234)
  • Return to Meiyerditch using the boat in the boathouse south-east and try to get caught by a Vyrewatch. (Chat 2)
  • Mine 15 ore from the walls. (Only requires 1 free inventory space as the ores stack)
  • Use them on a minecart (Chat 1), then talk to a guard.
  • Run to the house marked on this map (right).
  • Go south through 3 doors and up the ladder.
  • Jump the floorboards to the east, descend the stairs and enter the hideout.
  • Talk to Vertida (Chat 32)
    • You will be teleported back to Sector 1.
  • Climb down the ladder, open the door, run south and climb over the wall rubble.
  • Run south and climb the rubble back towards the boat and onto the top of the wall.
  • Run north along the top of the wall and climb down the ladder.
  • Search the rocky surface.
  • Go north through the barricade and up the ladder.
  • Keep running north along the wall, over more ladders. Talk to Safalaan at the very end to receive papyrus and charcoal. (Chat 213)
  • Run clockwise around the wall until you reach the north wall and see a sickle drawn on the ground. Note: If playing on high graphics settings, the sickle will be hard to see due to the shadows on the ground. The sickle is located just past where the shadows first appear on the north wall.
  • Use the papyrus on the charcoal and watch the cutscene.
  • Go counterclockwise around the wall to a sickle on the west wall, and then one on south wall. Use papyrus on charcoal at each of the symbols.
  • Cutscene. Let Vanstrom attack you a bit which will knock you out.
    • Talk to Sarius if she didn't automatically talk to you when Vanstrom knocked you out.
  • After being knocked out, go back and finish your final sketch.
  • Go back to the ladder and climb down.
  • Return to the hideout and talk to Safalaan (Chat 145)
    • The quickest way to return is to get noticed by the Vyrewatch, get sent to the mine, and then go southeast to the hideout as before. If you are having trouble getting noticed just log out and log back in. You can also chose talk to Vyrewatch which will get you noticed.

Locating the laboratory[edit | edit source]

  • Exit the base, climb the stairs, jump the gap, down the ladder.
  • Go out the north door, walk slightly west and then south, and open the door to a room with a fireplace. Look at the fireplace.
  • Choose knife from tool belt option to receive a Message.
  • Read the message.
  • Search the portrait south for a large ornate key (You may need to click it twice to actually pick up the key).
  • Talk to Safalaan in the base. (Chat 21)
  • If the large ornate key is not in your inventory at this point, retrieve another.
  • Located north-east in Meiyerditch (follow the eastern wall north), is a bright red and yellow tapestry.
  • Go through it and use the key on the statue.
  • Go east through the door, then down the stairs, and telekinetic grab Haemalchemy (Vol. 1).
    • Runes can be found by searching the broken rune case.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Safalaan (be sure he hands you a Sealed message and Shortcut key).
  • Take the sealed message to Veliaf. (Chat 1)
  • Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Darkness of Hallowvale reward.png
Music unlocked

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

The Darkness of Hallowvale is directly required for the following quests/miniquests: