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The Blisterwood Tree in Darkmeyer arboretum.

Blisterwood is a wood involved with the Myreque quest series, particularly The Branches of Darkmeyer.

Blisterwood is harmful to vampyres, much like silver and silvthril. Blisterwood logs, even when cut from the tree and fletched, constantly shift, giving them the unpredictability needed to bypass vampyre's innate prediction ability. As such, blisterwood weaponry are effective weapons against vampyres to a greater degree than the ivandis flail.

Tree and logs[edit | edit source]

Blisterwood logs detail.png

The only Blisterwood Tree is located in Darkmeyer arboretum. After freeing it from the machine in The Branches of Darkmeyer, it can be chopped granting 200 experience per log (requiring level 76 Woodcutting).

Blisterwood logs can be burned at level 76 Firemaking, granting 303.5 experience. This also provides some blisterwood ashes during a specific point of River of Blood.

The logs can also be fletched into a variety of weapons, requiring level 70 Fletching, and granting 100 experience per log, regardless of the weapon. During River of Blood, it can also be fletched into a blisterwood shaft, which is used to reforge Sunspear.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Blisterwood polearm detail.png

Blisterwood weaponry can be made out of blisterwood logs and, in some cases, silver sickles or silvthril.

Once enough progress in The Branches of Darkmeyer has been made, the following weapons can be fletched:

With enough progress into The Lord of Vampyrium, these additional weapons can be fletched:

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Blisterwood staff equipped.png

All blisterwood weapons are tier 70 and are freely reclaimable by simply crafting them again. No blisterwood weapons can be augmented.

Blisterwood is fully effective against all vampyres, vyrewatch, and vyrelords/ladies; when fighting them, blisterwood weapons have the following benefits:

  • Able to damage them
  • Prevent juvinates in Darkmeyer (but not elsewhere) from transforming into dust and escaping
  • +50% hit chance
  • Chance to deal up to double the normal damage for that attack (including bleeds like Dismember)
  • Every 50 vyre corpses cremated in the Columbarium grants +10 damage (a maximum of +100)

See Category:Susceptible to blisterwood weapons for a full list of affected monsters.

ItemTypeMain-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Blisterwood polearm.pngBlisterwood polearmMelee weakness icon.png MeleeCrush1564.51486---------
Blisterwood sickle.pngBlisterwood sickleMelee weakness icon.png MeleeSlash857.51486---------
Off-hand blisterwood sickle.pngOff-hand blisterwood sickleMelee weakness icon.png Melee---Slash428.71486------
Blisterwood staff.pngBlisterwood staffMagic weakness icon.png MagicSpell-
Blisterwood wand.pngBlisterwood wandMagic weakness icon.png MagicSpell-
Blisterwood orb.pngBlisterwood orbMagic weakness icon.png Magic---Spell-
Blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow.pngBlisterwood stake-thrower crossbowRanged weakness icon.png RangedBolt892.51486---------
Blisterwood stakes (ammo).pngBlisterwood stakes (ammo)Ranged weakness icon.png RangedBolt672----------
Blisterwood stake.pngBlisterwood stakeRanged weakness icon.png RangedThrown6721486---------
Off-hand blisterwood stake.pngOff-hand blisterwood stakeRanged weakness icon.png Ranged---Thrown3361486------

Sunspear[edit | edit source]

Sunspear detail.png

Sunspear is two weapons which are particularly effective against vampyres. The first is Sunspear, a tier 75 main-hand sword earned upon completion of The Lord of Vampyrium. The second is the reforged Sunspear, created in River of Blood, which can be used in any style as tier 78 two-handed weapon: a melee spear, a magic staff, a ranged javelin.

Sunspear (melee) detail.png

All versions of Sunspear share the above benefits of blisterwood against vampyres, but additionally automatically cremate the dropped corpses, granting Prayer and Firemaking experience and a 20% chance to drop items similar to that given by shiny columbarium keys. The reforged Sunspear also prevents werewolves from transforming and can be augmented; when not augmented, it degrades relatively rapidly (15,000 charges of combat, 600,000 coins base repair cost).

The Sunspear sword can be reclaimed from Drezel or Ivan Strom for 100,000 coins. The Sunspear is reforged during River of Blood by combining it with a blisterwood shaft and Wolfbane; once created for the first time, it can be reclaimed from Ivan for 600,000 coins.

ItemTypeMain-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Sunspear.pngSunspearMelee weakness icon.png MeleeStab7201694---------
Sunspear (melee).pngSunspear (melee)Melee weakness icon.png MeleeStab1743.31829---------
Sunspear (magic).pngSunspear (magic)Magic weakness icon.png MagicSpell-
Sunspear (ranged).pngSunspear (ranged)Ranged weakness icon.png RangedThrown1743.31829---------

The reforged Sunspear is commonly used as a mid-high level weapon, particularly by ironmen who cannot simply buy a better weapon. Reliable and cheaply re-obtainable, it can be used with any style, which makes it a popular weapon to train Invention. It is also a common weapon for high-level players to apply niche perks to (such as Planted Feet) and use it as a switch, as, again, it can be used with any style.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 21 September 2015 (Update):
    • The new blisterwood weapons now show how many vyres you have cremated.
  • ninja 20 July 2015 (Update):
    • Blisterwood weapons now have a 'Check' option for the number of Vyrewatch cremated.