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The Myreque quest series is a series of quests focusing on the Saradominist group, The Myreque, trying to free Morytania from the evil grasp of Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Priest in Peril[edit | edit source]

Main article: Priest in Peril

Contact had been lost with the Paterdomus, a temple sitting on the banks of the River Salve. King Roald III of Varrock has asked the player to have a look. It turns out that the temple has been overthrown by Monks of Zamorak who locked the temple priest, Drezel, in a cell. Drezel says that the holy river Salve that protected Misthalin from the evil of Morytania has been tainted and must be purified. The player seals the coffin of the vampyre inside the temple, rescues Drezel, and discusses a resolution. Drezel and the player bind the magic tainting the river into rune essence and the Zamorakian monks are cleared out.

Nature Spirit[edit | edit source]

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Drezel asks the player to look for a druid, Filliman Tarlock, in the dangerous swamps of Mort Myre. After finding him, the player realises Filliman is dead but still a ghost due to the mysterious powers of Morytania. At first he does not believe but is persuaded by the player to realise his true form. The player helps him transform from a wretched ghost of Morytania to a holy Nature Spirit of Guthix. A method of freeing Ghast spirits is also discovered.

In Search of the Myreque[edit | edit source]

The player is confronted by a mysterious man who wishes for them to deliver some weapons to a secret organisation called The Myreque, a group devoted to freeing Morytania from the vampyres' grasp. The player manages to find the secret cave and is greeted by Veliaf Hurtz, the group's leader. In a fog, the mysterious man appears and reveals himself to be Vanstrom Klause, an evil vampyre who had been led to the hideout by the player. He kills two members before departing and setting a hellhound upon the last of them. After the player disposes of it, Veliaf requests the player to help him on his mission.

In Aid of the Myreque[edit | edit source]

Main article: In Aid of the Myreque

Following the attack, Veliaf Hurtz decides it is too dangerous to stay in Myreque Tunnels and decides to move his headquarters to elsewhere - Burgh de Rott. Surprisingly, vampyres, despite their relative proximity to the Sanguinesti region and wandering vampyres, are unaware of any life in town. The player manages to convince the starving citizens that they're up to no evil. The player then starts patching up the town, resupplying them with food and opening a bank and a furnace. However, smoke from the furnace attracts the attention of Gadderanks, who manages to set up a makeshift blood tithing station in town. The player, however, manages to kill him and make his minions flee. Before dying, Gadderanks tells the player about a method of how to kill vampyre juveniles and juvinates and the more effective way to kill shades. Following this event, the Myreque move their base to Burgh de Rott's pub basement. However, Ivan Strom is escorted to Paterdomus temple, surviving a vampyre ambush on his way. Finally, the player manages to construct a Rod of Ivandis and make a Guthix balance potion, allowing the Myreque to kill vampyre juveniles and juvinates or revert them back to human form.

The Darkness of Hallowvale[edit | edit source]

After the successful move of the Myreque headquarters, the next step in the plan is to make contact with any surviving Myreque members inside Meiyerditch. The player is sent out to find a way into the vampyre-controlled slums and deliver important information. Through the repair of an old sail boat, entrance is granted. After talking to the famished and terrorised citizens, contact is made with Old Man Ral, the Sage of the Sanguinesti. He tells the player where the Sanguinesti section of the Myreque reside. The maze-like city of Meiyerditch is hard to travel through, but eventually the player arrives at the Meiyerditch headquarters. There, Vertida Sefalatis is found.

The slums of Meiyerditch.

He will hand over a message which is to be delivered back to Veliaf. After arriving back in Burgh de Rott and handing over Sefalatis' message, the player gets the assignment to talk with Drezel in Paterdomus and King Roald in Varrock Castle. Drezel will say that he heard some mysterious noises outside the Temple, which turn out to be caused by werewolves, who have somehow found a way over the River Salve! The player reports back to Drezel and will be told to inform King Roald of this disaster. After a long conversation with the king and his advisor, Aeonisig Raispher, it turns out that Varrock is unable to react to the werewolf threat due to the Edicts of Guthix. All the King can do is write out a mercenary protocol. After bringing Veliaf and later Vertida the news, he will tell the player to talk to Safalaan, the leader of the Sanguinesti division. He can be found on the outer wall of Meiyerditch, making tactical sketches of Castle Drakan. After meeting him, the player gets the assignment to finish sketching the castle. Before the task can be completed, however, the player is spotted and attacked by Vanstrom Klause. Luckily, Sarius Guile, human servant of Vanescula Drakan, stops Vanstrom because, as Guile says, if Vanstrom kills a friend of Safalaan the relation between Safalaan and Vanescula will be hurt beyond repair.

After Vanstrom leaves, Guile will give a long-winded hint where to find a secret laboratory. The player will get the order to find and investigate this lab, resulting in the finding of the Haemalchemy book.

Legacy of Seergaze[edit | edit source]

Main article: Legacy of Seergaze

The mercenary protocol draws many humans from Misthalin to fight against the vampyres. One of them, a mercenary adventurer, tells the player he noticed some suspicious activity in Paterdomus. Meanwhile, Drezel has discovered a Columbarium below the mausoleum which contains strange tombs. The player goes to investigate the top floor of upper Paterdomus only to find three Saradominists and three Zamorakians discussing a way to take out the Edicts of Guthix. After being discovered, four of the conspirators teleport away, while two of them stay to fight but eventually, seeing their defeat, teleport away too. After collecting the evidence, Drezel is informed about the conspiracy. He will advise the player to reward the alert mercenary adventurer with an escorted trip to Burgh de Rott. When the trip is over, the mercenary adventurer reveals himself to be Ivan Strom. After guiding Ivan into the Myreque base in Burgh de Rott, the player gets a new task: bringing a crate of supplies to the Sanguinesti section and, when that's done, to inquire about a new weapon meant to take out the Vyrewatch.

Once arrived at the base, Safalaan will tell the player about the team's new member, Flaygian Screwte, and the discoveries he made. The scientist and researcher roughly translated the Haemalchemy book and discovered that the Vyrewatch have a limited mind reading ability, which lets them predict and avoid damage. However, the player, together with Flaygian and several other Myreque, figure out that an incredibly unpredictable weapon will render that ability useless, and so the idea for the Ivandis flail is born. While Flaygian perfects the theory, Safalaan will ask the player to go with him and two bodyguards, Andiess Juip and Kael Forshaw, to search the old lab where the Haemalchemy book was originally found.

The Ivandis Flail, a legendary weapon made to combat vyres.

Inside the underground laboratory, a long winding tunnel is found which leads to caverns directly under Castle Drakan. The tunnels are filled with zombie hands, skeletal hands, and mutated bloodveld, as well as old restraining devices and mutilated human corpses. Deeper in the tunnel system, a strange giant rock is found, but before any research can be conducted, the group is ambushed by two members of the Vyrewatch, who instantly kill Andiess, while Kael flees in terror. The player's attacks do no good, while Safalaan almost dies from the attacks! Then something strange happens: when Safalaan is knocked unconscious, it triggers a mysterious blue power blast from inside him. The Vyrewatch flee, and Safalaan and the player barely make it back to the base.

Meanwhile, Flaygian perfected the Ivandis Flail, although he wasn't able to build it. Instead, the player constructs the weapon and successfully tests it on a Vyrewatch. After reporting back, the player gets the order to bring the news to Veliaf Hurtz. He will give the advice to talk to Drezel about disposing of the corpse. Apparently, there's a soul trapped inside it, and the player frees it by cremating it in the Columbarium. The key that the spirit left behind fits to the cabinet in the wall containing a Blood Talisman, while the big strange rock is revealed to be the Blood altar. This news of treasure increases the flow of Mercenaries.

The Branches of Darkmeyer[edit | edit source]

Vanescula Drakan, the Myreque's unexpected newfound ally.

In the quest Vanstrom is tasked with exterminating all of the Myreque. The adventurer, who finds Lowerniel Drakan's medallion and a mysterious letter requesting a meetup with Safalaan, must investigate. They delve into Meiyerditch in his place, and encounter Vanescula Drakan, who offers an alliance. She will help the Myreque take down her brother so that she can seize control, while maintaining the respect of the vyrelords. She begins by giving the adventurer her blood mark, which protects them from the vampyres throughout Meiyerditch. Furthermore, she tells them of the Blisterwood Tree located in the heart of Darkmeyer, from which weapons highly effective against vyres can be crafted.

After updating the Myreque, the adventurer meets Vanescula outside the walls of Darkmeyer. She briefs them and covers their human scent with her own once they have stolen a disguise from the outermost tier of the city. The adventurer is then ready to infiltrate vampyric society. Gradually, they ingratiate themselves with higher and higher ranking vyres through a variety of questionable means, from gossiping to vandalizing to slaughtering captured Meiyerditch humans for sport. Once they have enough status, Vanescula lets them into the Arboretum. The adventurer manages to nurture and obtain logs from the Blisterwood Tree inside, but not before Ranis Drakan apprehends them. Vanescula is left with little choice but to kill her brother to protect the adventurer, though she seems to do this with little regret. Then, she warns of Vanstrom's imminent attack on the Myreque base.

The player returns to the base and discusses with the members, who agree that the adventurer should preemptively bring the fight to Vanstrom in Darkmeyer. They also craft blisterwood weapons with the instruction of Vertida. Once they are ready, they return to the vampyre city and invade Vanstrom's mansion, killing his pet bloodveld. Finally, they engage the vampyre himself. They defeat him after a difficult battle, but Vanstrom performs a suicide attack, knocking the player unconscious. Fortunately Vanescula rescues them and cleans up. Her human assistant, Sarius Guile, takes the player back to the Myreque to recuperate.

The Lord of Vampyrium[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Lord of Vampyrium

Vanescula returns with important news for the Myreque. Lord Drakan is angered with the recent successes of the rebel group, and is appearing in person to address a gathering of all the noble vyres; opening an opportunity to assassinate him. The adventurer takes the Myreque to Darkmeyer, and arms them with blisterwood and clothes them in House Drakan disguises. When ready, Vanescula and her ally Overwatch Mornid fly the group to the roof of Castle Drakan, where they mingle with the nobles. Eventually, Drakan arrives through a portal in the center of the roof and announces his plan to return to Vampyrium. Then he exposes the Myreque and throws them, along with his sister and her ally, into prison cells.

The final showdown against the Lord of Vampyrium.

The adventurer comes to and manages to free everyone from the cells, but now they must escape the crypts. The party solves a puzzle and lock and emerges into the castle, but Drakan and his venators are waiting. Mornid and Kael are dispatched, as the others flee further into the castle. They must barricade the windows to the outside and solve puzzles while the venators chase them, until they reach the stairs to the roof of the tower. Mekritus and Radigad are killed in the process.

At the top of the stairs, the remaining Myreque find themselves in Vampyrium's version of Castle Drakan. To return to Gielinor, the Myreque calibrate the surrounding pylons to open the portal and the adventurer takes on Lord Drakan himself. During the fight, Vertida and Polmafi are slain, and Drakan seemingly kills his own sister with his Sunspear. Drakan assaults the adventurer mercilessly throughout the battle, but on Gielinor, Vanescula arrives alive and well, thrusts the Sunspear through her brother's back, and rips off his wings. The adventurer ultimately finishes Drakan by stabbing him through the head with the broken tip of the Sunspear. The victory is short-lived, though, when Vanescula attacks Safalaan and drinks his Icyene blood to gain its protection against the power of the River Salve, and conquer Misthalin. She allows Veliaf, Ivan, and the player to leave, and Veliaf disbands the Myreque in despair. Ivan returns to Drezel, and the player takes the news to King Roald, who begins preparations for the war to come.

River of Blood[edit | edit source]

Main article: River of Blood

Roald sends a scouting party to Paterdomus. Shortly after their arrival they're attacked by a vampyric scouting party, which the player defeats. With Captain Rovin and his scouts re-armed with blisterwood weaponry, the Paterdomus temple cleared of its Zamorakian occupiers, and the Salve's barrier strengthened using a serum made to a recipe found in the tomb of Ivandis Seergaze, the defences appear to be secure against Vanescula's army.

Vanescula arrives at the river with her army before the Varrockian army appears, so the player goes to meet her, accompanied by Drezel and Ivan. Vanescula requests peaceful passage to Misthalin, as she doesn't want to waste lives or cause unnecessary and wasteful bloodshed. Drezel refuses, and Vanescula sends three vampyre juvinates to prove her triumph over the Salve's protection. To Vanescula's horror the juvinates revert to feral vampyres, the weakest and most bestial form of their kind, and the kind least dangerous to humans. Before Vanescula can do anything more, a creature called a Wyrd appears and attacks, fatally wounding Drezel. It is driven off by Efaritay, an Icyene, who derides both sides for trying to start a war, and who tells the player to meet her at the Icyene graveyard before flying away.

Efaritay reveals that she was once queen of Hallowvale, until she surrendered to Drakan to save her family, after the vampyres tunnelled into her castle from the graveyard. She was prisoner in Castle Drakan until she escaped after Drakan's death. She explains that a Wyrd is created when an Icyene or part-Icyene is vampyrised; this leads to the realisation that Vanescula didn't actually kill Safalaan, but that he allowed her to vampyrise him instead. After reforging the Sunspear, a weapon Efaritay invented specifically to fight vyres, the player hunts for a cure for vampyrism.

A tentative truce between Morytania and Misthalin.

After being poisoned by the Wyrd and experiencing hallucinations induced by it, the player confronts it on top of Castle Drakan. After a short battle, the Wyrd is defeated and subdued. Its blood is used to make a serum that Efaritay convinces it to drink, restoring Safalaan's sanity. The player leaves Safalaan and Efaritay on the roof and takes the serum to Paterdomus basement. With Ivan's help, the player uses it to strengthen the Salve's barrier once again. When the player and Ivan go to tell Vanescula that it's pointless to try and cross, she sends a group of Vyrewatch to prove them wrong. As soon as the vyres land on the bridge, they're reverted back to humans. Vanescula calls for the werewolves to cross instead, but they refuse. When she calls for the Wyrd to strike Ivan down, he lands on the bridge and returns to his human form.

Vanescula is forced to accept a truce, and she agrees to try to change vampyric society from within Darkmeyer first, with Efaritay and Safalaan as her co-rulers. The player reports the victory to Roald, who says he has sent Aeonisig Raispher to Darkmeyer as his envoy to the newly peaceful vyres.

Personalities[edit | edit source]

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Andiess Juip chathead.png: Chat head image of Andiess JuipAndiess JuipFR
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Cyreg Paddlehorn chathead.png: Chat head image of Cyreg PaddlehornCyreg PaddlehornF
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Mysterious person chathead.png: Chat head image of Mysterious personEdicts conspiratorsFRF
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Gadderanks chathead.png: Chat head image of GadderanksGadderanksFR
Harold Evans chathead.png: Chat head image of Harold EvansHarold EvansFR
Ivan Strom chathead.png: Chat head image of Ivan StromIvan StromFRFF
Kael Forshaw chathead.png: Chat head image of Kael ForshawKael ForshawFR
Lowerniel Drakan chathead.png: Chat head image of Lowerniel DrakanLowerniel DrakanRFR
Mekritus A'hara chathead.png: Chat head image of Mekritus A'haraMekritus A'haraFR
Polmafi Ferdygris chathead.png: Chat head image of Polmafi FerdygrisPolmafi FerdygrisFFR
Radigad Ponfit chathead.png: Chat head image of Radigad PonfitRadigad PonfitFFR
Old Man Ral chathead.png: Chat head image of Old Man RalOld Man RalFR
Ranis Drakan chathead.png: Chat head image of Ranis DrakanRanis DrakanRFFR
King Roald chathead.png: Chat head image of King RoaldRoald Remanis IIIFFF
Safalaan chathead.png: Chat head image of SafalaanSafalaan HallowRF
Sani Piliu chathead.png: Chat head image of Sani PiliuSani PiliuFRR
Sarius Guile chathead.png: Chat head image of Sarius GuileSarius GuileFF
Vanescula Drakan chathead.png: Chat head image of Vanescula DrakanVanescula DrakanRFF
Vanstrom Klause chathead.png: Chat head image of Vanstrom KlauseVanstrom KlauseFFR
Veliaf Hurtz chathead.png: Chat head image of Veliaf HurtzVeliaf HurtzFR
Vertida Sefalatis chathead.png: Chat head image of Vertida SefalatisVertida SefalatisFFR
Vyrewatch chathead.png: Chat head image of VyrewatchThe VyrewatchRF
Shadowy figure chathead.png: Chat head image of Shadowy figureWerewolvesRRFF
Efaritay chathead.png: Chat head image of EfaritayEfaritayRRF
Green with the letter "F" denotes a character featuring in that quest.
Orange with an italicised "R" denotes they are only referenced.

Major locations[edit | edit source]

The quests take place in these areas, most of which are located in Morytania (locations are only listed once):

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