Quick guide for The Lord of Vampyrium

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Starting off[edit | edit source]

Gathering of the Myreque[edit | edit source]

The solution to the first ring puzzle.
  • Board the nearby boat to Icyene graveyard. (Chat 2)
  • Talk to Safalaan.
  • Solve the ring puzzle by rotating the rings until they turn blue and their markings join together.
  • Inspect the statue of Queen Efaritay to receive Efaritay's pendant.
  • Talk to Safalaan.
  • Travel to the Myreque Hideout with Drakan's medallion (Chat 3) , use the Meiyerditch teleport option, and walk into the central room.
  • After the cut-scene, talk to Safalaan in the northern room.

Castle Drakan[edit | edit source]

  • Equip your Darkmeyer disguise.
  • Teleport to Darkmeyer (Chat 4) and talk to Veliaf Hurtz inside the Arboretum. He will not appear until you walk into the central chamber.
    • At this point you are able to craft more types of blisterwood weapons.
  • Exit the Arboretum and go directly west to the gatehouse doors to find a group of vyrewatch. Talk to Overwatch Mornid.
  • Search the Vyrewatch crate in the large house (Vanstrom's former mansion) south-east of the vyrewatch to obtain Vyrewatch uniforms.
  • Return to Veliaf. (Chat 1)
  • Equip the House Drakan outfit, unequip any weapons, and talk to Vanescula near Overwatch Mornid.
  • Complete the following to gain status:
  • Talk to Vanescula. (Chat ~~~~)

Escaping the cells[edit | edit source]

The solution to the second ring puzzle.
  • Exit your cell and unlock the five other cells. Make sure you talk to the Myreque while doing this or the portcullis will not open.
  • Go to the next chamber and solve the ring puzzle. This is similar to the earlier puzzle with the addition that rotating a ring causes the smaller, adjacent ring to rotate as well. Rotating the centre ring causes the outer ring to rotate.
    • Start from the outside and work your way in.
  • Go to the next chamber and talk to Safalaan.
  • Go up the stairs and leave the dungeon.
  • Go to the eastern room and take all the mysterious jerky you are able to from the butchery table.
    • Eat to full health, you can take more after eating.
  • Talk to Vanescula and Mornid in the western room.
  • Go to the southern room and investigate each blood lock. The correct matches are:
    • Ghrazi - Veliaf (Chat 53)
    • Alzeph - Radigad (Chat 51)
    • Pyrah - Kael (Chat 2)
    • Myrmel - Mekritus (Chat 3)
    • Vitur - Polmafi (Chat 4)
    • Shadum - Vertida (Chat 54)
    • Jovkai - Safalaan (Chat 52)
    • Drakan - Ivan (Chat 1)
  • Unlock the tithing door and escape through the cellar exit.
  • Enter the tunnel and Lowerniel Drakan will appear.

Ascending the castle[edit | edit source]

If you die at any point you will continue from where you died at or just before. You may not bring any potions in, but you can drink them for the potion's effect and then enter.

Ground floor[edit | edit source]

  • Vandalise the Statue of Lord Drakan to obtain a statue spear.
  • Brace the entrance door.
  • Defeat the venator and climb the stairs.

First floor[edit | edit source]

First room[edit | edit source]

  • Obtain nine furniture debris and barricade the three windows. This will start a timer.
    • Smash furniture and pick up the debris to obtain furniture debris. Defeat the venator if time runs out and one appears.
  • Unlock the blood lock and enter the second room.

Second room[edit | edit source]

  • Barricade the two windows.
  • Unlock the blood lock and enter the third room.

Third room[edit | edit source]

  • Lift the table.
  • Defeat the venator.
  • Lift the table.
  • Unlock the blood lock and enter the fourth room.
The solution to the third puzzle.

Fourth room[edit | edit source]

  • Barricade the two windows.
  • Solve the puzzle by making the following moves (if you mess up, you can reset the puzzle by talking to Polmafi):
    • Rotate ring 'A' clockwise once.
    • Rotate ring 'B' clockwise twice.
    • Rotate ring 'C' clockwise twice.
    • Rotate ring 'D' clockwise three times.
    • Rotate ring 'E' clockwise once.
  • Climb upstairs.

Second and third floors[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Veliaf.
  • Climb the stairs on both sides and open the blood valves in each room.
    • After defeating the venator in the western room, check on Ivan.
  • Back on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US], enter the northern door and open the blood valve.
The solution to the fourth puzzle.
  • Climb down the stairs and solve the final ring puzzle by making these moves:
    • Rotate ring A anticlockwise once.
    • Rotate ring B clockwise three times.
    • Rotate ring C clockwise once.
    • Rotate ring D anticlockwise three times.
    • Rotate ring E anticlockwise three times.

Confronting Drakan[edit | edit source]

  • Before entering the fight you can use stat-boosting potions and prayer restoration potions to make the fight easier, but these items cannot be brought to the fight.
  • Climb the stairs in the ring puzzle room and prepare to fight Lowerniel Drakan.
  • Kill the three venators.
  • Fight Lowerniel Drakan.
    • Run away from bombs which appear after he says "Ha ha ha!".
    • When he says things like "Still trying to run?" or "You think you can escape?" use Anticipation to avoid being stunned and dealt high damage.
  • Fight Lowerniel Drakan again.
    • When he says "Fear me!" and transforms into a cloud of dust, run away from the cloud.
    • When he says "Embrace darkness", stand within the sphere of lightning surrounding Safalaan.
  • Jump into the portal and fight Lowerniel Drakan again - he will use the same attacks as in the previous fights.
  • Talk to Lowerniel Drakan and then fight him for the final time.
    • Avoid bombs as before.
    • Move away from him when he is doing a special attack (rapid melee attacks) to avoid taking damage.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

  • Select the "finish" option on Lowerniel Drakan.
  • Talk to Ivan. Cutscene will follow.
  • Talk to Ivan again. (Chat 1)
  • Go to Varrock Palace and talk to King Roald about Lord of Vampyrium.
  • Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Lord of Vampyrium reward.png
Music unlocked

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

The Lord of Vampyrium is directly required for the following quests/miniquests: