Sentinel Noctantine

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Sentinel Noctantine chathead.png

Sentinel Noctantine is a Sentinel Vyrewatch in the higher tier of Darkmeyer. She keeps guard of the stairs up to the top tier from the middle tier, preventing anyone from entering the top tier that does not belong there. If the player has not yet acquired a high enough status to enter the higher tier of the city, Noctatine will teleport them back to the middle tier when they try to enter the top tier.

Once a player has made it to the upper tier, they can have two conversations with her in order to gain status. During these conversations she will ask their opinion on Lord Drakan and Vanstrom, and how they choose to answer will give differing amounts of status.

After the quest, the player will ask her of any news. She will then tell the player that Vanstrom is dead and how Drakan is angry with Ranis' death and the fact that the vyre that catches the killer will get a vat of blood.

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