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It has been confirmed that a new Myreque quest is in development. It will be part 5 (not including the prelude) in the Myreque quest series. The official name is Branches of Darkmeyer. It was released on 31 August 2011.

Mod Mark confirmed the new quest in a Q&A:

Question: When are you releasing a new part of the myreque Quest series? Its one of my Favourites.

Answer: The developer for that storyline was very busy with While Guthix Sleeps for a long time and, since then, has been working on other projects (including, recently, a different storyline). After that, they will work on Myreque part 5! We actually have a nearly finished design brief for the next quest in the series, but it’s not in development yet.

— Mod Mark[1]

Although at first it was said the quest would be the last in the Myreque series, Mod Fetzki hints that there may possibly be more.

Question: Are the final quests of the elf and Myreque series going to come out anytime this year?

Best wishes for the year and, as always, keep up the good work! ;)

Answer: Who says that there will be only one more Myreque quest? I think there should be more...

— Mod Fetzki [2]

There has also been a clue in Postbag from the Hedge #39, in the Chaos Elemental's letter from 2 April 2009. The phrase "Mr E Frdrty Wirdy and Mr E, Utrwir Wirdy" was in his letter.[3] When typing this out one key to the left, it gives: Ne W Desert Quest and Ne WM Yreque Quest. This refers to a new desert quest and to a new Myreque quest. Missing My Mummy and Do No Evil have since been released, which leaves the Myreque quest still in production. Mod Tytn, the developer of the Myreque series, confirmed that the quest won't be coming in 2010. This later became proven true, as 2010 passed without its release.

On 2 March 2011, Jagex announced on the RuneScape YouTube channel that Mod Tytn, the head developer of past Myreque quests, had left Jagex "a while ago". However, Mod Emilee has confirmed that there is already a new developer assigned to the quest.[4] On 14 June 2011, Mod Ana announced on the forums that she would be taking over the series. A week later, she confirmed that if all goes well the quest will be released by the end of 2011.

In the FAQ for the quest Salt in the Wound, Mod Osborne confirmed that the Myreque Quest Series Finale quest will be Grandmaster, however Mod Ana has stated in the forums that Myreque 5 will not be the final Myreque Quest.

Mod Osborne: I think that ending on an Intermediate level is suitable for the sea slugs – we’ll leave it to the Myreque, elf and Mahjarrat quests to really test your mettle at Grandmaster level.
— Mod Osborne

Mod Ana has also confirmed on the Runescape Forums that Dungeoneering will not be a requirement for the quest.

Player feedback was stated by Mod Mark

"Will Vyrewatch ever be added as a Slayer Task?"

The new Myreque Quest will feature a new Slayer Task. Maybe it will be Vyrewatch? Maybe it won't. ;)

In the Behind the Scenes of August 2011, it was officially stated Branches of Darkmeyer would be released that month, also being the first place to mention the official name of the quest.

Late in August, just days before the quest was released, a small cave appeared south of the bank in burgh de rott, it was no mystery what it was for.

August[edit | edit source]

Jagex later updated the August Behind the Scenes to reflect the addition of 70 Magic as a requirement to increase the potency of one of the weapons created during the quest.

Mod Ana confirmed on 24 August 2011 that the signature heroes would not be involved in the quest. She also confirmed on forums that the storyline of the quest would not tie in with the book 'Return to Canifis', since it would be unfair on players to need to read the book to understand the content.

The reward for this quest will consist of "new vampyre-beating equipment and an item that can teleport you across Morytania, including the Barrows", along with a likely experience reward (experience unconfirmed).

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