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Veliaf Hurtz chathead.png
Veliaf Hurtz chathead.png
Veliaf Hurtz chathead.png
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Veliaf Hurtz chathead.png
Veliaf Hurtz chathead.png

Veliaf Hurtz is the leader of the Mort Myre division of The Myreque, a group dedicated to fighting Lord Drakan's dominion of Morytania and liberating the region.

Veliaf is a bold and resourceful leader, and is very dedicated to his cause. He tries to do what's best for the Myreque, and when Sani Piliu and Harold Evans, two of his order's members, are killed in the events of In Search of the Myreque by Drakan's lackey Vanstrom Klause, Veliaf is distraught.

History[edit | edit source]

A New Recruit[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during In Search of the Myreque.

Veliaf led the Myreque cell outside of Meiyerditch, his cell consisting of himself, Harold Evans, Ivan Strom, Polmafi Ferdygris, Radigad Ponfit and Sani Piliu. They fought against the vampyres, and rotated between several hideouts to avoid being caught.

Vanstrom Klause, disguised as a human, sent an arriving human adventurer to search for his "friends" - the Myreque, who were in desperate need of equipment. The adventurer was able to locate the cell underneath Mort Myre Swamp. Veliaf was initially surprised to see another human, but learned that they were carrying supplies for them. Being busy as he usually is, he had them introduce themselves to the other members.

After introducing themselves to the other members and bringing their equipment, Vanstrom appeared, who was actually a vampyre, killing Harold and Sani with ease before siccing a skeletal hellhound to kill the remaining members. The adventurer defended the remaining members from the hellhound. Feeling guilt for having indirectly caused Harold and Sani's deaths, Veliaf was not angry at them, simply stating why he and the others fought against the vampyres. He informed them of a secret passage to the Hair of the Dog Tavern's storeroom. He also made preparations to inform his superior of a potential new recruit, while the adventurer attempted to confront Vanstrom at the tavern, only to realise that the person there was someone else entirely.

Moving Out[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during In Aid of the Myreque.

Seeing that their hideout was now compromised, Veliaf asked the adventurer to scout the town of Burgh de Rott for a new hideout and gain the locals' support for the Myreque cause. The adventurer was able to gain the locals' support by improving their quality of life, before they accidentally alerted the vampyres by relighting the town's furnance. Veliaf arrived just in time to help the adventurer fight off Gadderanks and two vampyre juvinates. Veliaf then told the adventurer to return to the swamp hideout, where he had them bring Ivan to the Paterdomus Temple for his own safety, while he, Polmafi and Radigad would move to their newest hideout. The adventurer returned with a new weapon, the Rod of ivandis, and gave it to Veliaf.

Growing Troubles[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Darkness of Hallowvale.

Veliaf continued to oversee his cell's operations, sending the adventurer to check on the Sanguinesti cell on his behalf. They were able to make contact with said cell, strengthening the two groups. He was horrified to learn that the werewolves were west of the Salve, and disappointed that Roald would not send an army to help the humans of Meiyerditch, but was content with the mercenary protocol he had enacted in its place.

Vanstrom's Death[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Branches of Darkmeyer.

After the Sanguinesti cell was informed of Vanstrom's death, the adventurer returned to inform Veliaf of the news. He was initially horrified to learn of Vanstrom and Ranis' deaths as it might cause Lowerniel to personally intervene, but after giving it some thought, believed he was overreacting. He was skeptical of Vanescula's aid, but believed that if her aid was genuine, it would mean Lowerniel's death. Nonetheless, he was thankful to the adventurer for their contributions to the Myreque.

Depression[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Lord of Vampyrium.

Veliaf and his cell later joined forces with the Sanguinesti cell to confront and kill Lowerniel once and for all. The plan failed however, as Lowerniel appeared to be aware of the plot at hand. The adventurer freed the human members from their cells, but many of them would eventually fall victim to Lowerniel himself or his venators that had accompanied him. After witnessing Safalaan's supposed death, Veliaf explained to the adventurer and Ivan that their supreme leader, Calsidiu, was made up by him and Safalaan to inspire hope. Falling into a depression, he disbanded the Myreque and went for unknown lands.

A New Purpose[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during In Memory of the Myreque.

Veliaf remained in Morytania, where the adventurer met him by chance in a mysterious graveyard filled with ghouls. Veliaf, still depressed, asked the adventurer to create a memorial for his fallen comrades, seeing that they were less likely to be vandalized by the vyres as they never went too far from Darkmeyer. The adventurer constructed the memorials, leaving two empty plinths behind for Veliaf and Ivan when they were to pass. Veliaf spent some of his time killing the ghouls surrounding the area.

After Vanescula's attempted invasion of Misthalin was halted, the adventurer returned to Veliaf at the memorial site, and informed them that Safalaan was still alive, albeit as an Icyene-vampyre hybrid. Veliaf appeared to be silent, which the adventurer took as anger and told them not to act reckless as the new alliance brokered was fragile. Veliaf quickly apologised for his silence, stating that he was going to Darkmeyer after hearing bad rumours about Aeonisig Raispher.

Upon arriving at Castle Drakan, Veliaf was delighted to see his friend alive and well, stating that he would be keeping an eye on Vanescula's antics. He proved to be popular with the people of Meiyerditch, as they were aware of his role as a Myreque leader.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Graphical updates[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 31 January 2022 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue during the In Search of the Myreque quest where dialogue with Veliaf was far too light to be read against the chatbox background.
  • patch 22 August 2016 (Update):
    • Fixed a spelling error in Veliaf's chat.
  • patch 18 April 2016 (Update):
    • Veliaf has made his memorial a little sturdier, so players should find they sink a little less into the hard concrete.
    • Corrected a mis-spelling of 'granite' in Veliaf's Memorial to the Myreque dialogue.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Veliaf's name could be a play on words. His name, when pronounced, sounds like "belief hurts".
  • Veliaf received a graphical update on 31 August 2011. He used to wear steel armour with a piece of cloth with a Saradomin star over his body.