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For the lower-levelled tortle, see Tortle.

Ornate tortles are level 96 Hunter creatures that can be found on Uncharted Isles. Players can hunt ornate tortles at level 81 Hunter by using Extreme hunter potions. Their shiny shell chippings are sought after due to the high sell value to Torts R Us on Waiko. 'Reggie' (tortle shell merchant) will pay 2 chimes for each shiny shell chippings, or 12 chimes if crafted into a shiny tortle shell bowl, requiring 4 shiny chippings and 92 Crafting; The bowls are also required to make shark soup. They can NOT be caught using protean traps.

To catch an ornate tortle, the player must set up a tortle trap near an ornate tortle. Once a tortle is caught, the player will collect one shiny shell chipping from the tortle; Rarely, chimes or a taijitu can be unearthed from the sands by escaping tortles. Tortleshell plovers may spawn (1/200) while catching ornate tortles. Ornate tortles may spawn on Uncharted Isles as a colony and lone ornate tortles may be randomly be found among a tortle colony, but not on Whale's Maw.

Around ~200 ornate tortles may be caught before the The tortles are disgruntled by your traps and begin to disperse from the area message display on unfiltered chat box and tortles will stop to spawn; however, any remaining tortles can still be caught. At level 99 Hunter players can earn 670,000 base experience and 1,260 chimes an hour from hunting ornate tortles.

Using the enhanced yaktwee stick, Volcanic trapper outfit (owning hunter's outfit), Hunter skillcape, Arctic bear familiar, Decorated hunter urns, Urn enhancer, Extreme hunter potions, Ring of Whispers, Combined Catalyst fragment, Necklace of Shadows, Wise 3 perk, Clan avatar 6% boost, Torstol incense sticks potency 4, RAF bonus, Legendary tracker aura, and The Arc's contracts, players may earn 2,400,000 Hunter experience an hour by using the Perfect Plus tick-method. Players can triple the above Hunter XP/hour on DXPW while having Hunter bonus XP and advanced pulse cores.

Concept art for tortles

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tortle is a portmanteau of "tortoise" and "turtle".
  • When a shiny shell chipping is received, a filterable message says "The tortle escapes into the sand, but you find some shell chippings in the trap."
  • When a chime is received, a filterable message says "The tortle unearthed a chime in the sand!"
  • When a taijitu is received, a filterable message says "The tortle unearthed a rare taijitu in the sand!"
  • When the hunter area is depleted, a filterable message says "The tortles are disgruntled by your traps and begin to disperse from the area."
    • Logging out and in again as soon as this message first appears makes all tortles of the same spot go away upon relogging.