Diseased kebbit

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Diseased kebbit icon.png

Diseased kebbits are a Hunter creature caught south-west of Oo'glog, using deadfall traps and by burning fever grass. Fever grass can also be used to bait the trap.

If you approach them while holding burning tansymum, they become aggressive and attack. When holding burning lavender, they flee from you instead.

The diseased kebbit fur that these kebbits drop can be used to make a Davy kebbit hat by talking to Frawd in Oo'glog.

Diseased kebbits are part of the As a First Resort quest, where players must get rid of them to make way for a new spa resort.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the Evolution of Combat, diseased kebbits retaliated with disease, which could lower stats by a large amount and could be blocked by a Relicym's balm or the thermal spa nearby in Oo'Glog. Disease was removed after the commencement of the Evolution of Combat.