Raharni wildcat

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The Dungeoneering cape, woven by Fremennik craftsmen from Raharni wildcat fur.

Raharni wildcats are a species of cat native to Gielinor. As with many Gielinorian wildcats, such as the larupia and The Shaikahan, the species is native to tropical areas.

Raharni wildcats have a history of use by intelligent races, particularly humans, because of their hugely desirable fur. The fur of the Raharni wildcat is extremely durable, and can withstand far greater wear and stress than that of most other animals, as well as conduct magic enchantments such as those used in the Capes of Accomplishment.

According to the hunting expert in the Feldip Hunter area, Raharni fur is often used in protective clothing such as the Capes of Accomplishment. In recent years, Raharni fur, along with a variety of other materials, has been used by master craftsmen across Gielinor to make the capes, which are awarded to masters of their crafts. This has made them a popular target amongst hunters, who have in turn distributed the fur across Gielinor.

As a result of their extensive hunting, the Raharni wildcat has become increasingly rare over the course of recent years. According to the hunting expert, the cat is now a highly endangered species, and ultimately is nearing total extinction.

Because of their dwindling numbers, the fur of Raharni wildcats is now highly sought-after by craftsmen. Their fur has become extremely costly, partially explaining the 99,000 coin price of skillcapes. The Raharni wildcat cannot be encountered by players in-game, either due to their increasing rarity or possibly simply due to their omission by scale theory.