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Not to be confused with Charming imp.
The Charm sprite hunter area.

Charm sprites are fast, flying creatures that can be hunted with a Yaktwee stick and Sprite lure. They are located south-west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold and require 72 Hunter to be caught (boosts cannot be used). There are three different versions of charm sprites:

  • Gleaelg (145.5 experience), yellow smoke trail
  • Tranart (222 experience), orange smoke trail
  • Slithtils (400 experience), purple smoke trail

When revealing charm sprites, one, two, or three will appear. A Gleaelg will always appear; if two charm sprites appear, then it will be both a Gleaelg and Tranart; and if three appear, it will be one of each charm sprite. Experienced players can catch all three with ease.

On the 100th, 1,000th and 10,000th capture of each type of sprite, players will be notified in the chatbox, and it will appear in the adventurer's log (counts are separate for each type of sprite). There is only a reward for the 1,000th capture; after catching 1,000 charm sprites in total (spread across all 3 types), players can upgrade the yaktwee stick to an enhanced yaktwee stick by talking to Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta while wielding it. The enhanced stick grants a 2% xp boost in ALL hunter activities where players can wield the stick. When catching charm sprites, it will also increase the rate of finding rarer sprites.

The charm sprites were originally discovered by Edina, who was collecting neverberry leaves when the movements of the sprites scared her. She fled to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, and Yaktwee was subsequently sent out to control the creatures.

Charming moths are an alternative, requiring 88 Hunter and 83 Agility. They are located in the Wilderness, but offer much higher charm rates.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Hunting the creatures[edit | edit source]

To start hunting the sprites, players must first buy a yaktwee stick and Sprite lure from Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta for 2000 coins each. He can also store the player's stick and lure, along with a supply of charm slices (up to 15 of the regular slices, and 255 of the mystical ones).

  • Target a shaking bush, throwing the sprite lure close to the bush.
  • Immediately target the sprite lure by clicking it on the ground. This will create a minor explosion that will scare the creatures out of the bush.
  • Click on each of the creatures once to catch them. (Waiting between each capture is not necessary. Players can click them all as fast as possible for maximum efficiency. Red sparks will come out of the Yaktwee stick to hit the creatures almost simultaneously. However, if the first sprite is too far or blocked by obstacles, the player will run to it. Clicking on a second sprite may cancel the first catch.)

Neverberry bushes spread out in the area around the cracked dolmen. Players have to target a bush that is shaking; only moving bushes can contain sprites. After throwing a spirit lure next to the bush, "Target" it with your Yaktwee stick. One to three charm sprites will appear, and proceed to click them all.

Players can determine the number of sprites that will spawn based on the sound of the spell. If the spell makes no sound, this indicates that the player did not manage to click the lure in time before the bush stopped shaking. If a weak swirling sound is played, one sprite will be summoned. A medium swirling sound indicates two sprites, and the longest and loudest sound indicates three sprites.

Fastest strategies[edit | edit source]

Players must deal with the greatest limiting factors behind catches-per-time in order to minimize the amount of time it takes to fully upgrade the stick.

The first and greatest limiting factor behind the quantity of sprites which may be caught each minute is the number of shaking bushes which are exploded per minute. Consequently, the most efficient sprite farming will want the fewest number of ticks between targeting a bush, exploding the sprite, and targeting the next bush. With a bit of practice, players can keep up their rates of sprites by keeping a smooth cycle between targeting bushes, exploding sprites, and immediately re-targeting a new bush. As long as players are targeting bushes, targeting the sprites, and then targeting a new bush with minimum delay, there is no faster possible rate of catches per time.

To perfect this, players can practice and hit this maximum rate by IGNORING the sprites and just get used to targeting bushes, charms, then a new bush as quickly as possible.

In this activity, more than one action can be executed within one tick. (unclear exactly how many) Despite the player's slow animations which appear to only execute one action per tick, you can start target a new bush as soon as your lure has been exploded; you do not need to wait a full tick AFTER the charm has exploded and been returned to your inventory for you to target a new bush. Other actions which are executed within one tick include targeting multiple sprites.

Another limiting factor behind the quantity of sprites per time is the travel time of lures, and travel time needed to explode a lure. These cannot be reduced in any way except if the player moves closer to bushes. Consequently, players can try to practice improving efficiency by executing move commands in-between actions.

A player lures a charm sprite.

As long as you start to target your lure (and the animation has started) before the bush stops shaking, it will still release sprites when the lure explodes.

The fastest method for luring charm sprites is as follows:

  1. Target a neverberry bush
  2. Target the Sprite Lure
  3. Target the next neverberry bush (after recovering the Lure)
  4. Target your charm sprite(s). Just target them as fast as you can, as catching one won't interfere with catching another (or with targeting your Sprite Lure for that matter).
  5. Target the Sprite Lure (the one you already placed)

Repeat 3-5 for maximum sprites per hour. If your targeted bush has stopped shaking while you were off catching the sprites, do not worry. Just repeat this process from step one and you will be on track again. This method allows for approximately 60,000 Hunter experience per hour at level 72 Hunter.

It is highly suggested to use the Memorial to Guthix perk, "Decree of Mortality." This perk gives a chance to receive memory shards for checking hunter traps, however it works with hunting Charm sprites as well.

Drops[edit | edit source]

A player targets a Gleaelg and obtains a gold charm slice.

On successful captures, players will always receive one of the following:

There is an estimated 7% chance of receiving a mystical charm slice in addition to one of the standard slices. Players can obtain 20-35 mystical charm slices an hour.

Crimson charm slices are the most common, and players can receive upwards of 200-240 an hour. Players can also expect to obtain 120-170 blue slices, 85-100 green slices and 30-55 gold slices an hour.

5 charm slices can be combined together to form a charm. This is a one-click action that will combine all slices of a particular colour into its respective charm. Mystical charm slices function as wild cards and can be used to finish a charm if a player does not have enough charm slices of that type. (For example, 3 blue charm slices can be combined with 2 mystical charm slices to create a blue charm.) When combining coloured slices together, players will be asked if they wish to use mystical charm slices in order to complete any unfinished charms. Accepting this offer will only use the 1-4 mystical charm slices required. Mystical charm slices can also be combined together to form any coloured charm of the player's choice; however, this is not recommended.

It is recommended to use mystical slices to make or finish off blue charms, as blue charms generally offer the most summoning experience, especially at higher levels (with the exception of the crimson charm talon beast pouch).

Achievement[edit | edit source]

  • Yaktwee's a Charm (RuneScore.png 10) – Unlock the enhanced Yaktwee stick by catching charm sprites. (X/1,000)

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 21 March 2016 (Update):
    • It is now easier to click on charm sprites.
  • patch 12 October 2010 (Update):
    • Due to the supernatural disturbances in the charm sprite hunting area, players should note that the wolves, bears and giant spiders that used to roam this area have migrated. The wolves can now be found north-west of the Battlefield; the bears now live east of the Legends’ Guild; and the giant spiders have scurried over to the jungle south-west of the Feldip Hills.

Trivia[edit | edit source]