Soporith moths

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Soporith moths can be caught in the Big Chinchompa Hunter Distraction and Diversion. Up to 15 moths can be stored in your moth jar at any one time. When they are fed to the big chinchompa the player receives experience and reward points to be spent on numerous rewards.

You can also get them from the trees spread around the arena, when they are shaking.

One of the trees that occasionally shakes, revealing a hidden soporith moth.
Image Colour Required level experience points
Red soporith moth detail.png Red soporith moth 1 15 1
Orange soporith moth detail.png Orange soporith moth 13 50 2
Yellow soporith moth detail.png Yellow soporith moth 26 150 5
Green soporith moth detail.png Green soporith moth 39 250 8
Blue soporith moth detail.png Blue soporith moth 52 300 12
Purple soporith moth detail.png Purple soporith moth 65 320 15
Grey soporith moth detail.png Grey soporith moth 78 400 18
Black soporith moth detail.png Black soporith moth 91 450 21

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Other than the grey and black moths, all others have the traditional colours of a rainbow in the order of low to high level.

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