Fortunate orokami

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For the lower-levelled version, see Fortunate bakami.

A fortunate orokami is a type of kami that can be found in The Arc. They can primarily be found on Uncharted Isles. The fortunate orokami may be caught with an impling jar to create a fortunate orokami jar.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Chime prices are without upgrades.

Item Members Quantity Rarity GE price High Alch
Shark soup.png: RS3 Fortunate orokami drops Shark soup with rarity Common in quantity 1-3 (noted)Shark soup (m)P2P icon.png1–3 (noted)Common85-255Chimes 100.png85-255Chimes 100.png
Uncooked shark soup.png: RS3 Fortunate orokami drops Uncooked shark soup with rarity Common in quantity 1-3 (noted)Uncooked shark soup (m)P2P icon.png1–3 (noted)Common80-240Chimes 100.png80-240Chimes 100.png
Oni orokami mask.png: RS3 Fortunate orokami drops Oni orokami mask with rarity 1/64 in quantity 1Oni orokami mask (m)P2P icon.png11/64[1]144,925Not alchemisable
Chimes.png: RS3 Fortunate orokami drops Chimes with rarity Common in quantity 58-124Chimes (m)P2P icon.png58–124Common58-124Chimes 100.png58-124Chimes 100.png
Taijitu.png: RS3 Fortunate orokami drops Taijitu with rarity Unknown in quantity 1-2Taijitu (m)P2P icon.png1–2UnknownNot soldNot alchemisable

References[edit | edit source]

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