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Historian Seth Minas is a Varrock Museum employee who can be found managing the history exhibits on the 1st2nd floor[UK] of Varrock Museum, near the staircase. In the Museum, players can speak to him about the information they learn from quests to receive Kudos and antique lamps. He can also be found at the Varrock Dig Site, where he is seen arguing with Professor Tony and Associate Reiniger over the best method of transport for getting to Fossil Island. During The Dig Site quest, players must take the unstamped letter to him to receive a sealed letter.

In Varrock Museum, Minas will also happily take any ancient effigies off players in exchange for an antique lamp that gives 5,000 XP in any skill over 50.

Quest list[edit | edit source]

In Varrock Museum, telling him about information learnt from quests grants Kudos, occasional lamps, and fills some of the empty exhibits.

In total, you can earn 95 Kudos and 13,000 experience worth of lamps from Minas.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When you donate an ancient effigy and are rewarded an antique lamp, the dialogue between the player and Historian Minas is a reference to the last lines from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. The dialogue is as follows: Historian Minas: "The museum thanks you for your donation. We'll have our top men look into this right away!" Player: "Who?" Historian Minas: "Top...Men..."