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Mark Brodie is a good friend of Orlando Smith, and his replacement after the events of The World Wakes. He can be found in the basement of the Varrock Museum.

Mark wanted to apply for a job in Varrock Museum, but only received one after his friend's death at the hands of an automaton guardian. He expresses sorrow when Orlando is brought to his attention.

According to the Survivor's Journal, Mark is friends with Irwinsson, and can out-drink him without much effort. It was through Mark Brodie that Irwinsson learned about Fossil Island and made preparations to go there himself.[1]

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  1. ^ Survivor's Journal, written by Irwinsson, page Entry 1, RuneScape. "[...]my good mate Brodie mentioned it and I had to visit him - over a few beers of course! We were chatting and he mentions some barge the'd been building for years. Trying to get to a place they're calling Fossil Island.[...]Brodie can still drink me under the table, but I put up a respectable effort at least."