Prophecy tablet (Glorious Memories)

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Prophecy tablet (Glorious Memories) detail.png

The Prophecy tablet is obtained by giving the Unfinished astral rune rewarded from Glorious Memories to Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle. Afterwards, players can take it to the Varrock Museum and talk to Historian Minas, who will reward the player with 10 kudos (5 if the player has already spoken to Historian Minas about Glorious Memories earlier, but without the tablet).

If the tablet is lost but you have previously given the unfinished astral rune to Baba Yaga, you do not need to re-obtain the rune from Chieftain Brundt again; Baba Yaga will return the tablet to you.

This tablet is the last of five tablets detailing the events of a prophecy. The tablet reads "And his/her name will be [player's Fremennik name]".

The writing on the tablet foreshadowed the quest Blood Runs Deep, and had no major significance until its release. In the quest, the other four tablets are found, two of which you see; the third and fourth you are only told of (they're found where Silas washed up and during the Fremennik raid, respectively). After the quest, the other four tablets are destroyed, including any stored in the bank. If the Prophecy tablet (Glorious Memories) is lost after the quest, it can be retrieved by talking to Baba Yaga about astral runes.

The tablet from Silas' dream and the one from the dagannoth hatchery, along with the three others, form the following prophecy:

"All-consuming darkness will rise from the sea, unleashed by Good Intent.
The lost Mother is dead, her Daughter risen in her place.
Wits and Skills will bring the Light; fate does not dictate.
When the tide is strongest, Good Intent will be needed once more.
And his/her name will be [player's Fremennik name]."

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