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Damaged armour is an item that can be found by digging at the Varrock Dig Site, from the Fishing Trawler minigame, or from pick-pocketing certain monsters (including H.A.M. members). It is also found in ogre coffins (see Ogre coffin key) and can be telegrabbed inside the Ranging Guild's archery competition spot.

Players may also find damaged armour scattered throughout RuneScape in the form of scenery. However, these cannot be picked up.

Members can repair it at an armour stand (55 Construction required to build, but players can use armour stands at another player's player owned house). It will then become a plate body armour made from a random metal, although there is a significant chance of breaking it beyond repair. The most common armour produced this way is an iron platebody, though bronze, steel, black and mithril are also possible. There is also a very rare chance of adamant and rune armour being created. Successfully repairing a damaged armour gives 25 Smithing experience.

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  • patch 2 September 2009 (Update):.
    • Fixed an issue with the graphical appearance of the item.