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Painting frames can be found in the player's office on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Archaeology Guild. Players can hang up ten different types of paintings, each modeled after artefacts, which are unlocked by completing Art Critic Jacques's collections. The player can display up to three paintings at once.

Completing the Anarchic Abstraction collection will unlock versions of the 'Disorder' painting, 'The Lake of Fire' painting, and the 'Pandemonium' tapestry to hang up. Completing the Imperial Impressionism collection will unlock versions of the 'Solem in Umbra' painting, the 'Consensus ad Idem' painting, and the 'Prima Legio' painting. Completing the Radiant Renaissance collection will unlock versions of the 'Hallowed Be the Everlight' painting, 'The Lord of Light' painting, and 'The Pride of Padosan' painting. Completing all three collections will allow players to hang up 'The God Wars', an original piece by Art Critic Jacques.