Edicap mushroom

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Edicap mushroom detail.png

An edicap mushroom is an edible fungus which can be grown while training Dungeoneering. It requires level 68 Farming to harvest and can be grown by planting an edicap mushroom spore in a farming patch, while in a Complexity level 4+ dungeon. It takes very little time to grow, and can be eaten to restore 625 life points. Like all other Dungeoneering crops, they never get diseased. Only one seed is needed to grow a batch of edicap mushrooms. 3 to 5 mushrooms could be harvested, more with a gatherer ring with a maximum of 10.

Edicap mushrooms can be useful when food supply in a dungeon is low, as the spores can be bought from the Smuggler for 3000 coins and several mushrooms are obtained from a single harvest.

They can also be added to baked cave potato, with or without toppings to increase the number of life points healed. Edicap mushrooms do not require cooking to be eaten or combined with other foods. Varying cooking levels are required however, as shown in the table below:

Cooking level Ingredients Result Life points healed
1 Edicap mushroom + Cave potato Edicap potato 100
9 Edicap mushroom + Heim crab potato Heim crab & edicap potato 225
19 Edicap mushroom + Red-eye potato Red-eye & edicap potato 475
29 Edicap mushroom + Dusk eel potato Dusk eel & edicap potato 725
39 Edicap mushroom + Flatfish potato Flatfish & edicap potato 975
49 Edicap mushroom + Shortfin potato Shortfin & edicap potato 1225
59 Edicap mushroom + Snipper potato Snipper & edicap potato 1475
69 Edicap mushroom + Bouldabass potato Bouldabass & edicap potato 1725
79 Edicap mushroom + Salve eel potato Salve eel & edicap potato 1975
89 Edicap mushroom + Blue crab potato Blue crab & edicap potato 2225
99 Edicap mushroom + Moray potato Moray & edicap potato 2475

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the 'real world' there are several varieties of "cap" mushrooms such as "Inky cap," "Panther cap," and the infamous "Death cap" poisonous mushroom. There is, however, no 'edicap'; this seems to be a portmanteau word of 'edible' and 'cap.'
  • The graphics of fully grown edicap mushrooms in a farming patch shows 8 mushrooms.
  • An edicap mushroom by itself heals more than an edicap potato, a heim crab & edicap potato or a red-eye & edicap potato, despite being a component.