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Cave nightshade is an ingredient used to make weapon poison++ potions at level 82 Herblore. Players may harvest a single cave nightshade from a cave nightshade seed planted in a nightshade patch, requiring level 63 Farming. Additionally, there are 14 cave nightshade plants in the Skavid caves, which can also be harvested. Both methods require gloves in order to harvest the nightshade. Cave nightshade is edible but damages players for 100 life point when eaten with no other effects.

Skavid caves[edit | edit source]

Cave nightshade can be picked from nightshade plants in the northernmost and southernmost rooms of the Skavid caves, which are accessed from the cave nearest to Yanille lodestone (just south of ogre island with jangerberries), or from the furthest south entrance, accessed by entering the eastern gate of Gu'Tanoth and crossing the bridge over lava. A skavid map is required to enter the caves. Although you receive a warning as you enter, a light source is not actually needed.

Protective gloves of some kind (e.g. rune gauntlets) must be worn to harvest the plant, or a small amount of poison damage is dealt. Each harvest grants 6 Farming experience. It takes approximately 30 seconds for each of the plants to respawn (with a small amount of randomness), and both caves contain 7 plants. Plants respawn more quickly on a more populated world. You can gather more quickly by hopping world rather than waiting for respawns.

Beasts of burden familiars cannot carry cave nightshade; however, cave nightshade can be banked by using the Pack Yak scroll (Winter Storage), Imp-in-a-box or Sign of the porter. If any of these are used, signs of the porter (especially with a grace of the elves) are recommended.

Without an automatic banking method, the best option is to harvest an inventory full, then use a teleport to near a bank (such as War's Retreat Teleport, Max guild teleport, or a Ring of kinship), then teleport to Yanille lodestone and return to the nearby cave. Additionally, any locator can teleport to cave nightshade (under 'herblore secondaries 1'). Note that cave nightshade can be noted using magic notepaper, but you must use the cave nightshade on the magic notepaper and not vice versa.

Although the nightshade is not tradeable, its value can be determined by: Weapon poison++ (30,243) - Poison ivy berries (1,103) - Coconut milk (9,644) =   19,496

Farming[edit | edit source]

Cave nightshade can be harvested from cave nightshade seeds grown within a nightshade patch. Cave nightshade, when picked, gives 512 Farming experience.

The player must wear gloves or gauntlets to successfully harvest cave nightshade. Bare-handed players will fail to harvest and will also suffer a one-time poison damage for 20 life points.

Patch locations[edit | edit source]

Patch Location Amount Requirements
Nightshade patch Draynor Manor 1 None

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Locations[edit | edit source]

Respawns[edit | edit source]

Cave nightshade locations.png
Location Amount Requirements Additional notes
Skavid Caves 7 cave nightshades Skavid map These can be picked up while wearing gloves or gauntlets and fully grow back after 20 to 50 seconds.

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • hidden 7 November 2022 (Update):
    • Cave nightshade can now be noted.
  • patch 24 February 2020 (Update):
    • There are now more spots to harvest cave nightshade within the Skavid cave.
    • Harvesting cave nightshade now gives token farming experience.
    • Picking cave nightshade now also works with Signs of the porter.
  • ninja 25 April 2016 (Update):
    • Improved respawn rates on cave nightshade.
  • patch 4 August 2014 (Update):
    • The farmer's cuffs now have the ability to pick nightshade/belladonna successfully without the player taking damage.
  • patch 28 November 2012 (Update):
    • Players can now pick belladonna flowers with gloves of silence equipped.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the Dream Mentor quest, if a cave nightshade is used on Cyrisus, the following message will appear: "How evil! Are you trying to kill him?"
  • Despite it saying "The nightshade was highly poisonous" upon eating, no poison is incurred; instead, the player is damaged for 100 life points.
  • Cave nightshade is untradeable as it was once used in a popular scam to get players to kill themselves. Players needing food would be given nightshade in the hopes that they would eat it and be at such low health that it would kill them.
  • Cave nightshade appears to be based partially on the terrestrial plant Atropa belladonna, commonly called 'deadly nightshade' or 'belladonna'. Deadly nightshade is poisonous and traditionally was used to poison drinks and as a weapon poison for arrows.