Toad egg sac

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Not to be confused with frog spawn.
Toad egg sac detail.png

A toad egg sac is an item that is gained from harvesting reeds. When opened, it places 15 swamp toads in the player's inventory. At least one empty inventory space is require to open the toad egg sac through a right-click "open-noted" option. 15 empty inventory spaces are required to open the toad egg sacs through the left-click option. Players also may receive swamp tar and green salamanders from harvesting reeds, but they are not obtained by opening these; they are separate yields.

Unnoted toad egg sacs and swamp toads can be noted by a tool leprechaun.

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  • ninja 27 January 2014 (Update):
    • Toad egg sacs now have a right-click option to withdraw the toads in noted form.