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Magic roots are the roots of the magic tree. Players with level 75 Farming can plant a magic seed in a tree patch and chop the tree down to a stump after it has grown. The player may then use a spade on the stump to dig up the tree roots, clearing the patch for another tree and putting the magic roots into the player's inventory. If the roots are not immediately dug up, the tree will respawn, and it may be cut down again.

As with all tree roots, magic roots may be used in a compost bin to make supercompost, but is not recommended due to their high value. They may be spun into magic string (instead of crossbow string like other roots) by using the magic roots on a spinning wheel with level 19 Crafting. Magic roots are also a component in the Herblore skill to make antipoison++.

Products[edit | edit source]

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ItemSkillsMaterialsGE price
Antipoison++ (4).png Antipoison++ (4)
  • 79 Herblore
Magic string.png Magic string
  • 19 Crafting

Disassembly[edit | edit source]