Gissel mushroom

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Gissel mushroom detail.png

Gissel mushrooms are obtained while Dungeoneering. They heal 75 life points each, and cannot be cooked. 2 to 5 may be harvested from one gissel mushroom spore, or 3 to 10 with a gatherer ring.

Gissel mushrooms can be added to baked cave potatoes before or after adding fish. It is not possible to combine the toppings on their own.

Growing[edit | edit source]

Gissel mushrooms require 34 Farming to grow. Like all Dungeoneering plants, they do not need any watering or other care. It takes about a minute for them to be ready to harvest.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gissel means "scourge" or "whip" in Swedish.
  • The graphics of fully grown gissel mushrooms in a farming patch shows 5 mushrooms, but it is possible to harvest up to 10 with a gatherer ring.