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For the item from New Varrock, see Cadava berries (New Varrock).
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Cadava berries are berries harvested from a cadava berry bush grown from a cadavaberry seed planted in a bush patch, requiring level 22 Farming. Four cadava berries can be harvested from a bush patch at a time.

Farmers will watch over a planted cactus in exchange for six cadava berries. Additionally, farmers will watch over a planted fly trap seed in exchange for fifteen cadava berries.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Cadava berries can be harvested from cadava berry bushes grown within a bush patch. A fully grown cadava berry bush can grow up to four cadava berries at a time. Each cadava berry, when picked, gives 7 Farming experience. Once all four cadava berries have been picked, the bush will slowly produce more cadava berries until four more are available again. However, the cadava berries may be picked individually provided that at least one appears on the bush.

Patch locations[edit | edit source]

Patch Location Amount Requirements
Bush patch West of Champions Guild 1 None
Bush patch Rimmington 1 None
Bush patch South of Ardougne 1 None
Bush patch Southwest Etceteria 1 The Fremennik Trials
Bush patch Crwys clan district 1 Plague's End

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the Varrock graphic update, cadava berries merely laid on the ground and could be picked up by players.
    • After Varrock was graphically updated, cadava berries were changed to instead be growing on bushes. They are interactive scenery, and as such, do not appear on the minimap as the items once did.
  • The Wise Old Man will occasionally request cadava berries for his tasks.
  • The name "Cadava" is a play on "cadaver," another word for a corpse. It was named after its effect, which causes people to appear dead after consumption.
  • Cadava berries were once needed during the Romeo & Juliet quest to make a cadava potion, obtained by giving the berries to the apothecary. Despite the removal of Romeo & Juliet, the potion can still be created by taking cadava berries to the apothecary, but it no longer has any practical use.
    • When Romeo & Juliet still existed, trying to use a cadava potion on Juliet after the quest would prompt her to say "I'm not drinking that again!"

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Cadava berry bush. (Note the pink berries and paler leaves which can differentiate it from the redberry bush).