Volatile rootling

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Volatile rootlings are encountered during the fight with Solak. Solak creates 8 rootlings around the edge of the arena during the first phase.

Rootlings do not attack players, but if they are not destroyed quickly enough, each rootling will heal the rootling next to them by its current life points in a clockwise direction. For example, one rootling can have 80,000 life points, and the rootling next to it has 60,000 life points. The first rootling healing the second results in the second rootling having 140,000 life points.

If left alive for even longer, they transform into a blightbound lasher that has however many life points the rootling had remaining.

Volatile rootlings have 20,000 life points, with an additional 12,500 for each additional player in the arena when the fight began, capping at 82,500 for a team of seven players.

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