Red Axe trader

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Red Axe traders are chaos dwarves dressed up as traders found on the Trade Octagon in Hreidmar's faux Keldagrim Palace. They shout phrases such as:

  • Selling chaos!
  • Selling bars!
  • Selling red axe!
  • Selling ore! 
  • Long live Red Axe!
  • Long live King Hreidmar!
  • Chaos!
  • Bars!
  • Ore! 
  • Long live the king!
  • Red axe!
  • Hreidmar!
  • Buy, sell!
  • Buying bars! 
  • Buying chaos! 
  • Buying ore!
  • Buying red axe! 
  • King!
  • King Hreidmar!
  • Zamorak!