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Gozdaron, originally a Captain in the dwarven military, was the first King of Keldagrim, instated by the Elders of Keldagrim. Zamorak had placed a curse on dwarves that would use the magic in their blood to turn them into chaos dwarves and with Guthix sleeping and unable to stop the curse, the only way they could break it was to permanently stop dwarves from being able to use magic. This action caused widespread strife in Keldagrim and so the council elected Gozdaron as an absolute ruler in the hopes that he would be able to quash any rebellions and promote order.[1]

Predecessor Title Successor
Elders of Keldagrim King of Keldagrim and the Dwarven Realm Unknown (eventually King Alvis)

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Azdaran, "Azdaran document", RuneScape. "No band of petty councilors can preserve this city through its darkest days - only a king. We will therefore use the last of our authority to install Captain Gozdaron as absolute ruler, and pray that he will quickly win the inevitable civil war and bring order to the city."