Brother Bordiss

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Edgeville MonestaryPower Station
Brother Bordiss's chat head.

Brother Bordiss is a dwarf involved in Perils of Ice Mountain.

When Nurmof had an increased demand for pickaxes, he was unable to complete the orders due to being swamped by numerous demands. As such, he requested for several dwarves to build him a machine to automate the process; Bordiss and Drokar responded to his call. Bordiss had plans for an environmentally-friendly power station, and was disappointed by Drokar's design, which would harm the environment. Before the day of the presentation, Bordiss had a drink with Drokar and ended up getting drunk. The next day, his plans were stolen and shamed by his failure, went to Edgeville Monastery, began worshiping Saradomin and took a vow of silence and to never drink again.

An adventurer who had passed by to help a delivery dwarf helped deliver dragon eggs to the power station. Bordiss eventually learned from them that Drokar had stolen his plans, and renounced his vow as he knew he was no longer a failure. The adventurer delivered the blueprint to Nurmof, who accepted the blueprint and Bordiss' power station was built.

He is located in the Edgeville Monastery by Edgeville, near the flower garden. After Perils of Ice Mountain, he can be found where Drorkar used to be, running his environmentally-friendly power station. He will offer to attach Spirit sigils to a Blessed spirit shield for 1,500,000 coins.

His design of an environmentally friendly power station seems to still be more in-line with Guthixian principles, suggesting that it carries virtues from both religions.

He has authored a book called A Meditation on Silence, which can be found in the bookcases of the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede.

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