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Not to be confused with Dwarven Engineer.
For other uses, see Kara (disambiguation).
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Kara only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
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Kara the dwarven engineer helps the player make combined jadinko eggs and experimental combination eggs during the 2015 Easter event in the Easter Bunny's burrow.

Kara is a famed smith and engineer. She says she doesn't think the adventurer would find a more knowledgeable expert on jadinko eggs in all of Gielinor than her. Kara says the Easter Bunny was glad to meet her, as he needed her help. She's something of an expert in biomechnical engineering, and the Easter Bunny wanted her to help him make jadinko couriers from some eggs he had brought back from his travels. With Kara's knowledge and skill, and the Easter Bunny's magic, they managed to create the combining machine. But not long after they finished, the imps came. They caused chaos, stealing eggs and breaking machines. Then Kara was left with essential parts missing and not a widget to her name, and she's stuck there guarding her machine from the imps.

Kara has a bad relationship with Gerrant. She requests when the adventurer gets the grade 2 fish oil to not mention her. Gerrant, when asked about grade 2 fish oil, says that's very specific and that the last lot he sold was to a dwarf who didn't pay.

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