Blasidar the sculptor

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"Sculptor" redirects here. For the gnome involved in the God Statues Distraction and Diversion, see Copernicus Glyph.
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Blasidar the sculptor is a famous dwarven sculptor from Keldagrim. He has a son, Dardar, who travels around Gielinor. Blasidar can be found in East Keldagrim, in his shop near the northern end of the market. He employs Riki to act as a model for his sculpting.

When The Giant Dwarf statue of King Alvis, Keldagrim's final king and the founder of the Mining Consortium was accidentally destroyed, Blasidar was selected to rebuild the statue perfectly. However, as dwarves are more adept at art using stone rather than paint,[1] he was struggling to proceed, lacking a physical guide to base his new statue on. He asked an adventurer, who had been commissioned to help him due to their role in destroying the original statue, to obtain some clothes, boots and King Alvis's original battleaxe to equip Riki with so he could proceed with the statue. Once he had the items, he then needed to know which Consortium member was to be the design for the new head, after being told that there wouldn't be a crown. After the adventurer chose a consortium director, he finished the statue.

After completing King of the Dwarves, he will sell the Royal dwarven gravestone.

If you engage in conversation with Blasidar, he will proceed to ask you to help him rebuild the statue. Help includes gathering ore, buying clothing, and even searching for a dwarven model.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has a near identical character model to Armicus Dardar, although with some more detailed textures.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Blasidar the sculptor, "The Giant Dwarf", RuneScape. "No, that's not what I said, I said we're not very good painters. We're excellent with, for example, stone."