Transcript of Birthright of the Dwarves

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King Veldaban's Dilemma[edit | edit source]

  • King Veldaban: Hello, Player.
  • Hello, Veldaban.
    • Continues below.
  • Your Majesty.
    • King Veldaban: Oh, don't call me that, Player. You of all people...
  • King Veldaban: What do you want to talk about?
  • I don't understand how you ended up as king.
    • King Veldaban: Meike altered the records. It only took a few pen-strokes, she said. It looks like I, and not Hreidmar, descended from King Alvis's secret heir. You, I and Meike are the only people who know it isn't legitimate. This must stay our secret, Player. I never wanted this kind of power, but it was the only way to keep Hreidmar off the throne.
    • Shouldn't your father, Dondakan, be king?
      • King Veldaban: The old rules of succession included a maximum age. Once the king reaches a hundred and fifty, the throne passes on to their heir.
    • Why didn't Meike make herself queen?
      • King Veldaban: The monarchy was for men only and everyone knows that. No one would have believed the records if they had pointed to Meike.
    • What's happened to the Consortium now?
      • King Veldaban: The Consortium still exists. It's gone back to being an advisory body, just like it was in King Alvis's day. I don't like the Consortium's priorities, but they've got experience in running the city that I don't. I still need them around.
    • Will you have the statue rebuilt with your head?
      • King Veldaban: It doesn't seem right. Maybe one day, but not anytime soon.
    • Goodbye.
  • So you're a king - what now?
    • King Veldaban: What now? Everything now! Everything, right now! The Consortium had eight leaders - they could divide responsibility between them. I'm just one dwarf. I spend most of my time judging disputes. Company leaders squabbling over who owns how much of some mine or factory; workers trying to get better treatment out of the companies... I let the workers unionise, and now the company leaders hate me. The Consortium is meant to advise me but I have to second-guess everything they say. Those are just the domestic problems. I'm also trying to negotiate a permanent peace treaty with the local trolls, over the objections of half the Black Guard officers who think a war would be good for their careers. Not to mention that Guthix is apparently dead and the actual GODS are back in Gielinor. Most dwarves can pretend it's not happening, but a head of state doesn't have that luxury. Gah! Listen to me! I don't like what I'm turning into, Player.
    • Plus you're not even the rightful king.
      • King Veldaban: Oh, don't give me that. Do you know how many of the old kings of Keldagrim were the first-born sons of their predecessors? Maybe half. At first, the 'rightful' king was whichever warlord held onto the throne long enough to put his son on it after him. Later it was whichever nobleman murdered everyone above him in the line of succession. Our worst kings have been spoiled children who inherited the kingdom then taxed it to starvation in order to decorate their palaces. That's what Hreidmar would be like, and that's why Meike put me on the throne - to protect the kingdom from him and his like.
    • What do you mean, what you're turning into?
      • King Veldaban: Back when I was Keldagrim Black Guard Commander, I'd rant about the Consortium for not allocating me enough resources. Now I'm the one having to turn down Lieutenant Brae's requests for more funding. I have to make every decision myself because I can't trust my advisors. Dwarves - civilians - are going to die because of decisions I make, and eventually there'll be so many dead that I'll stop caring, and then who will I be? Being king will turn me into either a tyrant, or a puppet for the Consortium. The transformation is inevitable.
    • So what are you going to do?
      • King Veldaban: I can't focus on the other problems until I've dealt with the real threat - the Red Axe! I haven't heard anything from them since we foiled Hreidmar's last plot. Whatever they're doing, they're being secretive about it. This time I'm not going to wait for them to strike! I'm the King of Keldagrim, with the entire Black Guard under my command, and a new alliance with the trolls. I'm going to attack their base before they have time to move! I could use your help, Player. You're the only person I know I can trust. Can I count on you? (Quest overview interface appears)

If Quest Declined

  • Dialogue Ends

If Quest Accepted

  • King Veldaban: Right. There are three things I'd like you to do. Firstly, Lieutenant Brae has rounded up some suspected Red Axe spies. She's holding them in the records chamber in Keldagrim West. I'd like you to investigate and see if they're really spies. Secondly, I'd like you to go to Taverley Dungeon for me. There are chaos dwarves there, so the Red Axe must be up to something, and I want to know what. Kill those chaos dwarves and see if you can find any leads. Lastly, I want to have some defence against that ogre shaman's memory-altering magic. I know the Watchtower Wizard has experience with ogre shamans, so I'd like you to ask him for help. This seal will mark you as my agent.
    Veldaban gives you a royal dwarven seal.
  • I have a question.
    • How should I investigate the suspected spies?
      • King Veldaban: The suspects are in the records chamber, in the west wall of Keldagrim, next to the Black Guard HQ. Talk to Lieutenant Brae when you get there for more instructions. Remember: if they really are Red Axe spies, the penalty is death. Hreidmar and his cronies have killed Guthix-knows how many innocent dwarves. No one who's worked with them deserves mercy. If someone has committed treason but you can't link them to the Red Axe, there's a lesser punishment: exile. Get them far away so they can't damage Keldagrim. As my agent I'm empowering you to make the decision in each case.
    • What should I do in Taverley Dungeon?
      • King Veldaban: We both saw that the Red Axe creates chaos dwarves by transforming ordinary dwarves. Any chaos dwarves out there in the world, we've got to assume they're part of a Red Axe plot. Taverley Dungeon is dangerously close to human and dwarf lands. If the Red Axe is up to something there, I want to know what it is. Go there and kill some chaos dwarves. Keep an eye out for anything that happens and chase up any leads you see.
    • What about the Watchtower Wizard?
      • King Veldaban: I know the Red Axe have an ogre shaman working for them who can wipe people's memories. We've both been the subject of his spells. I hear the Watchtower Wizard once gave you a potion that let you kill ogre shamans. I want you to ask him for help against the Red Axe's pet ogre.
    • That's all, thanks
  • Okay, bye.

If talking to King Veldaban after accepting the quest

  • King Veldaban: How are you getting on, Player?
  • I have a question about what you asked me to do.
    • Player: I have a question.
    • Options continue as above.
  • If Player has lost the royal dwarven seal
    • King Veldaban: This seal will mark you as my agent.
      Veldaban gives you a royal dwarven seal.

The Red Axe Suspects[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant Brae: Hello, human. Do you know when King Veldaban will be here to deal with these suspects? I can't hold them for much longer without charging them.
  • He's not coming. He sent me instead.
You show Lt. Brae the royal dwarven seal.
  • Sorry, I can't help. (Closes dialogue)
  • Lieutenant Brae: That is the King's seal. I was hoping he would come personally, but I suppose he has no time. You should investigate each of these suspects and tell me if you think they're a spy. King Veldaban has given you his seal, so you can pass judgement on them. Good luck.
  • Who are the suspects?
    • Lieutenant Brae: Vigr is a tradesman. His warhammer shop is in the north-west of the ground floor of Keldagrim Palace. We know he was a member of the Red Axe before the company left the city - that's not illegal. What we want to know is whether he's been in contact with them since. Klaas is a member of the Monarchist Society, but he's been publicly calling for people to rise up and overthrow King Veldaban. He says Veldaban isn't the rightful king. That in itself is treason, for which he could be exiled, but if he's doing it at the instigation of the Red Axe then he's an enemy agent and should be executed. We picked up Brendt and Grundt on Jatizso, where they were buying a shipment of ore from King Sorvott. They claim to be independent traders, but King Sorvott told us they mentioned the Red Axe. They also stayed on the island after their trade had been concluded, so it's possible they were spying for the Red Axe.
  • What should I do?
    • Lieutenant Brae: Question each of the suspects, and then gather more information. If you find evidence, you can accuse them of being a Red Axe spy and then pass judgement.
  • I know someone else who might be a spy.
    • Lieutenant Brae: Really? Who?
      • Drorkar, the old power station owner.
        • Lieutenant Brae: We investigated him, but he's clean. He's done business with all the mining companies, but he hasn't dealt with the Red Axe since they left the city.
      • The engineers working with the penguins.
        • Lieutenant Brae: Baden, Glosur, Medwin and Obert? Yes, we investigated them, but they're not Red Axe agents any more - they left the Red Axe and became independent. King Veldaban decided to leave them alone.
      • Actually, never mind.
        • Lieutenant Brae: Anythings else?
        • Previous Options.
  • Thanks. (Closes dialogue)

Brendt and Grundt[edit | edit source]


  • Brendt: You have no evidence that I'm a spy. King Veldaban is throwing around these accusations in order to intimidate respectable businessdwarves.
  • What were you doing on Jatizso?
    • Brendt: We were there to collect a shipment of ore that we had bought. We received it later than agreed, but we let the matter go.
  • Why did King Sorvott say you were from the Red Axe?
    • Brendt: The captain of the Fremennik trading ship on which we arrived was nicknamed 'Captain Redaxe', due to his red, axe-shaped beard. You can see how King Sorvott might become confused.
  • I'll come back. (Closes dialogue)


  • Grundt: Are you going to keep us here much longer?
  • What were you doing on Jatizso?
    • Grundt: We collecting some ores that we'd bought.
  • Why did King Sorvott say you were from the Red Axe?
    • Grundt: I was wearing a red axe, to defend myself from trolls. I mean, I had an axe, and it happened to be red, so maybe the king got...confused?
  • What was the nickname of your ship's captain?
    • Grundt: The ship we arrived at Jatizso on? She was called...let me think... She was called Captain Sigridsdottir. I don't know if she had a nickname.
  • I'll come back. (Closes dialogue)

Brendt's options after talking to Grundt

  • What weapon was Grundt carrying?
    • Brendt: Honestly, I don't remember. I think he kept it in his cabin for the journey and I'm not certain I ever saw it. It could have been anything.
  • Grundt says the ship's captain was Sigridsdottir.
    • Brendt: Really? He must remember it incorrectly. It was definitely Captain Redaxe.
    • Lieutenant Brae: You've found a contradiction in Brendt and Grundt's stories. It's up to you to pass judgement, Player. Firstly, what about Brendt? He told you a tale about 'Captain Redaxe', but Grundt didn't confirm it.
    • Execute Brendt as a Red Axe spy.
      • Brendt: The Red Axe will win! King Veldaban will drive the city into the ground through bad leadership, and Hreidmar will move in to take over!
    • Send Brendt into exile as a traitor.
      • Brendt: Good! I'll do better away from King Veldaban's anti-buisness regime.
    • Let Brendt go.
      • Brendt: At last this charade of justice is over. Let me get back to my business.
    • Lieutenant Brae: Now, what about Grundt? He claims to have been carrying a red axe.
    • Grundt: I'm sorry! I promise I'll never work for the Red Axe again!
    • Execute Grundt as a Red Axe spy.
      • Grundt: Oh no! Oh no!
    • Send Grundt into exile as a traitor.
      • Grundt: Thank you! You'll never hear from me again!
    • Let Grundt go.
      • Grundt: Thank you! I'll be loyal to King Veldaban from now on!

Klaas[edit | edit source]

  • Klaas: Release me! King Veldaban is not the true king of Keldagrim! The people have a right to know! There should be an uprising - Veldaban should be desposed! Speak to the Monarchists in the King's Axe Inn - they all agree with me!
  • Calling for the overthrow of the king is treason.
    • Klaas: Calling for the overthrow of the rightful king would be treason. I'm calling for an usurper to be removed from power. And didn't Veldaban call for the overthrow of the Consortium before he became king?
  • How do you know Veldaban isn't the rightful king?
    • Klaas: A rightful king is anointed by Guthix! His touch cures disease! He can do no wrong! 'No band of petty councillors can preserve this city through its darkest days - only a king.' And yet King Veldaban keeps his band of petty councillors around to advise him. There's been no real change! The rightful king is still out there. Veldaban should step aside - and if he doesn't, the people should push him aside!
  • I think the Red Axe told you to say this.
    • Klaas: No! The Red Axe would be worse than Veldaban! Talk to Meike. She knows I'd never work with the Red Axe.
  • I'll come back.
    • Closes dialogue

Speaking with Meike

  • Meike: Klaas has been arrested! Do you know what's happening?
  • Klaas Is calling for a revolution.
    • Meike: I know. Back when the Consortium was in power he wanted to call for a revolution to install a king. Now that there's a king, he wants a revolution to install a better king. I know that calling for the king to be overthrown is treason and he could be exiled. I tried to talk him out of it. He's a good person, but he's hot-headed - if you have any leeway for mercy, please show it.
  • Why does Klaas think Veldaban isn't the rightful king?
    • Meike: He didn't get the idea from me, if that's what you're implying. I don't know where he got the idea from.
    • Could he have got the idea from the Red Axe?
      • Meike: You're saying he might be a Red Axe agent? I suppose I don't know for sure he isn't...but I've never seen any indication of it, and it doesn't match the Klaas I know.
  • Goodbye.

Speaking with Klaas again

  • Same dialogue and options as before
  • I spoke to Meike. She vouched for you.
    • Klaas: I told you she would. I'm not a spy! Now, release me!
    • Lieutenant Brae: It's not up to Meike, Player. You're the one who needs to pass judgement.
    • Klaas: I don't recognise your authority! Veldaban is not the rightful king!
  • Execute him as a Red Axe spy
    • Klaas: I'll be a martyr. When the people find out you murdered me, hundreds more will rise in my place.
  • Send him into exile as a traitor.
    • Klaas: You can't suppress the truth forever! Wherever I go, I'll tell people that Veldaban is a usurper.
  • Let him go.
    • Klaas: You made a mistake arresting me. Now I'll tell everyone how I was treated by Veldaban's Black Guard!

Vigr[edit | edit source]

  • Vigr: Get away from me, human! How dare you hold me like this? Show me some proof - physical proof - that I'm a Red Axe agent. Otherwise, release me!

Talking to Sieglinde, looking for evidence against Vigr

  • Sieglinde: Do you know what's happened to Vigr? The Black Guard has been holding him for a while.
  • Who are you?
    • Sieglinde: I'm a junior weapon-smith working for the Orange Flame. The Consortium asked me to mind Vigr's shop while he's under investigation by the Black Guard. I'd been hoping for a chance like this, but I wish it wasn't under these circumstances.
  • I want to search the workshop.
    • Sieglinde: Go ahead. Everything is as Vigr left it - I haven't touched anything.
  • I want to buy a warhammer.
    • Normal shop inventory.
  • Bye

Searching Workshop

You find a bundle of letters tucked away under the furnace.

Talking to Vigr again

  • Same as above
  • Here are some letters I found in your workshop
    • Vigr: ... Yes, I suppose those do constitute physical proof. But...but look at the date on the last letter! I haven't had contact with the Red Axe since Veldaban became king. The Red Axe abandoned me, and all its other agents. And even if they were to contact me again, I wouldn't work for them! I've learned my lesson! I'm not a threat to King Veldaban!
    • Lieutenant Brae: Vigr has confessed to being a Red Axe spy, so it's up to you to pass judgement, Player.
    • Vigr: Please, have mercy! I'm not a threat to King Veldaban! Send me into exile instead, and you'll never hear from me again - but please let me live!
    • Execute him as a Red Axe spy.
      • Vigr: No!
    • Send him into exile as a traitor.
      • Vigr: Thank you! I promise you and King Veldaban will never hear from me again!
    • Let him go.
  • I'll come back.

Having dealt with all of the spies[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant Brae: Thanks for dealing with the spies, Player. You should report back to King Veldaban.

Interrogation Complete[edit | edit source]

  • King Veldaban: How are you getting on, Player?
    • I've dealt with the suspected spies.
      • King Veldaban: Thank you! I'll get a full report from Lieutenant Brae later, but I trust your judgement. I know you won't have let anyone live if they had a connection to the Red Axe.
      • Vigr said the Red Axe broke off contact with him.
        • Player: Vigr said the Red Axe broke off contact with him after you became king.
        • King Veldaban: Interesting! They must have shed their old agents and gone deeper into hiding. This is a sign that they're planning something new and more dangerous. We must stop them quickly!
    • I have a question about what you asked me to do
      • Same options as before.
    • Goodbye (Closes Dialogue)

Secrets of the Chaos Dwarves[edit | edit source]

  • Ikadia the Exile: Adventurer! You won't find what your dwarf king is looking for here. Speak to me at my ritual circle to the north of this dungeon and I may tell you what I know.
Ikadia Teleports away

At the ritual circle[edit | edit source]

  • Ikadia the Exile: I have the knowledge that the dwarf king seeks, but it is not the way of Zamorak to give knowledge freely. Are you ready to fight for your dwarf king?
  • Who are you?
    • Ikadia the Exile: I am Ikadia the Exile, leader of the chaos druids. I wear the title in honour of my ancestor Urval, who was exiled by the druids above for preaching the truth about Guthix and Zamorak. Zamorak is Guthix's most perfect incarnation! He brings balance to the world through chaos!
    • Haven't you heard? Guthix is dead!
      • Ikadia the Exile: Of course I've heard, you insolent little man! Like all druids, I felt the shiver run through the world. Unlike them, however, I rejoiced! Guthix has shed his old form, just as Urval foretold. Now he returns in the form of Zamorak, to bring balance through chaos!
    • Saradomin defeated Zamorak at the Battle of Lumbridge.
      • Ikadia the Exile: Fool! You see only the surface and are blind to the true meaning! When Saradomin and Zamorak began to fight, Lumbridge became a war zone, did it not? A place of conflict and destruction - a place of chaos!
    • That's an interesting interpretation.
      • Ikadia the Exile: I'm glad to meet someone who's willing to think independently, rather than blindly accept popular beliefs.
    • Your beliefs are ridiculous.
      • Ikadia the Exile: I am not here to win converts. Believe what you will.
  • I am ready.
Screen fades and battle begins.
  • Not yet

After defeating Ikadia[edit | edit source]

  • Ikadia the Exile: You have defeated me! The strength of Zamorak - most perfect incarnation of Guthix - is with you!
  • It was a worthy combat!
    • Ikadia the Exile: Indeed it was! And you have earned the information you seek.
  • Just tell me about the chaos dwarves.
    • Continues
  • Ikadia the Exile: The dwarf king believes that the chaos dwarves in this dungeon were created by his enemy, but that is not so. Colonies of chaos dwarves have existed since the Third Age. The dwarf's king enemy can transform dwarves into chaos dwarves, but he does that by unlocking the potential that exists within all dwarves - planted there by Zamorak, most perfect aspect of Guthix. Chaos dwarves are dwarves in their truest, most perfect form. Loyal servants of Zamorak - nothing but chaos in their hearts! Would that the same potential existed in humans and that I could unlock it! Now - you have defeated me. Kill me, and be done with it!
  • Could you repeat your information first?
    • Repeats as above.
  • You're weak. Zamorak would want you dead.
    • Ikadia the Exile: There comes a time when we each grow weak. Thank you for saving me from feeble old age. I will become one with Zamorak and Guthix, like Urval before me.
  • You're my enemy. Die, Zamorakian scum!
    • Ikadia the Exile: By killing me, you sow chaos against yourself! Every Zamorakian you kill only allows a stronger one to take their place. Praise be to the chaos god!
  • I'm not a murderer. You live.
    • Ikadia the Exile: Fool! Zamorak despises your weak will.

When talking to Ikadia again

  • Ikadia the Exile: Praise Zamorak for conflict, friend. Will you not test the strength of my chaos druids? I fear they grow weak and deserve to be cut down.
  • Who are you?
    • As above
  • I'd rather test *your* strength.
    • Ikadia the Exile: You have tested my strength once before and defeated me. It was a worthy combat!
  • Goodbye.

Delivering Ikadia's Knowledge[edit | edit source]

  • King Veldaban: How are you getting on, Player?
  • I investigated Taverley dungeon.
    • Player: I investigated Taverley dungeon. The chaos druid leader claims that the chaos dwarves there are nothing to do with the Red Axe.
    • King Veldaban: Did you believe her?
    • Yes, I believed her.
      • King Veldaban: I wouldn't be so sure. She could be in league with the Red Axe, and trying to mislead us! We've got to move quickly!
    • No, I didn't believe her.
      • King Veldaban: She could be in league with the Red Axe, and trying to mislead us! We've got to move quickly!
  • I have a question about what you asked me to do.
    • As before
  • Goodbye.

Receiving the Memory Wand[edit | edit source]

  • Watchtower Wizard: Greetings, friend. I trust all is well with you? Yanille is safe at last!
  • King Veldaban sent me...
    • Player: King Veldaban sent me. He wants something to fight an ogre shaman with memory-wiping powers.
    • Watchtower Wizard: An ogre shaman with memory magic? I didn't think any such creatures existed in this age! An ordinary magic ogre potion will do no good against such a creature. You will need something to repair the damage to the victims' memories. Let me see... Yes! I believe I could make an anti-memory-magic wand, but first I will need your help to complete it.
The Watchtower Wizard gives you an unfinished wand.
    • Watchtower Wizard: Before you use it against the ogre shaman, you'll need to help me calibrate the memory wand. I think...hmm, yes, I think you've already been the subject of memory-altering magic. Am I correct?
    • What? All my memories are fine!
      • Watchtower Wizard: I'm sure it seems that way to you, but this magic can be quite subtle. Please humour me.
    • You're right, some of my memories don't really fit.
      • Watchtower Wizard: Excellent! If you can identify a memory as incorrect, you're well on the way to restoring it!
    • Watchtower Wizard: I'll project myself into the memory in order to guide you. Are you ready?
    • I'm ready.
      • Screen Fades and you leave to an area to calibrate your memories.
    • I'll come back later.
  • Do you have any more quests for me?
    • Watchtower Wizard: More quests? No, indeed, adventurer. You have done us a great service, already.
  • That's okay.
    • Watchtower Wizard: We are always in your debt; do come and visit us again.

Watchtower Wizard Wand Calibration[edit | edit source]

  • Watchtower Wizard: To start, you should use the memory wand on each element of the memory that you think is incorrect.

Using the wand on the Watchtower Wizard

  • Yes you're right, I'm not part of the original memory. I'm projecting myself here in order to give you instructions. You don't need to fix me, though. Focus on the rest of the memory.

Investigating Memory Void options

What would a gnome be doing here?
Walking stick, spiky hair, twirly moustache.
I wonder where he got that scar.
It's not natural for a dwarf to look like that.

All Fragments Caught[edit | edit source]

  • Watchtower Wizard: Now you should investigate each void and work out what it originally was, and use the correct fragments on it. If you get it wrong, you'll have to collect the fragments again.

Cutscene after using all of the correct fragments on the Memory Voids

  • Player: There's the Red Axe director again!
  • Red Axe Director: How did the experiment go?
  • Colonel Grimsson: The test subjects are still alive, director. They will suffice as soldiers.
  • Red Axe Director: Excellent! We are improving. Laneel!
Gnome Emissary walks forward.
  • Red Axe Director: Return to Arposandra and tell your superiors we've had a partial success.
  • Gnome emissary: I will tell them, but I'd like to see some of your test subjects first, if I may.
  • Colonel Grimsson: Look, here comes the first group!
Chaos Dwarves walk in. Ogre Shaman walks up to you.
  • Player: Chaos dwarves!!! I must tell Veldaban!!!
  • Grunsh: Lookings likes we's finding da spying creatures'ies![sic]
  • Player: Nooooooo!
Ogre Shaman fires magic wand and Player collapses. Cutscene Ends.
  • Watchtower Wizard: Excellent! The wand worked! The memory you watched play out was how the events really happened! If you think back, you'll find that all the memories that the ogre shaman altered are now restored. The memory wand is finished! You can take it to King Veldaban, with my compliments. I hope it helps!

Reporting to King Veldaban after finishing Memory wand.[edit | edit source]

  • King Veldaban: How are you getting on, Player?
  • I got a wand from the Watchtower Wizard.
    • King Veldaban: Good work! I want you to keep hold of it - be prepared to use it on the ogre shaman when the time comes.
    • It could restore your memories of Hilda.
      • King Veldaban: It could? I didn't realise... No. It would be too painful, and I can't...I can't let anything distract me. Perhaps I'll use it when all this is over, but not now. I think we're ready. My army is assembling in the Barendir caves. I'll meet you there.
      • I want to say something first.
        • King Veldaban: What?
        • I'm not sure the Red Axe is a threat any more.
          • King Veldaban: How can you say that, after all we've seen? After all we've been through together? They kidnapped countless dwarves and transformed them into abominations. They tampered with both our memories. They blew up the Lava Flow Mine in order to overthrow the Consortium. Does Hreidmar seem like someone who would give up? While he still has a secret base, and an army of chaos dwarves? No, he's out there, and he's plotting something, I know it.
        • I don't think you're coping well with being king.
          • King Veldaban: How can I? How can I deal with problems properly while the Red Axe is still plotting to take over and no one believes they're a threat but me? Once we've defeated them, I'll focus on the other problems.
      • I'll meet you in the Barendir caves.
        • Dialogue Ends. King Leaves.
    • I'll keep hold of it.
  • I have a question about what you asked me to do.
    • Same as Before.
  • Goodbye.

Preparing at Barendir Caves[edit | edit source]

  • King Veldaban: Everything is ready! The Red Axe base is on the other side of that wall. I don't know what we'll find there, but we can be pretty certain there will be fighting. Speak to the quartermaster if you want anything from your bank. Once you're ready, you can have the honour of firing the cannon to breach the wall!
  • Nulodion: King Veldaban asked me to give you something to deal with any special defences the Red Axe might have. Now, I don't have an evil secret base filled with chaos dwarves, but if I did, I know what I'd use to defend it: cannons! Assuming that the Red Axe cannons are basically like ours, I've come up with a way to deal with them. If you can get to a cannon, slot one of these gears into its rotation mechanism. The gear has a small bomb attached to it which will take the cannon out after a short delay.
Nulodian gives you some explosive gears.
  • Nulodion: Now, I think everything's ready. Fire the cannon when you want to start the attack.

The Red Axe Secret Memories[edit | edit source]

Confronting Colonel Grimsson[edit | edit source]

  • Colonel Grimsson: Guthix damn it, Veldaban! You won! You're king! Why can't you leave us alone?
Colonel Grisson jumps in a mine cart and flees, King Veldaban closely following.

After jumping into Minecart after pulling lever to raise bridge.

  • Colonel Grimsson: We've lost the Lava Flow Mine! Veldaban's army will reach the palace soon. We should flee!
  • Hreidmar: Use my title when speaking to me!
  • Colonel Grimsson: We should flee...your majesty.
  • Hreidmar: No, we will not flee! We have Veldaban, and he is all we need now! Ogre! Hurry with your magic! Veldaban must remember exactly what I specified!
  • Grunsh: Is hard! Would be quicker make him think of beers and kebabies.
  • Hreidmar: Lumbering imbecile! A king obsessed with beer and kebabs would change nothing! I must have a loyal puppet who will hand me the crown!
  • Colonel Grimsson: Shh! What's that? It's the human! He followed us!
  • Hreidmar: Quickly, ogre! Deal with him!
The wand prevents the Shaman's magic from working.
  • Grunsh: What happen? Me lost control of magicsies!
Cutscene begins

Repairing the Memories.[edit | edit source]

Veldaban's Memory[edit | edit source]

Talking to Veldaban

  • Lietenant Veldaban: No trolls will ever enter the Kingdom of Keldagrim - not while the beloved King Hreidmar sits on the throne! Long live the king!
  • Veldaban! Snap out of it!
    • Lietenant Veldaban: Long live King Hreidmar!
  • Don't worry, Veldaban. I'll deal with this.
    • Lietenant Veldaban: Long live King Hreidmar!

Talking to Grimsson

  • Colonel Grimsson: Go get them, dwarves! For King Hreidmar and the Royal Red Axe! Today we will win the Battle of Barendir!

Investigating Chaos Dwarf Memory Void

He doesn't want to be here

Investigating Zamorak Chaplain Memory Void

Guthix won't help us now.

Investigating Red Axe Standard Memory Void

Eight coloured segments on a flag.

Attempting to exit through the north-eastern or eastern cave entrance

The memory does not stretch further than this.
Repaired all the Memories.[edit | edit source]
  • Lietenant Veldaban: Human! What are you doing here? No humans are allowed. Wait... Player? This is a memory, isn't it? The Battle of Barendir was years ago. That ogre shaman was trying to brainwash me, but you stopped him. I think I'm fine now. Can you feel that? I think we're linked to other minds. Whatever you did with the Watchtower Wizard's wand must have affected everyone in this room. I think you've got some memories to deal with, I'll see you back in the real world...

Grimsson's Memory[edit | edit source]

Talking to Colonel Grimsson

  • Colonel Grimsson: DIE, TROLLS! DIE! DIE!! DIE!!!

Investigating Dwarf Bone Memory Void

Broken rocks.

Investigating Small Troll Memory Void

He doesn't want to be here
Repaired all the Memories.[edit | edit source]
  • Colonel Grimsson: Dwarves! They were dwarves! I killed a troll after he surrendered, and then I attacked dwarves. Why did you make me see it? Why couldn't you let me keep lying to myself? Leave me alone.

Hreidmar's Memory[edit | edit source]

  • Zamorak: Kneel, my favoured one. Tell me how you have served me.
  • Hreidmar: Lord Zamorak. I have been awake for three days, searching the records in the sealed chamber. My father showed me how to open the door.
  • Zamorak: What did you see?
  • Hreidmar: I could trace my family tree back to the secret son of King Alvis. The Red Axe directors are the rightful kings of Keldagrim! I am the rightful heir!
  • Zamorak: It is true. The weak, Guthixian Consortium has denied you your true heritage.
  • Hreidmar: The Consortium has denied me my true heritage!
  • Zamorak: The statue of your ancestor King Alvis stands as an insult to your blood. The face on that statue should be yours!
  • Hreidmar: The face on that statue should be mine!
  • Zamorak: Put away thoughts of peace and balance. When you inherit the Red Axe, you must work to increase your power. Find allies, but do not trust them. Increase your company's power in Keldagrim, but build a centre of power outside the city. Worship me in secret, and at last I will elevate you for all to see. When the time is right, put your face on the statue of King Alvis. All else will follow, and Keldagrim will be yours!
  • Hreidmar: Yes, Lord Zamorak! It is clear! Put my face on the statue...and Keldagrim will be mine! Keldagrim will be mine!
Repaired all the Memories.[edit | edit source]
  • Hreidmar: Lord Zamorak. I have been awake for three days, searching the records in the sealed chamber. My father showed me how to open the door. I could trace my family tree back to the secret son of King Alvis. The Red Axe directors are the rightful kings of Keldagrim! I am the rightful heir! The Consortium has denied me my true heritage! The face on that statue should be mine! Yes, Lord Zamorak! It is clear! Put my face on the statue...and Keldagrim will be mine! Keldagrim will be mine!
  • Hreidmar: ... So I was talking to a statue! You think I care at this stage? You ruined my plans, and you won't even leave my illusions? I am the rightful king! Get out of my head!

Grunsh's Memory[edit | edit source]

  • Grunsh: No! Grunsh not want remember! You leave memorieses alones[sic]!

Investigating Old Dwarf Memory Void

Walking stick, spiky hair, twirly moustache.

Investigating Grumpy Dwarf Memory Void

I wonder where he got that scar.

Investigating Beardless Dwarf Memory Void

What would a gnome be doing here?
Repaired all the Memories.[edit | edit source]
  • Hreidmar: Are you sure it's unconscious?
  • Gnome emissary: Even if it can hear us, it'll soon rationalise this conversation as part of whatever belief system it develops. I've forced it to wipe all its memories about its life in Gu'tanoth. It will believe whatever you tell it. I suggest you say that it was freezing to death on the mountain and you saved its life.
  • Colonel Grimsson: And will know...
  • Hreidmar: Yes, Grimsson. It can get rid of your nightmares. But it can do so much more! I will have an army of dwarves mindlessly loyal to me! Anyone who discovers us can be made to seem a raving drunkard! This dumb ogre will be my most useful servant!
Memories Finished.
  • Grunsh: Red dwarf man say he rescue Grunsh from snow! But gnomy man kidnap Grunsh from home!
  • King Veldaban: You think that makes it all right that you wiped the memories of hundreds of dwarves? That you wiped Hilda's memory?
  • Grunsh: Grunsh weak. Grunsh learn whole life a lie. If you kill Grunsh, Grunsh not fight you.
  • King Veldaban: Finish him, Player! Then we can go after Hreidmar and Grimsson!
  • I can't let you live after what you've done.
    • Grunsh: Grunsh not want live any more. When Grunsh dead, Grunsh not remember anything. Grunsh think that nice.
  • I'm letting you live. Get out of here.
    • Grunsh: Grunsh always remember you mercy.
    • King Veldaban: You'd better not set foot in dwarven lands while I'm still king, ogre. Get out of my sight.
Screen Fades and Grunsh is gone.
  • King Veldaban: Hreidmar and Grimsson were gone when I regained consciousness. They must have gone deeper into the Red Axe base. Let's go!

Talking to King Veldaban deeper inside the Red Axe Base.

  • King Veldaban: Come on, Player! I bet Hreidmar and Grimsson are holed up in the top of the palace. We should find them!

Joining The Red Axe[edit | edit source]

Trying to open east door to staircase.

  • Chaos Dwarf: Red Axe members only!

Talking to any of the Red Axe Directors

  • Red Axe Director: Zamorak chaos Zamorak Red Axe Zamorak long live King Hreidmar!
    • You're talking nonsense!
      • Red Axe Director: Red Axe chaos Zamorak chaos!
    • Red Axe chaos Zamorak Hreidmar!
      • Red Axe Director: Chaos Hreidmar Zamorak Red Axe! Long live the King!
    • I'd like to join the Red Axe.
      • Red Axe Director: No humans allowed! Humans! Chaos! Zamorak chaos Zamorak Hreidmar Red Axe!
    • My friend here would like to join the Red Axe.
      • King Veldaban: What?
      • Red Axe Director: Red Axe! Red Axe! You must join Red Axe! I must be greatest Red Axe director! Makes me greatest Red Axe director in palace! Chaos Zamorak chaos!
      • King Veldeban: We'll make you the *only* Red Axe director in the palace. Come on, Player, let's kill some directors.
      • Red Axe Director: Chaos!

Talking to any of the directors again after agreeing to kill the others.

  • Red Axe Director: Kill kill kill! Kill directors! I will be greatest Red Axe director! For chaos! And Zamorak!

After all but one Red Axe Director is left

  • King Veldaban: There! Now the last Red Axe Director will make me a Red Axe member (this might be wrong)

Talking to Red Axe Director

  • Red Axe Director: You make me greatest Red Axe director! You go far in Red Axe! You now full member! For chaos and Zamorak and King Hreidmar! Long live the chaos!

Trying to open the east door again.

  • Chaos dwarf: Long live King Hreidmar chaos Zamorak chaos Red Axe!

The Final Red Encounter[edit | edit source]

  • Hreidmar: You again! The low-born usurper and his filthy human pet! Your army may be carving its way through my city but I'll have the pleasure of seeing you die! Grimsson! Deal with them!
  • Colonel Grimsson: With pleasure, your majesty.
    • Hreidmar! What was your plan?
      • Colonel Grimsson: He didn't have a plan, you idiot! He'd given up!
      • Hreidmar: I am the rightful king of Keldagrim! All I wanted was my birthright! You stopped me, again and again! I would have been a good king - a just king! It was my right! I'm a hundred and forty-eight years old. Even if I were to become a king now, I'd have too little time to enjoy it!
      • Colonel Grimsson: So after the last time, he holed up here.
      • Hreidmar: So I turned the Red Axe base into my own city - with my own statue - full of chaos dwarves who would be loyal to me and Zamorak!
      • King Veldaban: Full of dwarves you'd kidnapped from Keldagrim East and turned into abominations! I don't care if you've given up - you still need to pay for your crimes!
    • Grimsson! It's not too late to switch sides!
      • Colonel Grimsson: You think I want to live after all this? I'm the Butcher of Barendir! I'll die at Veldaban's hand - as I would have done all those years ago if he'd had the guts to kill me when I went berserk - or I'll kill him and die fighting his army when it reaches the palace. I don't care which.
    • All right, Grimsson - bring it on.
      • Colonel Grimsson: Stand aside, human. This isn't your fight.
  • Colonel Grimsson: All right, Veldaban. Let's one of us give the other a warrior's death.

Veldaban's Fate[edit | edit source]

  • King Veldaban: Player... I don't like...agh...what I'm...turning into.
  • King Veldaban: You've got to...kill me. Don't let me...turn into...that.
  • Alright. Goodbye, Veldaban.
  • No! You can fight it!
    • King Veldaban: We stopped Hreidmar. We...we won. Let...someone king.
    • Alright. Goodbye, Veldaban.
      • King Veldaban: Now I know what...what she went through. We'll be dead...chaos dwarves...together. Hilda...I remember you.
    • I won't let you give up. Fight it!
      • King Veldaban: I'm a bad king. I don't know what to do.
      • Alright. Goodbye, Veldaban.
      • You can learn. Now fight!
        • King Veldaban: Guthix damn you, Player. This is all your fault. You knocked that statue down...started this whole thing off. Hah. Hah hah hah. Hah hah hah hah hah hah haaah!

Choice of Ruler[edit | edit source]

If you killed Veldaban

  • Meike: Player! You've got to deal with this. They're trying to take power back!
  • Greem Gemstone Director: We have convened a special meeting of the Consortium to address the question of Keldagrim's continuing government.
  • Blue Opal Director: The crisis for which Veldaban took emergency powers has been resolved. The Red Axe is defeated! Now that the emergency is over, we can return to Consortium rule.
  • Meike: Player, this is out of order! Veldaban didn't take emergency powers - he was crowned king.
  • White Chisel Director: Veldaban died without an heir, and the line of succession is unclear.
  • White Chisel Director: Preserving the monarchy would mean going back into the records chamber and handing power to whomever the records showed to be next in line - no matter how evil or incompetent.
  • White Chisel Director: Surely it's better to leave government of the city to those who know what they're doing?
    • They're right, Meike. The Consortium should take power.
      • Player: They're right, Meike. The Consortium should take power.
      • White Chisel Director: Thank you for seeing wisdom, Player.
      • Blue Opal Director: Now, to business.
    • Crown the rightful king, whoever that is.

If you let Veldaban live

  • King Veldaban: What are you lot doing here?
  • Green Gemstone Director: Your majesty, we have convened a special meeting of the Consortium to address the question of Keldagrim's continuing government.
  • King Veldaban: The question of continuing government?
  • Purple Pewter Director: The crisis for which you took emergency powers has been resolved, your majesty. The Red Axe is defeated! Now that the emergency is over, we can return to Consortium rule.
  • Meike: Your majesty, this is out of order! You didn't take emergency powers - you were crowned king.
  • King Veldaban: If this is a coup, it's a pretty poor one. The Black Guard is loyal to me.
  • Blue Opal Director: We're not seizing power, Veldaban - we're giving you a chance to step down with dignity. We know you don't want to be king. Leave government of the city to those who know what they're doing.
    • They're right, Veldaban. You should step down.
      • Meike: Veldaban, no...
      • King Veldaban: Player is right. Meike, I'm not cut out to be king. You put me on the throne to stop Hreidmar, and I've done that. It's time for me step aside. Ladies and gentlemen, the city's 'darkest days' are over. You 'band of petty councillors' can take it from here.
    • Don't let them do this, your majesty!
      • Player: Don't let them do this, your majesty!
      • King Veldaban: You're right, I don't want to be king. But do you know who did want to be king? Hreidmar. I took the throne to protect the people of Keldagrim from Hreidmar, and I'll stay to protect them from the Consortium. I may not be a good king yet - but I'll learn. Now get out of my throne room.
Quest Complete

Post-Quest Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Veldaban Still Alive[edit | edit source]

In the transcript below Veldaban is largely named as "King Veldaban"; however if he abdicates then his name becomes simply "Veldaban". His dialogue remains the same except where explicitly stated.

  • King Veldaban: Hello again, Player.
  • If Veldaban is king
  • Player: So, you're still king - what now?
    • King Veldaban: Now that the Red Axe is gone, I'm getting down to the serious task of being king. It's hard work but, like you said, I can learn. I'm learning to pick my battles and be realistic about how fast I can move. I'll get nowhere if I fight the Consortium, but I think I can work with them without compromising my principles. I'm not going to make Keldagrim into a better society overnight, and maybe not in my lifetime, but I can make steps in the right direction.
  • If Veldaban abdicated
  • Player: What are you doing now you've stepped down?
    • Veldaban: Supreme Commander Bisi offered me my job back, but I turned it down. A senior Black Guard position would lead to me butting heads with the Consortium, and I'm through with politics. I'm going to stay in Keldagrim for a while, then I'm going to retire from public life and look for a quiet place to live somewhere. Maybe I'll become a miner – that's an honest trade for a dwarf. I'm certainly not going to go wandering the world as an adventurer or anything like that. I'll leave that to younger people.
  • Player: How did you resist the chaos transformation?
    • King Veldaban: I don't pretend to understand magic. I saw what happened to Grimsson and Hreidmar, and I could feel something happening to me, and I didn't want to end up like them. I could delay the change by concentrating. I thought I was dead, one way or another, but I wanted to hold on until you put me out of my misery. I didn't want to change. I was thinking, maybe this is best. I'd had my revenge on the Red Axe, and besides that revenge I had nothing left to live for. If this is the end, I thought, it was a good end. But then you didn't kill me, you stubborn human! I should have known you'd pay no attention to me. And then I saw the funny side. This whole thing started when I first met you, when you knocked down the statue and I made you rebuild it. I was king, but it was like I wasn't even the hero of my own story - it was always you! And at the end, there you were again, not even letting me have my heroic death. Maybe it's not really funny, but in that moment it seemed like the funniest thing in the world. And, I don't know, I think the realisation that you weren't going to kill me gave me the strength to fight off the transformation. I couldn't die, so I had no option but to live. Or maybe you just helped me for long enough for the magic to wear off. Either way, thanks, Player. You could easily have given me my wish, but you didn't.
  • Player: I could use the wand to restore your memories now.
    • King Veldaban: Yes...I suppose you could.
    • If you do not presently have the wand
      • King Veldaban: You'd have to get another one from the Watchtower Wizard first, though.
    • If you do have the wand
      • King Veldaban: You know - I think I was using the Red Axe threat as a way to put off things I didn't want to think about, and this was one of them. It's an odd thing, knowing that a person once meant a lot to you, but barely being able to remember them. I have an image of what she was like, but I don't know how much of that is a memory and how much is my imagination. I'm scared that if I find out, I'll find I was wrong.
      • Player: It's better to know.
        • King Veldaban: You're right. Not knowing is an act of cowardice. All right, I'm ready.
        • King Veldaban: ... [unconscious]
        • King Veldaban: Yes, yes, that's how she was. Thank you, Player.
        • Player: So, what did you see?
          • King Veldaban: I think that's between me and Hilda's memory, Player. But thank you, you were right to restore my memory.
        • Player: You're welcome.
      • Player: Maybe it's best not to know.
        • King Veldaban: Yeah, you're probably right.

King Drunken Dwarf's Rule[edit | edit source]

  • King Drunken Dwarf III: Wahay, matey!
    • Player: *You're* the rightful king?
    • King Drunken Dwarf III: That's what whatsername says! Could have been anyone...*hic*... turns out it was me!
    • Player: You were crowned 'King Drunken Dwarf'?
    • King Drunken Dwarf III: Well whatsername used my name, I think, but I got totally sloshed at the post-coronation party and can't remember it. So I've asked everyone to call me 'King Drunken Dwarf'!

Directors[edit | edit source]

If Veldaban is King[edit | edit source]

If Veldaban dies/abdicates[edit | edit source]