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Not to be confused with Grendt or Brundt.
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Brendt is a member of The Red Axe, a mining company and member of the dwarven Consortium. Brendt and his partner Grundt apparently been sent by the Red Axe to negotiate a trade deal with King Gjuki Sorvott IV of Jatizso; however, they were actually there to keep an eye on in the event that they formed an alliance with Keldagrim.

Sent from the dwarven capital of Keldagrim, Brendt recently arrived in Jatizso. Since then, he and his partner have taken up residence in a villager's home by order of the King. Vanligga Gastfrihet, the owner of the house, has since spent nearly all of her time catering to the dwarves, laying out a feast. This, apparently, was ordered to ensure that they remain comfortable.

Despite the Red Axe's harsh nature, Brendt seems reasonably kind, if somewhat drunk. His peaceful nature, however, has not eased King Sorvott's mind; he continuously expresses his fear of angering the Red Axe.

During The Fremennik Isles, the player must gather several ores for the king, who is in the process of arranging a trade deal with the Red Axe. After the quest is complete, Brendt and Grundt can still be found in the house finishing their meal. Grundt is a member of The Red Axe and is trading in Jatizso with Brendt.

A few months later, his and Grundt's arrest were warranted by King Veldaban of Keldagrim for suspected Red Axe espionage. The two were detained in the Records Chamber, along with Vigr and Klaas, and to be questioned by that same adventurer. Brendt attempted to talk himself out of it by stating that the captain of the ship they had arrived on was named Redaxe due to their axe-shaped beard, but this did not match with Grundt's story. With his cover blown, he proclaimed that Hreidmar would overrun Keldagrim, to which he was executed or exiled.

If Brendt is spared during Birthright of the Dwarves, he can be found upstairs in the King's Axe Inn with Grundt, where he complains that he cannot find skilled work as a trader or manager because of his association with the Red Axe, fearing that he will have to work as a manual labourer. If exiled, he can be found south of Yanille. After the quest, he is replaced by the similarly named Brundt.

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