Ancient Keldagrim ruins

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The Ancient Keldagrim ruins is a dungeon first encountered during the Birthright of the Dwarves quest. In this quest, during a memory, you will find Hreidmar on his knees talking to Zamorak. After using the Memory wand on Zamorak to restore the memory to its correct form, you notice that Hreidmar is talking to a broken statue.

The ruins are found in the north-west part of Keldagrim, north of the library. To get there, take the train from the Grand Exchange in Varrock all the way to Keldagrim. Run north until you see the bridge to western Keldagrim. Cross the bridge, run west and the entrance to the tunnel will be on the northern wall; the cave contains the ancient ruins.

After the quest, players can return to the dungeon and mine the statues. This will award a fragment of the Azdaran document for each of the statues mined, as well as a chunk of Mining experience. Boosts will work on the statues except for summoning familiar boosts. After all statues have been mined, the player is given a copy of the complete Azdaran document.

Completing the Azdaran document will also complete the Azdaran Birthright achievement, which is a requirement for the Master quest cape.

The mining experience is as follows (note that each statue can only be mined for experience once):

Statue Level XP
1 81 20,000
2 83 21,000
3 85 22,000
4 87 23,000
5 89 24,000
6 91 25,000
7 92 26,000
8 93 27,000
9 94 29,000
10 95 33,000
Total 250,000

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