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Boric is the son of Doric, the dwarven master smith. His mother left the family when he was young, leaving Doric to raise Boric alone.[1] At some point, his father sent him to the dwarven capital Keldagrim to receive an education[2], but Boric took it to mean that he had somehow failed or disappointed his father, as he had wanted to study under Doric.[3][4] Over time, he started to resent his father for sending him away.[5] He graduated with honours, proving himself a proficient smith in his own right.[6] He returned to Asgarnia and avoided his father, sleeping rough if need be, and began sabotaging Doric.[7][8] He hired the services of a wizard named Elijah to curse Doric's ore supplies[9] and stole his orders.[10] However, when he attempted to convince Sir Amik Varze to switch suppliers, an adventurer working for Doric appeared, causing Sir Amik to break off any trades until the situation was sorted.

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Boric is at peace again
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Boric as the Concealed dwarf.

The adventurer brought Boric to his father, whereby they started arguing. The adventurer attempted to intervene, getting them to discuss their issues which either calmed or exacerbated the tension between them. After eventually sorting things out, they both realised that they were at fault for causing the tension and made up. Doric rebranded his business and brought Boric and the adventurer on board as partners.[11] Boric convinced the new partner to help them expand, clearing out the cellar beneath Doric's workshop and refitting the display.

Boric took over the supply chain of the business, but the increase in demand took a heavy toll on their supplies.[12] He began tasking their new business partner with gathering coal and mithril ore, protecting their mining sites from living rock brawlers, and securing a contract with the Mining Guild.

Completing Boric's tasks requires level 60 Mining and awards a total of 13,000 Mining experience and 39,000 charges for the Gofannon amulet.

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Boric had a childhood teddy bear called Terrence, which he still sleeps with.[13][14]

References[edit | edit source]

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