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The memory wand is an item obtained from the Watchtower Wizard during the Birthright of the Dwarves quest. It is used to repair memories and counter Grunsh's memory-altering magic.

While the player is inside a memory, they must use the wand on the false parts of the memory to destroy them. This causes fragments to be released, which must then be captured and used on the correct memory voids to repair the memory.

After the quest, the wand can be used to restore the memories of Veldaban and the Drunken Dwarf.

If Veldaban survives, the player can offer to use the memory wand to restore his memories of Hilda. He is initially reluctant, afraid of how much he may have made up about her, but if the player encourages him, he agrees. He doesn't share his revelations, saying that it's between him and her memory, but thanks the player for doing so.

If the Drunken Dwarf is not made king, the player can restore his memories in a similar way. Humourously, he remembers the details of the "upcoming" attack and says that Commander Veldaban must be warned. After being reassured that the attack was repelled, he gets drunk celebrating and goes back to what he was.

Using the wand on a kebab

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