Modified diviner's headwear

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The modified diviner's headwear is made by using a diviner's headwear on a diviner's headwear add-on. In addition to granting a 1% divination experience bonus, players can receive chronicle fragments from the headwear once per day. The amount received is dependent on how many pieces of the diviner's outfit a player owns. If players have four or more pieces of the set, they receive three per day. If a player has more than 27 Chronicle fragments, attempting to retrieve more with the headgear before having completed the Memorial to Guthix tutorial will give the message: "You have too many chronicles to do this. Hand some in and try again."

Players can also teleport to the Guthix cave three times per day.

In addition, while weaving or transmuting energy, there is a 5% chance of saving energy. This effect doesn't work on Divine Charges.

Combat Stats
Modified diviner's headwear equipped.pngModified diviner's headwear equipped (female).png
NoneHead slot.pngDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses
All Is members onlytrue +
All Item ID32,279 +
All Release dateSeptember 25, 2014 +
All Value7,777 +
All Weight1.5 +
Attack style- +
Equipment JSON{"armour":0,"tier":0,"style":"-","slot":"head"} +
Equipment armour0 +
Equipment slothead +
Equipment tier0 +
Is members onlytrue +
Item ID32,279 +
Item JSON{"edible":"no","members":"yes","stack
{"edible":"no","members":"yes","stackable":"no","stacksinbank":"yes","death":"always","name":"Modified diviner's headwear","bankable":"yes","gemw":false,"equipable":"yes","disassembly":"no","release_date":"25 September 2014","id":32279,"release_update_post":"Treasure Hunter - Skill Outfit Head Add-Ons","lendable":"no","destroy":"Are you sure you want to destroy this item? You can reclaim it from Diango in Draynor.","highalch":3110,"weight":1.5,"tradeable":"no","examine":"Gives +1% Divination XP. Can be used to teleport and claim free items each day. Occasionally saves energy while weaving or transmuting.","noteable":"no"}
ing or transmuting.","noteable":"no"} +
Kept on deathalways +
Location restrictionsurface +
Release dateSeptember 25, 2014 +
Value7,777 +
Weight1.5 +