Patch Notes (4 February 2019)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 4 February 2019.

Player Owned Farm

  • Added an "Old Mc" title for completing the POF breeding log (talk to Sam the sheepdog to unlock it).
  • Baby shakes at the player owned farm will now buy unwanted farm animals for beans at an amount based on their significance (e.g shiny).
  • Shiny animals now count as a wildcard for trait requests when selling to player owned farm NPC buyers, on top of the existing breed wildcard.
  • Added a "Don't ask me again" option to the warning for removing unharvested animals from Player Owned Farm.
  • Granny Potterington now sells the ability to unlock farm animal indicators to help determine whether something is diseased or has produce to gather.
  • Elite farmer hats can now be used to teleport or receive items if the player owns the master farmer hat.
  • Players can now teleport out of the player owned farm pens.

Mining & Smithing

  • Updated the quickchat phrases for mining and smithing.
  • Smelting gauntlets count as Blacksmith's gloves when wearing the Blacksmith's outfit.
  • Mining Red/Crystal Sandstone now has maximum stamina and does not reduce your stamina, so that your mining rate will not steadily reduce while emptying it. It, therefore, does not count toward the "My Sick Four Tick Trick" achievement to maintain nearly maximum stamina.
  • Mining specific game settings have now been moved from "game interaction" into their own section.
  • Teleporting multiple decorated smelting urns at once, now works as expected.
  • A large banite rock built into the west and east cliff faces at the mining site north-east of Rellekka were misbehaving, and have been demoted to empty rocks. A pair of smaller recruits have set vigil over their doomed predecessors.
  • A couple of banite rocks have been removed from the Jatizso dungeon mine, to better compete with the primary site.
  • The outer banite rocks in the glacor cavern have depleted, to make it a more attractive proposition compared to the primary banite site.
  • Multiple dark animica rocks surrounding the Empty Throne have been removed, to cluster rockertunities in the area.
  • Mining rocks in the mining guild are now less spread out. This also addresses an exploit on one of the orichalcite rocks.
  • Fixed an issue where rockertunities on 2x2 mining rocks were sometimes at a lower height than intended.
  • Smithing interface will now show the correct amount of xp given for each item.
  • The Furnace perk will no longer work when mining with an augmented tool (and relevant perk) equipped that isn't a pickaxe.
  • The Artisan's Workshop Reward Shop now mentions Egil in the tooltips for Cannons rather than Elof
  • Making a demonic sigil will now correctly use a silver bar.
  • Players are no longer able to use the Edgeville furnace by using Mining & Smithing items on it if they haven't completed the 'Easy' Varrock tasks.
  • Ore boxes no longer autofill noted ores - you can still use the noted ores on the ore box to store them if you wish.
  • Removed a 2x2 phasmatite rock in the wilderness that was too far south of the other rocks to trigger rockertunities.
  • Veliaf Hurtz still mentioned that Rune boots could be obtained as drop from nechryaels during 'In Memory of the Myreque'. This has been changed to say that player needs to make rune armoured boots.
  • The make-X counter banner now correctly updates to "Smithing" when folding masterwork bars.
  • Soft clay now works with divination porters when mined from the Ithell district in Prifddinas.
  • Smelting 'perfect' gold has the correct animation.


  • Fixed an issue with the mobile NPC chat that caused it to be compacted into the middle of the screen sometimes when speaking with an NPC.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile, when swapping from revolution combat to legacy combat the revolution bar (at the bottom) was not hidden. The main bar (the larger one) remains in legacy combat as you can use it for skilling.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile when interacting with a diseased plant on the Livid Farm the side panel interface would not open automatically.
  • Fixed an issue where the first letter of your first word would be omitted if you sent a private message.
  • Fixed an issue with the clan motto editor and the clan thread ID sections of the clan management and settings interface, the on-screen keyboard was not being called automatically when these interfaces were opened.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain parts of the mobile interface to display with the legacy art style (from the legacy interface skin setting).
  • Removed a blocking layer that was intended to dismiss the keyboard on the login screen as it was causing users to have to double tap parts of the UI (as the first tap dismissed the keyboard).
  • Fixed the puzzle box interface on mobile devices so that the puzzle can be completed correctly.
    • We have also made the following changes to improve interaction with this interface on both clients.
      • The "Check" button now shows a message box letting the user know how many tiles are correct and which are not, or if you have completed the puzzle.
      • The "Toggle keyboard invert" has been removed on mobile only.
      • The "Hint" button is now a toggle so that you are able to view the hint for as long as you need.
  • The mobile action bar now functions as it did once before, you can now use all of your abilities and swap between each half of the bar without fear it of it breaking.
    • Please be aware that there are a few minor issues when swapping the bars, we're working hard to fix these


  • The "For the Love of Mabel" achievement will now show when it has been completed.
  • The 'Ivan is flailing' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.
  • The 'Last of the summer swine' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.
  • The 'Imping around' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.
  • The 'Famous' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.
  • 11 duplicated divination achievements in the skills lists that were awarding bonus runescore have been removed.


  • Modified botanist's mask will now give the entire 200 vials in one go as intended (when the required number of outfit pieces are owned).
  • Modified shaman's headdress and diviner's headwear will now give the correct number of items.
  • Modified first age tiara will no longer check the number of herblore outfit pieces instead of prayer outfit pieces owned.
  • Moved the wolf hunter in Barbarian Village away from the newly positioned mining rocks.
  • The Valkyrie's Return event now give a log-in message informing players that the wolves can be killed again each day for more Valkyries feathers.
  • The Firemaking journal will no longer get stuck on certain pages.
  • Dragon gauntlets will note as expected with notepaper.
  • Logging out during certain points of Defender of Varrock will no longer cause Hartwin to get stuck following you until you reset him in the Wilderness
  • It is no longer possible to build invention machines with too few of the required ingredients.
  • It is now possible to use a herb protector on a herb patch whilst having a greenfingers aura active.
  • It is no longer possible to obtain the Stone of Jas boost if unsuccessfully teleporting to the Glacor cave via the portable fairy ring.
  • Hidey-hole level requirements will now be shown in the construction skill guide under the "other" category.
  • Ironmen will now be given a reason as to why they cannot access treasure hunter via the calendar. It's because they're an ironman btw.
  • Login message prompts from wishes can no longer incorrectly message on each login
  • An easy clue scroll pertaining to East Ardougne is now slightly clearer - but only slightly.
  • When attempting to clean herbs from the Heblore Habitat, the make-x interface confirm button will now properly read clean rather than mix.
  • An easy clue scroll pertaining to the Fremennik Province is now slightly clearer - but only slightly.
  • Defeating the Queen Black Dragon will now appropriately count towards applicable Rampage daily challenges.
  • Text on the skillcape warning when buying with limited inventory space no longer overlaps.
  • Corrected monetary values for helmets and shields painted in the POH.
  • Added the crest's name in brackets to these objects' names.
  • Players wielding holiday items will no longer 'attack' players when selecting the ranking option in the conquest minigame.